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  1. When a hero is grappled by a monster, can an other heroe pass through this space without beeing grappled or his not allowded to do that? If he can how it works?
  2. When an encounter with a lieutenant ends does the lieutenant restores to full wounds or not? And when we procced to the next level of dungeons the overlord re-shuffle hiw deck and flip-on the spawn eyes?
  3. Hello everybody. My questions are about dungeons. When the heroes reach an unexplored dungeon they must explore it or the can pass it and move to the next trail next week? When overlord draw dungeon level card they are shuffled or he goes from 1(collapsed collums) to 40(shreds of night)?
  4. Glyphs are not obstavles but the rulebook describe them as "markers" along with encounters.... I think its too much for heroes to move glyphs, it's a really big disadvandage...
  5. Hello everybody... I would like to know a few things about this card. 1)Is the overlord forced to move every figure in the dungeon? 2)Which tokens can he move?can he move glyphs? 3)When it says obstacles it means only pits,rocks and water or lava and mud ect?
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