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  1. Kirenx said: I hadn't really thought of that. That would be pretty nice to get some desert or snow tiles to throw into the game (please no tiles that REPLACE the core game like Runebound). brr... my soul gets cold just thinking about it. but regarding the posts about more hero interaction, couldn't that be easily executed by makeing some alternativ rules, like the epic game variant?
  2. if they include more neutral units, they will probably be themed after the expansion, so if we ever gets an ice expansion we would probably get ice wyrms, wendigos and other things like that.
  3. more neutral units but regarding the special orders maybe something like this. Uthuk Y'llan: Raid (or something like that) # 0 or 1 May start one battle, in which you have minus 3 in strength. Supremacy: you don't need to place an activation token in the activated area. Daqan Lords: Hold the line # 1 or 2 May move up to 3 (or 4) units from one hex up til two hexes away into an area that has not been activated, if this area is attacke this turn you gain plus 2 in strenght Supremacy: May move up to 3 (or 4) units from one hex up til two hexes away into any area, if this area is attacked this turn you gaing plus 2 in strenght Latari Elves: Know the land # 5 or 6, maybe 7 Move up to 3 units two hexes away, may move through enemy and neutral territory, may not start a battle, the area is activated Supremacy: Gain 1 (or 2) neutral triangel units which moves to the activated area and becomes allied to you Waiqar the Undying: dunno
  4. sigmazero13 said: Steve-O said: Maybe give one or two races a racial order that was not as cool, but was also #0. For that matter, I don't really see why you couldn't give such an order a number from 1-8, as long as we clearly establish a tie-breaker in case the player uses it and the "real" order of the same value in the same year. (Or maybe such a tie breaker already exists... do I remember the rules correctly to say that the newly played order must be strictly higer than all previous orders to get the supremacy?) It is a little vague, because the rules state on page 12 "if it is the current player's highest numbered card used this year". While I think I would lean on the side of "if you play a second #3, it's not the "highest numbered card" the second time, I can see the argument of "highest" being "greater than or equal to", also. I think if they did that method of adding another order, they would probably include something in the rules to say whether it means "higher than all other cards" or "higher or equal to all other cards". that isn't the biggest problem i think, though it could be... but anyway, these special orders could relly strengthen the them of each faction and make each of them more distinct. the biggest problem with this idea is probably to make each of the faction specifik order balanced.
  5. i would like more races and up to 5-6 players. new season cards and all that stuff. but what i also want is that they add something for the existing races. not new troops, but maybe a special ordercard, one for each race.
  6. MeisterH

    Combat System

    I would definatly say chess is a war game. you got me now. but we can probably conclude that most games include some form of luck sometimes it plays a big role other times it dosn't
  7. MeisterH

    Combat System

    please tell me when you find a war game which dosn't include any form of luck will ya?
  8. I've been thinking about trying to beef up the 1/1/1 trait characters, especially Aurim, do you have any good sugestions on how??
  9. I've been thinking about how some heroes are much better then others and how it seems that som like Aurim just suck no matter how you look at him. So I was wondering if you have any best heroes setups or the best hero over all.
  10. Arrr! Set sail for dem heroes and man the canons! The only thing captain bones is missing is a skeleton parrot
  11. First I want to point out we are getting new skills and that makes my day But the one i think will be most interesting of the new overlords is probably the skeleton captain, because he will probably be abel to go after you at sea or something like that.
  12. mayby it will work like Minsc's (miniature giant space) hamster from baldurs gate where it gives + 1 damage. that would be totally awesome sauce
  13. If you look at the fis´rst pic it seams as you can get a golden hamster or something
  14. I was reading throu the quest when i saw this text "if the heroes kill either of the two ice wyrms in area 8, but area 6 has not yet been revealed: immediatly place the ice wyrm into area 8..." so my question is how do you get into area 8 without going into area 6?? I know you can get there from area 5 but it says that if you come that way the OL shall place the last wyrm in the room...
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