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  1. Coming from a players perspective... We just finished a small scenario and got a stash of money we split up. We all have starter equipment and are looking to buy our first bit of goods... but we are finding that moving into our next scenario, everything is prohibitively expensive. Hiring slicers, buying information, etc.. At this pace, we are going to spend everything we made on our last job to succeed at this one. I don't see an issue with looting, sure you want your players hungry, but you don't want them starving. rom a GM perspective... If they want to sell every blaster they find, fine... if you want to discourage it, maybe the blasters worth next to nothing. If they are imperial blasters, make it so they have to deal with a weapons smuggler. Now, smugglers don't buy piecemeal... so make it into a mission. If they want to sell all those imperial blasters, they need to find a smuggler who wants to buy 3 crates. Lets say 30 blaster rifles or something. Give them full cost on the rifles, but they have to collect them all, make the deal, and not get caught. Easy side missions right there... Maybe they repeatedly do this and gain a valuable friend in doing so... maybe the guy ends up being undercover... so many ways to run with it.
  2. Well I for one am excited to hear Dark Heresy is getting a much needed update!
  3. Nothing yet... we had to call the game on account of time. So the party is still in the Templum Next week we'll continue... I just need to figure out what to do next.
  4. So last night we played our first game of Edge of Darkness... What a cluster F... During the party's briefing, they were made known that it was supposed to be a shadow op. One of the Arbitrators gets it in his head that the pass tokens for the Coblast Assay give them some sort of authority over the local enforcersWell, the enforcers got a chuckle out of that and decided they were going to keep an eye on the newly arrived party. Later they decided to head back to the enforcer station and the previously mentioned arbitrator decideds to flex his Arbitrator muscle and try to intimidate everyone by showing he is an arbitrator. Well, now the enforcers know that the Coblast Assay deal was a crock of bs and there is something more to this party that showed up. So right from the start they have already revealed themselves to the enemy. They have not done much questioning.... they questioned Lili Arbest and Evard Zed but thats it... they heard people go missing during the night cycle and know nothing of the Logicians yet. They heard Evard mention the Alms house and decided thats where everything bad was going on and I have a feeling they are going to hit there next. If they show up there I think they are going to arrive during the dinner time 'food rush' The night cycle has not come yet but they are definitely due to get a hostile visit. The other Arbitrator of the party isnt doing anything... she is new to the 40k system but has roleplayed numerous times. She just sits there and follows and doesn't do anything. The other two players are still trying to figure out their roles, but they are still taking part. This is going to be a challenging group...
  5. Yeah I read through Scriveners Star and I thought the idea was cool but there were some elements of the disease I didnt like. I would like to run it but I would definitely modify it for my purposes.
  6. Then regarding the uplifting primer I think I will allow them to treat some skills as general skills but if they fail by a certain degree they got the wrong info entirely and something very bad happens.
  7. Right... Im probably only going to give it a +10 and make them select the camo scheme.
  8. Cynical Cat said: Yeah, it does but that's from "any suitable power source", not a recharger. Slamming a power pack into the recharger slot in the troop compartment of a Chimera shouldn't require a Tech Use check, but draining a car battery into a power pack should. Agreed
  9. I wholeheartedly agree... and I was reading through them thinking... oh this is cool... oh so is this... but when they found out that some of them had d5 insanity they didn't want them. d5 aint much especially if you roll a 1.
  10. I did give them the opportunity to use the IH for backgrounds and none of them wanted to use it. I did have one player choose untouchable from DotDG
  11. Cool, I was a little concerned at first but after hearing what you all have to say I think things might be good. One of the Arbitrators comes from a Hive World while the Assassin and Guardsman come from Forge Worlds... which I think gives them Tech use as a basic skill if I am not mistaken. (Book isn't handy right now) The other Arbitrator comes from an Imperial world so she has access to some Common Lore stuff that the others don't. I can't wait to get started... in reality I would rather be playing in the DH game rather than running it but I guess if anyone aside from me is going to run it, its going to be because they liked the game I ran and decided to run one themselves.
  12. I'll be starting a game of DH with a group next week that has never played DH before. Some of them are familiar with the 40k universe and some of them are not so familiar with it. I normally get a broad spectrum of classes in the games I run but this one has thrown off my bell curve. All of the players are playing combat oriented classes. Thankfully one of them has some stealthy abilities... There are 4 players... 1 Assassin, 1 Guardsman, and 2 Arbitrators. They are obviously going to miss some roleplay opportunities, how should I handle this? My thought was to make an NPC or two that are available for consultation on certain things. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  13. This is why I give key villain NPC's some fate points. Sure he could still die but he is going to burn them fate points to try to survive.
  14. Mantis Sine said: I wouldn't. 40K already has a rich and diverse story. Probably why you bought the game. Next question! There is ALWAYS room for improvement... probably why Games Workshop changes their fluff. and there is ALWAYS room for more zombies... they are like Jello.
  15. Got me a copy of Tattered Fates and am looking forward to the Radicals Handbook.
  16. Cool thanks! I'll keep that stuff in mind.
  17. I am sure this question has come up multiple times but using the search function here is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles. One of my players is playing a Guardsman (or woman as the case is) and wants to know what 'Stealth Gear' is and if it has any affect on game or if its just like a suit of camo or something. She also wants to know what the Imperial Guardsmans Uplifting Primer is and I couldn't answer... other than I think its a book written by Black Library. Anything? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Headhanger said: I think it was Necromunda (although it might have been something else) that had a "Spot The Dot" rule for laser sights. And since the Imperium's war factories create laser weaponry capable of beheading or immolating a man with a single well-placed shot, I would not be surprised to learn that their targeting lasers happen to have very, very long ranges. That was indeed necromunda. You got a +1 to hit when you used it but the target got a roll to dodge it after you had taken your shot.
  19. I am having the exact same problem except when I try to log in it doesn't log me in right away. I have to go to FFH home page then browse my way into the forums and it auto logs me in.
  20. Sounds like your next adventure needs to include an untouchable that could be helpful to the party... Might make for interesting RP...
  21. jareddm said: Now hold on! I am the psyker. All the more reason to be CLEANSED! Unless you have been specifically told by your Inquisitor, you could always drop the bomb that you are with the Inquisition and it is withing their best interests to help lest their planet be scheduled for Exterminatus... Half of it may be a lie but do they know that?
  22. I would think that declaring yourself to be a 'divine being' would be enough to bring about the wrath of the inquisition its self... especially if you start getting followers. IMO the Psyker and the Scum should be purged... Unless of course you are the Radical sort... then buy them a drink, congratulate them on their new found sainthood, and be on your merry way... Just watch your back cause I might be there with a flamer to bring about the wrath of the redemption upon you!
  23. "I am taking your sanctioning brand and wiping my own butt with it" Awesome!!!
  24. Its not the fall that kills you... its the sudden stop. For the same reason getting hit in the head with a baseball bat can kill you even if it doesn't break the skull... The jarring of the internal organs can cause rupturing or general organ failure. You can be standing right next to a 2000 pound bomb when it explodes... even if you don't get hit by shrapnel or flame you are likely to die from the concussion... no armor will stop that.
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