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  1. Now that is someyhing very interesting you've brought up. maybe it's some old stuff that never left the "blue print" stage which may be under reconstruction at this exact moment as we speak!!!
  2. well... you are right. but we can always hope! And we all know that the russians and japanese hasn't always been the best of friends historicaly
  3. IMHO I belive there are several thing that point to the fact that japan might be a new faction. In the revised rulebook at page 55 their is a picture of a flamethrower and the americans used the flamethrowers on a much larger scale in the pacific theatre then they did in europe. On page 59 they explicity name Russia, Germany and Japan. page 88 talks about a japanese translation of the word Sanctuary which they stumbeld upon during theire tungunska investigation. In the Reich trooper pack descprition of Shocktruppen they say "...keeping the forces of the Union, Matriarchy, and others at bay..." though that one is very vague it could be a hint to the introduction of more factions. But on the back of Union trooper pack rulebook they mention something about being in a jungle and in the pacific theatre there were much fighting in jungles. Also in the real WW2 the japanese played an important role, both as an ally to the germans, an enemy to America and they've been a threat to Russia a few times in history and also participated in WW1. Tunguska info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunguska_event
  4. Well... It could be that Fizzletop thinks that the Union is more path dependent and the Reich can often ignore path limitations with Zermann and Hermann, but he could be thinking of something compleatly different
  5. MeisterH

    Is Yula weak?

    sooo, you mean that i could place yula right next to someone and when that character tries to move away you can do an overwatch attack?
  6. MeisterH

    Is Yula weak?

    Iconoclasta said: Her stats are not so good ( not good as Eva, that is the most similar character...) BUT with her combat pack i think is the fastest way to deal damage to Zor'ka in the entire game ( 5 dice attack+5 dice autocounterattack=10 dice...high chances of a 10 ). Smashing the Magnifier has no price, imho. what do you mean with autocounterattack? and smashing the magnifier is a effectiv way to make Zor'ka almoste useless, yeah, she is still hard to kill but she isn't dangerous without her magnifier since she only attacks with 2 dice and can't attack through the voivodes or pick up a new weapon.
  7. GrandClam said: It's all just a big marketing ploy, I really don't think FF cares as much about tannhauser's playability as they do the ridiculously high prices they try to charge for afew ounces of plastic and some cardboard with ink on it. By releasing Oksana before making a matriarchy troop pack, that ensures that any matriarchy player looking to field Oksana must BUY Asteros, who (I want to point out- even though we all know) doesn't even come with his 30 freakin' dollar map pack!!! (for acouple slabs of cardboard with ink on them, REALLY ffg???) They know people want more matriarchy stuff, and I'm sure they know that very few people are looking to buy some dumb horse-guy walking around WWII with a spear and shield- so why not try to fix a bad business decision with another bad business decision? I'm glad they're doing as much for the game as they are, but they're obviously more concerned with money than they are their fanbase. well, you do realise this is a buisness about making money. but anyway, I think the reason why FFG hasn't produced any regular troops for the Maitrarchy is because they wanted to releas all the old TOY products, so that they then could begine doing theire own thing with the franchise... or you could be right and FFG just wants to take our money
  8. but can't you explode BB with any of your characters?? the rules only say "as an action, you may place this token on your current circel. Then in any of your later activations, you may spend an action to detonate it, dealing damage in that location as above and elimating the token" exact wording. I've always belived that any of your characters could use their action to blow the BB, since the other object which can be used in a similar fashion is Tala's TNT which explicity say only Tala may blow it up when placed on the ground.
  9. why haven't anyone else thought of an "boss" monster before? really neat idea. and that would probabaly make all those hero "haters" out there stop nagging about "how the heroes feel like an extra game in the game"
  10. 'lo there all Tannhäuser players, what is your favorite team, and what kinde of strategys do you use with them?
  11. I've played a few games of RW and noticed that almost no-one builds developments and when they do, it's mainly the defensive ones? why is that so? Anyone else who've come across this phenomenon?
  12. Have been thinking about the captain-unit suggestion. I'm not really that big of a fan of the idea, but. If the captains could function similarly to the leaders in AGOT. Maybe give some kind of combat bonus (which could differ between the races) and make it much easier to take runes and forts. But, if you lost a fight in which your captain was participating he would be taken hostage. And every player would only have one captain per game. To get your captain back you would have to trade him back for something, maybe another captain, a fort or maybe even a rune!!
  13. Next time you'd like to quarrel with each other, please, do it somewhere else. Two pages of constant nagging at each other is more than enough.
  14. Wanderer999 said: I believe there WAS a lizardman, but later they changed last minute to a Lion guy instead. Since this is not exactly a swamp, but a forest, I'd say good call. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU why FFG, why?? what evil have the lizardmen ever done you??
  15. lizard race? Mahtmkin or what they are called in mists on zanag could be a good race i belive.
  16. Right me if I'm wrong, but didn't players have magic spells in Battlemist? is that something one could add? but it could be that the tactic cards kind of replace them. though it would be pretty awesome to throw magic spells at each other
  17. do we want more exploration tokens?? or some new ones? maybe one that gives you a neutral unit, I dunno.
  18. Hello fellow swede! Have you tried cardcollector? http://cardcollector.se/ otherwise you could check http://www.gamemaniacs.se/ the last time I was in their store located in Lidköping they had a copie of Descent. and just because they don't have it online in game maniacs dosn't mean they won't have it in their stores. good luck with your hunt!
  19. would they make a new objectivs deck for the neutral factions or would they have a special rule that said they get to choose from wich deck they draw their secret objectiv. hmm. and what other races/ factions are there except the orks and dwarfs in the runebound univers?
  20. just a little thought, if the new factions were indeed neutral, what would happen when they had a good or evil hero during the autumn season card, "true colours" (don't remeber what it's called) do they always have to pay the highest cost to keep non neutral heroes, or would it always be the lowere cost since they indeed are neutral and therfore they are both good and bad.
  21. well i just want to get a lizard faction somewhere along the way Ispher, 4 ever in my dice rolling heart
  22. yäys! we be making people happy! and if we're lucky, a certain person may see all of our great ideas and make an expansion of it
  23. Kirenx said: I'm not really looking for alternative hero interaction. In fact for the most part I like how the heroes work. I just want a few more tactics cards like Lost City that allow heroes to influence the army side of the game in some way even if not directly. oh, sorry and what you say would be really nice, maybe they could add some more rewards that can influnce the armies, like the ice storm card for exampel.
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