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  1. I think that Swifty can be interesting. A warrior that can't "tank" or do the usal: run up to nearest monster, hit it with all you've got, then recive one or two blows from the enemy. To me he looks like a strategy changer, since he is super fast and have loads of fatigue and doesn't suffer from the "typical" warrior problem of low awerness (I hate tripwire). So with Swifty you will have to think more about your place ment since he is more prone to be squished.
  2. It's the expansion which includes all the old heroes, from descent 1ed. Just like Radish said, they can be kind of unbalanced.
  3. +1 to everyone above this post. I also have this constant craving of more things for descent, and I become happy just thinking about all the possibilities there are for expanding this franchise... But at the same time, it feels like a great tsunami of descent expansions are heading for us. Which makes me a lite bit worried. What if they run out of new fresh ideas for expansions or if the quality would start dropping? This feeling of joy mixed with worry might just come from the fact, that I haven't been abel to test out all the expansions I have yet, due to my lack of time. Though I have to admit, this expansion looks friggin' awesom!
  4. FFG has announced that they will take a break in producing Tannhäuser, and that maybe they are going to start producing more Tannhäuser stuff in the future.
  5. fatmax66 said: MeisterH said: I'm a bit ashamed to say this, but I have never played Tannhäuser in King of the Hill mode. But how does it feel? Do people actually care about the objectives or does it turn into a frag party? I would also recommend playing a normal objective match on two maps with four full teams. It is pretty epic. At the beginning of the game we try to resolve objectives, the second part turn into a frag party, it's the reason why the next game, I say the winner is the team with the most points which win even if all his figures are dead at the end of the turn 10. One question : How do you put objectives with four full teams on two maps please ? It was a while since I did that but if I don't remember wrong, we counted the number of objectiv spots and made sure that every one had to complet the same amount of secondary and main objectives and we also made sure that everyone had the same amount of objectives on both maps. We played on the castle kzias and okinawa crash site, as shown in the long war in operation hinansho. Though I feelt that the Matriarchy was a bit overpowered with theire Voivodes and Oksana, they can clear objectives extremly fast.
  6. They are all stand-alone, though I belive this one refeers to Operation: Night-Eagle at one point. I've only read about half of the book yet but so far I can only say positive things about it. If you want to know what's going on in the world you should probably go to the Tannhäuser homepage and read the about, then you'll be go to go read the books.
  7. I'm a bit ashamed to say this, but I have never played Tannhäuser in King of the Hill mode. But how does it feel? Do people actually care about the objectives or does it turn into a frag party? I would also recommend playing a normal objective match on two maps with four full teams. It is pretty epic.
  8. I've played some 3p games on a singel map with full teams, which ended up as a total bloodbath, but it was fun. If you are going to have a 3p+ deathmatch, just make sure too have a clear end of the game, for example, the game will only last 10 turns or the first one that gets 6 kills win. Also, if you are going to do a 6p game with either 1 hero or 2 troopers per player, ban the epic heros, they will be unfair.
  9. I think this book is the better one, that doesn't mean Rising Sun, Falling Shadows is bad, but if you would only read one of the books, pick this one.
  10. I have too say I was pleasantly surprised of how good I thought this book was, sure, ther were some parts that I didn't like that much but it could have been a lot worse. And I rely think Jeschonke (I think that was the name of the author) made a super good job of bringing our favourit heroes and villains to life. How he captured Itami's personality is probably the best part of the book (according to me). I would give this book 6.9/10, since it has some flaws and there are some parts that could have been cut, but it is amusing and you won't feel bored while reading it. So if you haven't read it and like Tannhäuser, you should read it as soon as possible.
  11. The_Warlock said: KingLz said: I don't think FFG rushes thing too much. Look at the date Descent 2.0 was announced, that was nearly one year ago. If production takes 6-12 month you can suppose this expansion is already done and they already started working on the next one. I know it might not be that great to skip community feedback at all, but it's just the way business works. If they would start development of the new expansion now, we would have to wait way longer until we get new stuff. This expansion must have been developed and playtested with the base game. Besides some new mechanics that we cannot grasp yet (perhaps there's something more than Rumors), the content looks like extra stuff to expand the base game (new quests, new heroes/monsters, new Hero classes, new Overlord Class, new encounter cards, a new Condition, etc…). I don't see how this could not merge seamlessly with the base game and make the Descent 2nd Edition base set a little more like 1st edition base set. The only thing I do not understand is why there are only 2 Heroes and new classes for only 2 Archetypes. This is going to upset balance between Archetypes, leaving Healers and Scouts a step behind the others. I do not understand how FFG could think this is just fine, unless they have another expansion with 2 more Heroes/classes on the way. I think expanding selective portions of the game is not a good idea. It is probably a sale thing, so that we want to buy this and the upcoming expansion, which should includ a Scout and Healer class. It could also be that they planned to make a bigger expansion first, but felt that some parts were incomplete or didn't function as they wanted so instead of makeing an expansion with some stuff that is broken or feels out of place, they releas it later so they get more time to fix it. Also I like that they make smaller expansions, so the fans can get new material more often and with smaller expansions it doesn't change how the game play, as radicaly as a big box might.
  12. Can Natalya hit herself with the Volta Lightning Cannon? It could make sense, since she shoots lightning but I guess it will be ruled like Barry's gun.
  13. Heretics! I say, one should not waste the summer being outdoors. One should use it to play more Tannhäuser, since it is far more agreeable. Can Ramirez Bouncing Betty be detonated during an opponents activation? If it can't it should, since it doesn't make sense otherwise. Also, can Tala detonate her TNT during an opponents activation? In my opinion she should be able too do that as long as she herself hasn't activated yet. Can Mizu use her shuriken to make normal attacks and not only counter attacks? How many times can the natural 10 ability be activated with Barrys Flash Gun? Since the current rules doesn't state a limit to how many times I guess there isn't one. When may you discard a medal that gives command points?
  14. Can the Tesla Coils be combined with counterattacks? For example, Irishka is using her Combat Pack with the normal Tesla Coil, and counterattacks after taking one wound. During her counterattack she rolls 2 successes and then adds the one success from the Tesla Coil so the defending character must cancel 3 successes total. I believe this change would make the Tesla Coils more usefull and powerfull, and Zor'ka's Tesla Coil in her Combat pack wouldn't feel as out of place.
  15. Can Zor'ka attack herself through a voivod standing right next to her? Can Zor'ka attack an empty space as long as the "aoe"/spread of the lightning will hit something that can be damaged by it? When Ramierez attacks a space with a character on it using his grenade launcher, does that count as targeting the character or the space? If he attacks an space adjacent to a character, with the grenade launcher, does the character become targeted? What is the purpos of Eva Krämers smoke goggles? Since they make pistol attacks function like melee attacks, does that mean she doesn't need to share a path with the enemy character, but just need to be able to have the range, which is infinte for pistols, and only stopped by paths normaly. So the question is, can she shoot a character she doesn't see but have a straight line to or something like that? How many characters standing in a row can Hoax go through?
  16. In my groups future sessions we are going to focus on story and mysteries the most, and there will always be room for combat and sometimes when combat will be in escapable. But the main focus will be story, from that kind of view, what books are worth getting? I've already gotten the GM kit.
  17. If more then one character is standing in a row, can you bullrush through all of them if you beat everyone in a stamina duel and have enough movment to do it? Can Asteros do this? How many times may Asteros bull rush the same character during one activation? If a item says you may reroll the two lowest dice, can you then reroll just one or must two be rerolled? Also, when it says that you may reroll the lowest two dice, those that include natural ones? If a item says that you may reroll the two lowest dice and only one is low enough to fail, can you then reroll only the failing dice and then use the "second" reroll to reroll that first dice again if it would yet again fail?
  18. Thanks for all your help, I've had my first session a little while ago and it was AWESOME!!! I've already ordered the GM kit, and is wondering about the Ki book, if it is only worth if you fight much?
  19. Not sure if I understood it right. but In my example, I have a character with a rapier, and strength 4, and attack 70. would the attack with the rapier be 65 then, because of the -5 from 4 strength? And damage would be unchanged i guess. Is the defense of the weapon my block and dodge combined?
  20. Thank you very much! Have a friend who have done some RPG:ing so he will probably be GM but I will still get that book. What should I write in the the Attack and Defense spaces in a weapon? I understand the rest, but have no idea what should be in those spaces and haven't found anything about them in the book yet.
  21. And while I'm out on the webs I want to ask what book one should get after the main game. Any suggestions, I'm new to role-playing so maybe I should start with something else then if I would have had more experience?
  22. Next question(s). Do I need to buy a weapon module to use weapons or can I use one from the start? Is their any "limitations" to what weapons I can use, except for strenght. So could I use a broad sword or hammer as a thief or must i use daggers or something similare?
  23. I recently got Anima as a gift, and has just started making characters (I am new to RPGs, so please don't hate me for asking questions that might be stupid). But now I'm running in to trouble. I don't understand how you figure out your bonuses to the characteristics. should I only look to my class? Where do I find natural Bonuses? Secondly I don't understand how resistance is figured out, should a character start with 30 in all resistances? And lastly, what secondary abilities may I choose? Want's to make an acrobatic warrior, does that hinder me from learning some of the secondary skills, I know it at least boost some of them.
  24. MeisterH


    Well, I don't think there is any rule that forbids you from bullrushing the same charcter over and over. Though in my play group we made a hous-rule that says Asteros may only Bullrush the same character once per activation.
  25. Katsuyori is right. just ask the forums. Though I would say that you should probably buy characters for all the factions you have, since if you only concentrate on one specific faction it might become overpowered or the other faction/factions might feel stale if they only have their starting characters. But of cours it is just an oppinion of mine.
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