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  1. Thanks for the typically great answers, any more ideas on "user made" ship componments? This got me thinking, how does terraforming work in warhammer 40k. What would a ship carrying a shipment of colonists to a new world be carrying in its holds? Some good sci-fi books cover this kind of thing, might be fun for a adventure. I suppose they launch some drone to the planet, start terraforming and come back a thousand years later when some half forgotten files pops up saying it is ready, then a colonly ship is dispatched without checking the actual state of the planet? Also, what kind of defenses does a imperial planet have, or alien ones for that matter. What's stopping someone from just unleashing a barrage onto a world's cities when the ship is in orbit for a trading mission or whatever. Planetary shields?
  2. SJE said: The Zoat Embassy- urbane, cultured, educated - and also reptilian, centaur-like Xenos advisors who are bootstrapping a mediavael human culture into an advanced space fairing race. Imagine Leonardo da Vinci as a mighty alien centaur with the voice of Frasier Crane. But have you heard that Zoats are the acceptable face of Tyranid assimilation? That sounds interesting (read awesome idea), perhaps the tyranids somehow evolved a different strain that tries to assimilate you with culture? Slowly the dark areas start to appear in what seems like a uptopia. This could also be adapted for a genestealer cult I guess. Where would you take this idea? Speaking of uptopias, something based on brave new world, should the explorers try to change the society or leave it in its efficent but insane state. Perhaps make it a little gray, morally. Or a society that breaks the empire's taboos, but is actually much fairer and better, what to do, do the empire's bidding, or follow one's conscience. Live with a favoured and likable trading partner's one failing, or purge them for heresy. Yeah, sorry, brainstorming, couldn't help myself.
  3. Like most people I find the enhancements listed in the book woefully lacking, also I thought having some personal touches to the ship would be cool. The only thing I've come up with so far is facilities to implant cybernetic implants / improved medical bay. Any ideas for new components? I'll rig up some numbers myself but to give me some ideas, how difficult is it to recruit soldiers/retainers and at what level of training/with what gear. Any ideas on cool retainers, types of retainers? The torpedo and shuttle/bomber/fighter rules were awesome, but any additional ideas? From the canon? This never makes any sense in sci-fi, but what's stopping you from bombing everything from orbit, the accuracy issue doesn't make any sense to me, they can hit a moving ship in the vastness of space, a pinprick in the void from vast distances, but can't be used as artillery like support from orbit because they're too inaccurate? I realise that they best one can come up with is a suspension from disbelief, what's the warhammer 40k standard excuse? Plasma bombs for planetary bombardment? What would one use for attempting to purge a planet of all life? Thanks in advance, sorry about the disorganised nature of the post, I really should be asleep now!
  4. Yet again, excellent answers, that does help. Thanks. Perhaps one could add some massive foundations that reach into the lower levels. I guess that the lower levels are effectively sealed from the upper ones, the underground ones at least, you might have guarded elevators or whatever between the higher levels. You'd have to find a crack between levels that nobody (-important) knows about to get to a higher level.... (note that this is written after working with some industrial strength cleaners today, my mind is a little slow!)
  5. This is something I've been struggling with too. I'll admit that I don't have a engineering degree, but the whole concept doesn't make any sense to me, how this would work, and how you build massive skyscrapper on top of rubble, how the different layers work etc etc. It's a very cool concept for the setting, but when I start to try to picture it I hit a brick wall, it just doesn't make any sense. What's really lacking in canon from GW is how the ordinary person lives and how his environment looks like and works, in my opinion, though it might be biased. Hopefully, you people can enlighten me somewhat, these forums have been great for answers in the past. The pictures and descriptions posted do help a lot with pictures individual areas within the cities.
  6. Thanks! These are awesome answers to my late night ponderings, much more than I expected! These are all usable options, and ofcourse, the emperium is a mixture of all sorts of different versions of weapons. One could even use all these options suggested, for different worlds. My GM generally follows the letter of the rules regrading weapons, and he has often refused to bring along the infamous german language weapon book for our Call of Cthulhu game! But I might end up running Dark heresy myself in the end so who knows what will turn up there.
  7. I'm usually quite entertained by warhammer 40k weaponry despite the fact that the original designers seem to know nothing about weapons. However, the RPG in dark heresy, it's unworkable in my opinion, though some people might disagree with me. First of all, it weighs 15 kg, you'd need to have porters along to use it. Secondly, it seems just to use normal grenades, or something very similiar. I'd want to have it something more powerful, and probably heavier, i.e. heavier ammo. Then somehow they have the idea that RGPs are accurate, sure, it's the future, what do I know, I've never used one. The range isn't impressive, but it might be about right, yet again I don't know. Perhaps a updated rocket propelled grenade is a unbalanced weapon for dark heresy? And in my ignorance, how do hand thrown krak grenades work exactly? Are all revolvers in 40k gas sealed, since you can appearantly suppress them? Perhaps this is silly in a world of plasma guns and power swords and so on! Is the word magazine or mag used anywhere in the books? As opposed to clip. Well, this is all silly nitpicking really. So, basing the dark heresy RPG on the RPG-7. I'd get this: Weight: about 6.3 to 7 kg (which is 15lb) Make the ammo weigh about 2.5 to 3 kg each. Increase damage somewhat. Making the weapon *inaccurate* doesn't seem to be way to go. I'm not sure how to reflect that. I'm just wondering if someone had given this any thought, I'm pretty far from expert on weaponry myself.
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