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    I don't know why you want to make all those house-rules but if you think the game is better with them, then by all means use them to your hearts content.
  2. Who/what is your favourit character/monster/skill/item in descent? Not based up on theire usefullness in the game but more the fun factor you get out of them. My favourit character is brother Glyr, why? Because he's a drunk dwarf. Which isn't only reflected in his picture but also in his incredible durability (3 base armor), movement speed and speciel ability. Cause face it, he moves like a drunk by not being so fast, but he can also just like a real drunk make some sudden randome movements (his special ability).
  3. I like it and I'm willing to try it out, though I don't have a web-cam sadly
  4. No, discarding medals for command points requires no action, I belive you can even discard a medal on a character that isn't activated or have already been activated.
  5. 2. No, Hound DOG can not re-enter the game if it's destroyd then it's gone for the rest of the game and it can not be repaired. 3. A person holding the Hound DOG controller may make an attack with Hound DOG A duel is when to players roll 4 dice on a singel statistic for example stamina in a bullrush and then they compare succeses. Remember their is always an "attacker/declarer" of the duel and he must have more succeses in the duel then the defender otherwise he lose the duel. In a attack their is two seperat rolls, a damage roll and a shock roll and they arn't rolled at the same time like the two duel rolls are.
  6. Right me if I'm wrong, but haven't FFG said they wouldn't pick/continue the Field ops franchise??
  7. Now that all TOY tannhäuser and the equipment cards have been released do we have any good gueses what TH15-TH20 could be. It's probably going to be some more singel character expansions but since it's only 5 products it wouldn't balance out evenly except two were mercenaries or some other product, maybe a new full fledged expansion with a new faction or maybe a new map pack. What do you think?
  8. well, to begin with a completly different play style. With Zor'ka on the team, the matriarchy centers around one singel powerful character and the rest of the team is mainly there to give her support. The Voivodes in particular is only to make Zor'ka stronger. But when you play with Oksana, the focus shifts and now it's your Voivodes who are the might ones. Oksana plays a roll similar to Zor'ka, in that she makes or breaks the team depending on if she's alive or not, she is a bit like a Russian Von Heizinger you might say.
  9. Harbinger07 said: I would argue that the Matriarchy have recieved fewer bonus tokens simply because not all Tannhauser owners have purchased the Novgorad Expansion. If you look at the 'Martriarchy' single figure releases (Gorgei and Oksana), both figures are backwards compatable with other teams, likely so that these figures are still usable for owners of the base game. Tokens for the Union and Reich are ultimately guarenteed to be viable selections for anyone. I do realize this fact, but it just feels weird to me that they didn't give the Matriachy any extra tokens with oksana nor daedalus map expansion (from what I've heard). So what if you end up with one or two tokens you can't use, who knows, they might become the reasone you buy novgorod just to be abel to use them and i for one wouldn't be angry if FFG used a sales tactic like that (but that's probably only 'cause I already have all their other Tannhäuser products).
  10. Miah999 said: The question you should be asking is not why the Matriarchy haven't recieved any Bonus Tokens, but rather why have FFG taken away the ones TOY gave them. For instance one of the latest Bonus Tokens the "Glyph of Enoch" was originally assigned to the Matriarchy. See... Is was of course named the Glyph of Dee, way back then; now it's a neutral token available in the Hoax expansion pack. There are others, but I can't think of them right now. Thanks! Now I know
  11. dose anyone know why they haven't given the matriachy any bonus tokens?? the union and reich have loads of them which make their teams more fun and interessting to play. why can't the matriarchy get the same treatment, right now they are the least played team and that is mostly because of this (also I havn't acquired oksana yet, but that's another story )
  12. their is a tactics card that let you recruit and it's callde recruit or something like that and you get to choose from recruting 3 triangles, 2 circel, 1 rectangel or 1 hexagon troop, does that mean i can recruit a neutral unit since it only says how many of a certain baseshape you get. would be nice if you could use tha card to get dragons or giants
  13. wait, whaaaat??? you are playing with the revised rules right?? cause then strafe dosn't add more hits, neither dose the night vision goggles or the demon taint.
  14. One of the reasons why tactics cards can be so crucial in a game is when a zero defender battle happens. A battle in which the defender has no units like in an empty stronghold or empty homerealm hex, and since a battle occures in thes instances you can use tactics cards. Sometimes you can have really usefull ones like lightning storm or churned earth or have some not so usefull for the situation, but even if you don't have any good ones you can allways pretend that you have.
  15. Maggotbrain said: The new game is "Rune Age" , a deck building game by Cory K. Play as any of the factions found in "Runewars". Its a pretty nifty game with multiple scenerios, pvp and objectives for 1-4 players. I got lucky enough to be picked to play it at the Realms. As far a descent goes there are 4 new dungeons in the handbook including the "2010 Delve of Doom" and a really slick "Tower of Terror". Heroes in the tower that fall into a pit fall all the way to the towers base. Ouch! Is it a LCG or a Cardgame like Death Angel?
  16. As long as it dosn't say a specific character/s can only use it, then everybody should be able to use.
  17. When playing runewars, never neglect the creation of a strong army, I for one have more then one time lost a game horrendusly because I thought a wall of neutrals would keep me safe long enough to build up an army if anything would happen and insted just went for hoarding loads of influnce. And now some people might say that armies aren't really that important since you don't have that many battles (which isn't true in our games) might want to reconsider that statement when someone elses army is knocking on your door. Also, don't forget to put up a second stronghold early, you won't regret it.
  18. Carlos Castaneda said: Hi, I hope this is a new question. Must I put a rubble token when…? (except grenades) : 1) A character makes meteop detonate (see Irishka’s Kaali); 2) Voivod’s self-destruction using “soud” ability; 3) Using Ramirez’s grenade launcher (MARK 19 MOD A1); 4) A character makes “Bouncing Betty” (Ramirez's combat pack) detonate, and how much damages do it inflicts in this case: the rules say “dealing damage in that location as above”, but “above” where? 5) Ramirez’s Brothers Bomb explodes; Thanks to pay attention. 1. meteops don't leave rubble 3. no rubble 4. no rubble if i remeber correctly, it deals for succeses just like a grenade don't remember how it is with the other two but i'm pretty sure brothers bomb dosn't leave rubble
  19. A bunch of neutrals in your way and you don't want to use to much of your army to get rid of them? check through the fate-card discard pile, if it's full of red ones, then it might be worth to use influnce to either make them retreat or if your lucky make them join you.
  20. sigmazero13 said: Cities don't really do anything with regards to getting more heroes. Cities only provide neutral units, influence, tactics cards, and quest cards. The cities don't directly provide any way to get heroes. Even if you don't have any cities at all, you can still use the Rally Support supremacy bonus to recruit some. They don't?!?! O.o I fail
  21. Katsuyori said: MeisterH said: Jedi86 said: I think the magnifier isn't a discard objet it's like for the apocalypse True, the magnifier isn't a discard object, but it's still a HtH weapon so it can be destroyed by (Freddy) Krueger, though it shouldn't stop Zor'ka that much since she has at least one token which is discarde upon use, so it frees up a space to pick something up Why is the space free to pick something up? The rules say that the destroyed token is flipped over, not removed. As it is still in the inventory, and it cannot be changed or disposed (as it is a non disposable item), it blocks the slot until the end of the game, right. Or did I misinterprete the rules here? About that, I have no idea. BUT! what i do know is that in all of Zor'kas equipment packs she has at least one token wich is discarded upon use. The awekening is discarded after its been used, the ones where you bring all the voivodes back to life/bringe them to Zor'ka is discarded upon use. It's only the command pack wich only has one token which can be discarded which is the awekening. Though, if you destroy the magnifier you kinde of make the matrichy lame... :/
  22. Is there no one else willing to contribute with some tips??? anyway, Cities are very important in the beginning, you can use them to boost your ranks or get the extra influnce/tactic cards you need. Don't let any player get controll of to many cities or you will go bleak every time that player plays Rally Support. Cities is also one of the few ways to get more heroes and one way to gain victory is through heroes.
  23. Jedi86 said: I think the magnifier isn't a discard objet it's like for the apocalypse True, the magnifier isn't a discard object, but it's still a HtH weapon so it can be destroyed by (Freddy) Krueger, though it shouldn't stop Zor'ka that much since she has at least one token which is discarde upon use, so it frees up a space to pick something up
  24. As Uthuk, always have a few warlocks at the front lines, they're good at clearing out the small units and can be really hurt full to the Daqan Lords and Latari Elves since they booth rely heavily on triangel and square troops. And if you want to join the influnce race as the Uthuk, go for cities, it's one of their best ways to get influnce.
  25. When playing as the Daqan Lords, remeber to use the knights a much as possible for the chance of getting free tactics cards and also be flexibel in your play style, the Daqan Lords are especially adapt at changing from all out warfare to influence hording.
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