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  1. Hello, I just bought Black Goat of the Woods expansion and I found that monsters are wrongly cut. Back sides are shifted against front side and cuts are going though monster description. Is it general issue of the expansion or I was just unlucky? Regards, Miner
  2. Is possible to somehow download story line which is comming in News section? Is there any PDF or other file for download?
  3. Thanks for info. I already posted question on BGG too. Thanks for you reply anyway Regards, Miner
  4. I dont think you can, unfortunately plastic inside of box isnt fit to Britannia. I suggest to create your own inside or use plastic bags for components separation.
  5. I looking forward to Innsmouth, I dont have problem with boards itself, there is no need to play all expansion at one time. What Im afraid of is number of components and card types, its already really time consuming to set-up the game and with expansion its worse and worse. But I dont see any possibilities to make it easier But even with that Im glad that Innsmouth is coming
  6. Hello, when we can expect 2nd season of the League? Thanks, Miner
  7. Hello, I have question to overstacking, whats happen with overstacked armies after movement or combat phase, should I remove extra armies or they can stay on board during others players turn? Thanks in advance.
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