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    But if you're abel to add the successes after the roll has been made, the power becomes too powerfull. 'Cause if you can guarantee to kill MacNeal or Barry with one attack, two wounds ain't that high price to pay. The risk part needs to be in the power.
  2. ??! said: On topic again: I also think that the Eye of Akhenaton is quite powerful, but not overpowered. Limiting it to one-time use would make it quite worthless. + 1 on that
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    It's before the roll is made you use it, so you always take the risk of wounding one of your own in vain.
  4. I hope they'll make new troops for the Union and Reich. We have enough heroes at the moment in my opinion and especially with the allied factions rules we'll be abel to create some very cool team set-ups. But I think the Union should get their melee oriented Omega troops and the Reich should get some kind of supportive troop, maybe some kind of demon with psychic powers or the ability to boost psychic powers. that's what I want, but any new Tannhäuser material will be loved and appreciated.
  5. were theire any bonus tokens for other characters in Mizu's box?
  6. Yes! You should definatly buy it or else Hermann Von Heizinger will unleash his fury on you...and that isn't good.
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    Nice, btw what's that thing on her figure that is left on the "ground" aka the character platform and also could you please tell us a little bit about her equipment? Please
  8. More answers. question 1. The Smiljan-B Coil and Prime Directive O says "If Oksana is adjacent to at least one Voivode when she suffers one or more wounds, she may ignore one wound for each Voivode she is adjacent to" does this include the ability to neglect automatic wounds? question 2.The tesla coil deals one automatic attack succes when it's owner is dealt on or more wounds, my question is if that hit can be combined with a counter-attack or if it and the counter-attack gets seperat shock-rolls. If it gets seperat shock-rolls I don't see any point with this pice of equipment. question 3. If Oksana and Irishka are on the same team and Irishka have the command pack equipped, dose her smiljan coil turn into a smiljan-b coil and prime directive 0? question 4. Prime Directive "0" is: If Oksana is adjacent to at least one Voivode when she suffers one or more wounds, she may ignore one wound for each Voivode she is adjacent to. answer 1. Automatic Wound may not be blocked by a Shock Roll. But you may cancel them with Voivodes adjacent to Oksana. answer 2. Yes. The character will need to take a Shock roll for the single automatic attack success made by the Tesla Coil. If they suffer any wounds they will need to take a shock roll to cancel those, too. The Tesla coil provides that free attack success. If it goes through it may cause your opponent to spend one of their Command Points or suffer a wound, which will make it more likely you'll harm them with the counter-attack easier. answer 3. Smiljan-B (on page 5 of Oksana's rulebook) should read: Add an additional die to all of your attack rolls for every Smiljan Coil on your path, not including yourself. (This may be a Smiljan Coil or a Smiljan-B coil.) Prime Directive "0" is: If Oksana is adjacent to at least one Voivode when she suffers one or more wounds, she may ignore one wound for each Voivode she is adjacent to. answer 4. A pair of Voivodes would together be the Leader. If one of them activates a location, that Voivode's activation ends. The second Voivode may still activate, but may not also activate the space and score a point. I hop that answers your question. Have fun!
  9. just like sigmazero13 I've only skimmed through it so far but from the looks of it I must say it is really awesome, some darn good work you've done!
  10. tell us about them as fast as possible, please.
  11. Imagine yourself playing a game of Tannhäuser, Deathmatch mode, your oponent chooses the Reich with the set-up: Hermann von Heinsinger, with command pack and the Eye of Horus bonus token instead of his "mighty" Walther P.38, Karl "Ozo" Zermann with his combat pack and the bonus token Masque of Samhain insted of his Stielhandgranate, Hoss Harbinger with combat pack and the bonus token Helm of Diomodes insted of Crown of Cernunnos and two Schocktruppen with command pack acting as von Heizinger's bodyguards. How would you deal with this set-up? What kind of tactics and strategy would you use or is this set-up unbeatable?
  12. If I'm not wrong you can still do objectives with the new rules even if you do not have the appropriet skill but it's harder to clear an objectiv if you do not have the right skills.
  13. Nope, there's nothing you can do, you'll just have to get used to it. But I find that characters like Ramirez and Oksana is good against the Reich. If you could explain your problem a little more in detail I could come up with some advice.
  14. You're correct on many points but MacNeal only rolls 5 die Anyway Zor'ka may have lost much of her power from the old rules, which is good since she was so overpowered it was just ridiculous. And yes, Hermann's stamin pack is a hard-counter against Zor'ka, just like his mental pack is a hard-counter against Union. But all is not lost, Zor'ka to begin with is really hard to kill and when she attacks she almost always do 4 damage, or at least 3. Hermann negates on of those successes and then you have to roll dice for the other 3 (in the case of 4 successes), and with the dice you block 1 or 2 damage, so 1 or 2 damage is left, 1 can be taken care of with CP and the other on goes through, even if you manage to block all damage with the use of CP, that means you've just spend onnCP which could have been used to other things so even if Zor'ka dosn't deal that much damage she forces the other player to either take damage or spend CP so her role is now as a CP farmer. And if you just hit Hermann with enough attacks he will go down, just like Zor'ka and Asteros does. Also, I wouldn't say Zor'ka is weak now, she is balanced and 4 damage (which is what she usually does) is very strong and have a good chance to do some damage.
  15. forcefield, maybe, but laser weapons feel a bit too star wars for me :/
  16. sejestephan said: "Daimyo" is a hand of the Shogun, which is why Iroh is called it. However it does sound like he is immortal and he's probably been around for a long time ... that or he is another time traveller perhaps? Another time traveller??
  17. It might be that the Han'ei project (reflection) is a project to reincarnate/reborn old japanes warriors. If we take Iroh for an exampel, he just pops-up from nowhere in 1946, but his ledership abilities suggest he's hade many years of experience, he doesn't fear the reaper (aka death), he is called the "Daimyo" (a sort of land lord in old Japan) and he keeps coming back from death. So my theory is that the "Reflection" project forces spirits of old and mighty warriors, in Iroh's case a Daimyo, in to a new body, either a randome persons body or they actually recreats the old body. Therfore Iroh doesn't fear death, since he just keeps coming back and has already been dead and that's the reason he is called Daimyo and have such good leadership skills. Does it sound too improbable?
  18. I'm really, really excited about the Shogunate faction but now I'm curios, what kind of special "powers" could they be possesing? The Reich have theire demons and occult objects. The Union use alien technology and have the most powerfull guns. The Matriarchy dominates the battlefields with legions of robots, electricity and reincarnated Slavic Gods. So what coulde the Shogunate have? Well I did some quick "research" and used google translate on the word Han'ei and got the word "Reflect". Also in the information text about the Shogunate they mention "Onmyodo paranormalist Yami Seimei has been appointed Minister of Spiritual Well-Being in Japan". So does that mean the Shogunate will have soldiers with "forcefields" that reflects attacks and maybe somekind of ghost summoner? What do you guys think?
  19. Would be nice if any of Hosses brothers showed up, maybe as mercs or aligned to any of the other factions.
  20. ElizLestrad said: Not really sure about 'epic' heroes, but I would like to see Yula's sister Anna. She be dead. Or is she?? Would be very awesome if she was made into a hero and she would probably be possesd by a demon just like Zermann.
  21. karop said: Stosstruppen's combat pack gives him another HtH weapon - that make no sense to me. It should be solved somehow... Since it gives him more attack dice. You know his special object, tainted arm has the special ability that for every HtH weapon he is carrying he gets on more dice when attacking with the tainted arm (the arm also counts). So in combat pack he has 6 attack dice, in stamina 5 and in command he starts with 6 but the Kempfer Bösse doesn't take up a equipment slot so if you give him a third HtH-weapon he starts slicing with 7 dice.
  22. maybe the best Gévadu in the daedalus expansion? They have mentioned Arthur and he could probably be like a union melée power-house and have some awesome relics, maybe a cross between Asteros and Hoss in terms of abilities. Aliens would be nice but i highly doubt it, unless the union is able to clone an alien from the dead on they found. Totaly agree on the hellspawn for reich, but i wonder how it would make their play style different.
  23. MeisterH


    Bauer said: But if hoax spends also 1 pc for 6, without forgetting that the Defender to the benefit in the event! karl is the only one with a correct stamania for the reich and if he loose, he takes an trench knife mk1 attack!!! Haven't even realised this before, but you're right. Allways thought you only could increas a characteristic during your own activitaions not during the other players. (I find it very powerful union: hoax + oksana + astéros + voivoides) in fact I want to know if I just imposed a mental test with hermetica occulta and then injured with eye of horus when hoax is invisible. that is true, she will become visible from that, but remember, it's only when hoax moves in a path controlled by hermetic occulta that she has to do the mental duel, if she stands still nothing will happen and Hermann dosen't force other charactes into duels by walking on to their path.
  24. Well, you can exchange them for bonus tokens. But the thing about HtH weapons is they are the only ones allowed in failed bull-rushes. So Barry can serve the purpos of being a blocker when he's equipped with the combat pack. His stamina 6 makes it pretty hard to bull-rush him and if someone tried and failed then Barry will go cut-cut with his knife.
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