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  1. The first ones that i got were The Terrors of the Tomb The Dark Forest Artifacts & Allies Relics of Legend Mix of more danger and goodies. Plus I'm fearing that they'll run out of these early expansion at my local stores so I got them as fast as I could.
  2. It's not that its hard but can be a bit annoying as with most boardgames you can spot the different playing pieces/unit 5 paces away. Can't say the same for WoTR. Keeping them in seperate bags is a very good idea though.
  3. MightyAtom13 said: I would love a Dream Quest of Unkown Kadath expansion. Not sure how it would work... Ooh... extended dreamlands with it's own board the size of the original! Mwahahahahaaa!
  4. I stil hope they would start to sell the elemental and giant seperately. Or to come to think of it they should put out a creature expansion with these two included!
  5. TylerT said: i think their use is to mark a unit effected by a lore card (any card that gives plus one die or movement). while not really needed for small games perhaps in epic games they are worth it? That's what we have used them for in our games. Good for marking homebrew heroes and special units too.
  6. Lord Zurgling said: I really like the idea of "Mini wizards". Warrior hero can "challenge" other heros to a duel (the respective units still fight) while boosting units abilities wizards can cast weak lore abilities every turn that affect their unit clerics can do much the same rogues should have a movement based ability I also quite like the idea of legendary units like dragons: tke up your creature and guest slot but you get a red flag fire breathing monstrosity Or a wizard (or other classes too) could hold on to an extra lore card for you, but there would be limitations. Like max lore cost of the card (this could be raised for a higher level hero) held and/or card playing limited to movement/attack phase. all in all if heroes would have multiple abilities they should be minor and not overshadow the warcouncil.
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