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  1. I should probably stop playing the Matriarchy too. Today I wanted toast for breakfast so I went looking for the toaster where it usually is. But to my surprise, it wasn't there. So I sat down at the table and feelt a bit grumpy 'bout the fact I had to eat some normal "healthy" bread for breakfast when I heard the familiar sound of a toast jumping out of the toaster. I looked down and saw the toaster standing there right beside me, with a toasted bread in it, and it's cord wasn't plugged in. True story
  2. No probs. It's just fun to try and make them as balanced and original as possible
  3. Didn't you guys see my answere? I wrote one before Artemus Maximus... I should probably stop playing as the Shogunate then. It seams I can't fully controll my ninja powers yet, no point in posting if I make the post invisible.
  4. But wouldn't the problem be solved if we banned some of the bonus items instead? Since characters tend to get overpowered when you put an bonus item on them. (Though some of the characters is kind of op as they are)
  5. Nice idéa for an Epic hero. Though I would probably give him another weakness then his mental value, since Reich is the strong mental team. maybe you could make him slower, since he is almost indestructible and probably kills anyone he gets near. Also loves the fact that he goes berserk when Hermann dies.
  6. I have also thought about doing some kind of banning pick in Tannhäuser, but I think the banning of 2 figures is to much, Since, in my opinion, many of the "broken" team set-ups relies on a player using the whole set-up. For exampel, the Hoss, von Heizinger and Zermann build you mentioned, if one of them were missing, the whole dynamic of the set-up would change. Maybe I should try banning pick the next time I play...
  7. well... they sound a bit like voïvodes. but except that, they do sound kind of interesting. In my opinion, right now, they're a bit too much like voïvodes, and your hero is too much like oksana. If you changed some of the mechanics for them, like maybe making the hero more dependent of them or giving him more zombie related abilities, maybe sacrifice them for health? He could become stronger while they're alive, for each zombie on the board he gets +1 in all his values, and when he doesn't have any zombies he's relly weak.
  8. Well, I wouldn't mind some extra mercs, but I don't relly feel that appealed to a merc faction. I'd rather have more heroes and troops for the existing teams, and also more tokens and packs for the existing charachters. And I hope that we will get some none Matriarchy characters soon, its not that I don't like the recent support for the Matriarchy, it's just that it feels like the other teams have been forgotten.
  9. Miah999 said: You may be right about the medic, most Tannhauser characters are pretty survivable already, but the is alway the close combat Commando Omega. As for the Blutstrum, they are a full millitary division, they'd have grunts just like any other unit. Like the Shin does. The Omegas would be awesome, Union could relly change their playstyl if they got H-t-H focused troops. You sure the Blutsturm is a full millitary division?
  10. ??! said: In summary, we could get: UMTOMA pack: Union field medic, Matriarchy mechanical soldier Nippon pack: Reich Sneaky Blutsturm agent, Shogunate Warrior monk with rifle Very cool! Nice ideas but I have a concern that maybe a medic trooper could be overpowered, it all depends on how it's handled. I for one would rather prefer a Hero with medic abilities since it wouldn't be as over powered if only a hero had it, but that's just my opinion. Maybe it's just me but I've the feeling that only heroes should be Blutsturm agents, since they are in fact the Kaisers personal guard. But as with my other statment, it's just an opinion. Anything Tannhäuser is good news to me.
  11. ??! said: and several tokens that are of use only in the scenarios. I was hoping for some new equipment or bonus tokens too, but there aren't any. that makes sad... but I'll buy it anyway. So how are the new maps to play on, do they feel like some of the others? do you need some new strategies?
  12. How is the expansion, what does it include? I want Yami Seimei or someone else with mental abilities for the Shogunate,it would be sad if Itami were the only one blessed with mental abilities.
  13. MeisterH


    ??! said: I really don't know if I should be disappointed by the performance of the Matriarchy or deeply impressed by the performance of the Reich. Probably both. I'm also one who've been steamrolled by the Reich, it ain't fun.
  14. Miah999 said: Play the team right, seems like Shocktruppen get 6 dice w/ very high CV and free overwatch. Yula can easily destroy all of Asteros' stuff. Asteros can only hit Hass by bull-rush or throwing the axe. Wait til Shocktruppen rolls 6 successes and use Reichdoktor, Asteros just basically took 3 automatic wounds from a trooper. With CP and band Heizinger has 8 or 9 MV, I forget, and can basically do whatever he wants with that Just wanted to point out that Yula can only destroy items with the weapon and hardware trait and that only Asteros axe, Labrys, has one of those traits. Asteros other equipment got the armor trait.
  15. it would be awfully nice if they made a mini expansio with just extra packs, bonus tokens and character bonus tokens.
  16. ??! said: Miah999 said: First about Anna, I think she's dead, or at least MIA. I don't think that being dead is an excuse for not serving the Reich or showing up as a Reich character! Exactly my point.
  17. Anna Korlitz, could be a Blutsturm agent with some mental abilities. What ever new content they create I just hope they continue supporting the old characters with new packs and bonus equipment.
  18. I want Sahko Aponi, since it would mean a deeper exploration of Talas indian roots. And because Sahko is a healer in Field OPS she would probably be something similuar in Tannhäuser. And god knows The Union could really use one of those
  19. MeisterH


    So, no other characters get any new tokens with Natalya, is that correct? And what is Natalya like, is she a "weird" character like Oksana that doesn't have equipment packs or does she have packs. Also, what kind of skills does she have?
  20. new question, which been answered Q: Hello once again. I just wondered if a character can attack him- or her-self. A: No, unless specifically noted otherwise, a character cannot attack himself. This is important to know since it means you can't "cheat" with Zor'ka by attacking herself and let the AoE effect of her magnifier spread out and damage surounding characters. It is also kinde of bad for the Matriarchy since it othervise woulde have been a cool tactic for them and an easy way to damage an invisble Hoax.
  21. Rhydderch said: A. (Most Likely) Use your current mental value on your character sheet when you make a mental test for Awakening if you have Presence equipped. B. You automatically succeed when you make a mental test for Awakening if you have Presence equipped. C. You may not use Awakening if you have presence equipped. A, is the correct answere in my book since the presence should just stop other people from messing with your mind and I don't see a reason to not be able to fail the test. Since the whole game has some luck in it, why shouldn't this ability has it? I could live with B, but it doesn't make that much sense to me why it would be that way. C is just wrong (to me) since it would make Zor'ka a realy weak character in her command pack.
  22. Moebius said: If Hermann gets into that sort of trouble I just dont move him, if he stays put there is no damage (there is not damage either when the grenade is thrown, only when entering circles on fire). So for three turns Hermann stays put hoping for his hermetica to last and trying to patmos everyone that comes close... That is true and probably the best way to handel the situation but if the grenade is thrown at the right moment you could possibly make Hermann stand still for 3 turns. Which will give you some time to do your things and if your lucky, you might trap someone else with him, like Eva or Yula. Who also have low stamina values.
  23. Moebius said: I usually use hermann with the mental pack, specially against union. 1 extra dice is powerful, but blocking the union from entering several paths when playing domination, CTF or objective is usually better (as bonus I put him either the eye of horus or the helm of diomedes... That's how we usally play in our group and it's a real pain in the bottum for the union player. Though it's pretty fun to trap Hermann in a fire grenade when he's that lame. 4 Stamina ain't that good against 3 automatic successes.
  24. Don't forget that the Shocktroppen in combat pack can also be used to lock-down characters. For exampel, Tala walks on to path A and is standing in the middel of it, a Schocktroppen also goes to path A. When the new turn begins, the Shocktroppen goes on Overwatch and he is standing in the way for Tala. Now Tala could either try to kill the Shocktroppen but then he gets one free attack against her first, and she might get hurt so her attack gets weaker. She can also try to run away, but since she is in the middle of the path the Shock will be able to attack her several times before she is out of harms reach. So the safest bet might be to just stand still and the Shocktroppen would have effectivly negated one whole characters activation.
  25. Miah999 said: I agree, Asteros must have a empty circle to move to after each Bull Rush, so two people standing single file and adjacent would still block his movement. The only other interpitation is that you make all the stamina tests at once, if he wins them all he can move through, But I don't think that's what is ment here. +1
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