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    MeisterH reacted to Silverhelm in NEW ADD ON   
    When I see a melee hero like swifty I think powerhouse scout. A brown dice might not seem that great in the beginning but if he is used like a second scout or even a heavy hitting scout choice (use him as scout choice add another red class option). My group often chooses two scouts anyway (early coin grab can be devastating!). This guy is almost ready to become a tank, gold grab would be expected for better early armor upgrade (pretty much all he needs anyway). The new class deck I suspect will have defense and duel wielding in it making him a nasty monster CC hero (if played well defense probably not needed). No hero can perfectly garentee not being KO'd by OL anyway (dice rolls ect.). What if this new class deck had a skill called Second Wind-ignor first knock down...ouch I'd hate him already!He is painted red but he's more green to me and that's not a bad thing!
    My two cents anyway...
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    MeisterH reacted to Kunzite in NEW ADD ON   
    In a way I feel they have a free way of finding out what the market is. It's called FFG message board. Congrats ^.~ you are now apart of the creative process. Often times we post threads about what we would like to see. I can't help but think they feed into that. We said we wanted more water spaces/swamp like environment. We then got Trollfens. We then made a point and discussed, very fully, about a city like environment and what we would like to see there. Boom. We get this. I think that's great!
    They might not reply to us allot on their own, but they are listening to what we have to say and inducting this into their end all product. Granted, I feel it is coming out very quickly and I wonder if I can keep up (after all, I want to test out all the plot decks AND the new OL deck... this might not happen by the time this next set comes out! Hehe). But the others are correct. If they slow down, the hype for the game might also quickly die. Feed the masses while the craving is there.
    As far as the city... I can't wait to read the story. I hope it really feeds into the lore of the world. It would be great to see Zackerith play a part in the city. I could see him crawling into the city after failing to take the thrown. ^.~ Or maybe getting support from those in the city before looking to take the thrown. I am almost sure Eliza will get to see some play in here. Balthier as well. THAT will be interesting all in it's own right!
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    MeisterH reacted to Radish in Is D2ed really well balanced?   
    I think the biggest issue in regards to balance is quest design. Certain quests are so borked (Heart of the Wilds in the Labyrinth expansion is one of the largest offenders which is no exaggeration, impossible for the heroes to win if they lose the first half) that one side is going in at such a disadvantage they have to try hard to even get close to winning, if they can at all.  If you don't know to avoid them then one side will get out of control as they coast on easy victories.  Heroes specifically get exponentially better with access to certain gear and ability combinations which creates an avalanche of power imbalance.  Knowing to avoid certain quests can probably help keep things closer.  
    Also I have a suspicion that the character upgrade kit should not be used.  Typically when my group had an issue with a hero really just exploiting the hell out of a map it was from that kit which I don't think was tested well at all.  Next time we play I am going to lobby hard to not include any of the heroes or monsters from it and see if it turns out better.
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    MeisterH reacted to Steve-O in Is D2ed really well balanced?   
    Descent has a way of provoking balance discussions, it's true.  Of course, "balance" is a largely subjective thing, so people's opinions will always be their own.
    Not too many people are willing to play 10,000 game sessions to achieve a statistically significant win ratio before deciding if a game is "balanced."  And Descent being scenario-based would even make that practice shady at best.  I think Descent's game balance is close enough to even that it's not an issue, but that balance does tip (sometimes significantly) depending on the individual quest.
    I also agree with you that the best solution for those who are upset by what they see is house rules.  Consider such house rules carefully, make adjustments where you see the need, and keep having fun while playing.
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    MeisterH reacted to Ringskipper in NEW ADD ON   
    I can see why people would think they're coming out too fast, since campaigns can take quite a while for the casual player to complete. But if they took longer for new expansions, interest would die down and we wouldn't get as many awesome expansions as we are getting. I'm personally willing to pay 40 bucks every few months for add-on's to this great game, and honestly I'm really glad there's enough buzz around the game for them to be able to do that.
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    MeisterH reacted to rugal in NEW ADD ON   
    Same as Ringskipper
    It's more interresting to have new stuff now than waiting for the game to be concurrenced by other ones, and then we would have miss thoses expansions
    when all will be avaliables, we will have all the time to play thoses campaigns, with full of monster, heroes, class
    So much choice, i'm having an orgasm just thinking about it !
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    MeisterH reacted to MadBat in NEW ADD ON   
    Me too, this is starting to look more and more like a milking cow factory.
    The expensions are being thrown out much too fast with tons of lieutenants to rack extra cash and many FAQ issues coming with every one of them.
    They just released Trollfends which most of us probably haven't had the time to play yet and here comes the next one...
    There's little care for details and balancing.
    I'm glad this expension brings in totally new tiles, but I'm starting to think I should simply stop getting them and play with what I have, without the 12-14$ lieutenants...
    Will probably get the first 3 lieutenants though (7$) to try them and the allies (hero/monster combo is worth it - 2 minis a box and extra hero card).
    Aria is an insult... a single lieutenant getting a double release of 12$ each. Wonder why they didn't do it like the allies.
    It's just to many releases and too much cash to spend to keep up with them.
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    MeisterH reacted to noodles in NEW ADD ON   
    Looks great but I hope they slow down the expansions.
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