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  1. Agreed, all kinds of fun to be had there. I love cards that work multiple ways like this. Play on an opponent's character and then str reduce them or just as encouragement to not use that character. Or use it on your own character to give them renown or maybe some gold (on some one that can use it) and then toss the attachment somehow.
  2. Well, first we need to know if you are playing vs multiple friends at a time (melee) or one on one games (joust). The deck building will tend to be a bit different. I absolutely agree with Flightmaster I find it much easier to try things and deck build on an online deck builder. The two in use right now are Cargamedb.com and Agotcards.org. Do you have an old Martel box where you only got each card x2? Or the reprint with x3? If you are able to purchase a couple chapter packs the first ones I would suggest to a Martell player would be a Time of Trials for the Lost Oasis. Lost Oasis gives you a huge amount of control for very little and since it's location based and can be activated as an action as needed you are not tied to a particular character (like attachments are). I also suggest Refugees of War for well, the refugees, but it looks like you have that. A big issue is that since you don't have a full core set you are lacking some plot options. Also, as you said Martel is not in the core set and their box is a pretty good starter set but really Martel gets some of it's best cards elsewhere. As I said above Lost Oasis is great. Mountains of the Moon contains the card Lost Spearman. He is a 1 gold character with 3 str and a military and Intrigue icon. You will also find the Knights of the Hollow Hill agenda in that pack which is a popular Martell agenda to run. A Song of Summer is another pretty good pack for a new Martell player. The Kings of Summer agenda provides card draw if it is Summer. Black Raven will make it summer and the Maester of the Sun from that pack allows you to save a Martell character by discarding a card from your hand. This works especially well by discarding a copy of Darkstar. For what you have now I would suggest: 1. Add in your Orphans of the Greenblood (2 or 3 however many you have) - Orphans are awesome. They are free and they let you shut down a character completely for 1 round. And if that doesn't help they are free claim soak. 2. Remove Dorne - Your deck isn't really focused enough on one or two traits to benefit as much from this as you will from other reducers. 3. Remove Norvos - It's a deterrent yes, but at 3 cost it just is not a strong enough deterrent effect for the cost. 4. Remove the Rookery - You aren't running enough plot effects based on "When revealed" to really make the most use of this. 5. Remove the War Scorpion - This attachment is really only good in certain builds, and I'm guessing you rarely get any use out of this except as a delaying tactic. 6. Rusted sword - hmmm, as I see in this deck this card has only one use, drop it onto Arianne and make a surprise military challenge with her. Nice trick yes, but good as it is it may not be worth the space. Do some fiddling with your plots. A Game of Thrones could be another good rush plot and has a decent initiative. Consider buy some more chapter packs if you can. Martel sadly is one house that really benefits significantly from the combos and synergies it can achieve from the combination of cards from different sources and sets.
  3. Personally I am not a fan of the Sand Snakes. I've tried a number of builds with them and in general I always end up feeling the deck would have been better without. Martel can actually be a great house for melee. It doesn't rush as fast as Bara can but it has a lot of nice effects to bring to the melee table. 1. I have yet to have had a chance to play with it, but the new Quentyn should be amazing for Martel for melee. Just don't depend on him as your only source of card draw. 2. Taste for Blood - Power claim and challenge deterrent. Use challenge redirection and this for even more fun. 3. Myrcella - the Lanni/Martell Myrcella that allows you to swap titles is possibly the most impressive melee card out there. Sure you still need some good stuff on the table to stay in the game, but the control she gives over not just abilities but over supports and opposing gives you a huge amount of control over the game. Just make sure your Myrcella is the only one on the table. 4. The Red Viper - In melee there will almost always be someone that controls less characters than you. Great, great rush card. 5. Ellaria Sand - Possibly even better than the Viper. Steals power from ANY character in play anytime you lose a challenge. Often the MVP of a Martell melee deck. Works especially well with Taste for Blood. 6. Lost Oasis - Stealth on demand. Sure it's great offensively to kneel people out and win unopposed challenges, but this card should not be underestimated defensively in melee as well. Combine with Vengeful to make sure you can always oppose challenges even if you can't win. 7. Quentyn's Guard - read the stats and the text. Need we say more? 8. Darkstar and House Dayne Reserves - Handy to have in case you end up losing any intrigue challenges. Also handy to have or just imply you have to make your opponents wary of making intrigue challenges against you in the first place.
  4. I have played all of the houses in the time I've been playing, though in general I tend to play Martel, Targ and Lannister, as they tend to be the best match for my play style. But I like to play all the houses every so often just to keep aware what those houses are up to.
  5. You could certainly do it. Would it be a good deck? Hard to say. The problem is that both Lanny holy characters are fodder. The Septa especially. The Septon at 2 cost, 2 str power and int is better, but he's still a 2 cost, 2 str. Of the neutral holy characters you mentioned 1 has no icons at all. 1 is a 4 cost war/holy army with military and power but is also an ally. He would be a non kneeler with Power of Faith, but he won't have an int icon to help power your agenda and most people don't care to play 4 cost allies. The Godswood Attendant however is 3 gold for a 3 str int and power. He is still an ally, he is also a full tricon on your Power of Faith rounds, so he's not bad. If your meta tends toward ally hate he could be a risk but he'd fit well otherwise. Thoros at 3 cost and 2 str is a bit weaker than you might like, and lacks the int icon to benefit from your agenda, but he has renown, which is great on holy with Power of Faith. Last and best the High Septon will be a tricon for Power of Faith and is immune to triggered effects. Further, he can't die, if he does he just goes to the bottom of your deck and you get 2 power. He'd be the sat of your deck probably. Point is, other than the Septon and maybe Thoros all your potential characters are lackluster at best and potential ally discards at worst. There is a reason most holy decks are run out of Bara or Greyjoy. Each of them has a holy character with printed stealth and one with renown. They also have a much bigger pool of characters to draw from. If you want to try it I'd probably build around 2 or 3 copies of the High Septon. His immunity is a huge asset. Plan to play any positive attachments on him to help further protect him from Burn and Search and Detain. x3 Doubting Septa, Practical Believer and Godswood Attendant and 1-2 Thoros depending on preference. I'm you Writ Small with it's Deadly for the phase would probably be a very strong event in this deck especially on a Power of Faith round (though not on the Septon obviously). Terminal Schemes was already mentioned. If you can afford the cost it might be worth considering Mel OOH, she is one of the biggest boosts you can give a holy deck, either the extra power claim to speed rush or the power steal kill Mel given that you can make multiple Int challenges to trigger her. Try it and see what you think. And if it doesn't work you can always build a Bara Holy deck with Shadow Politics and Blackwater Bay and get your extra Int every round that way.
  6. Maybe they don't all deserve 5s as opposed to say 4s, but certainly an argument could be made in every case. I think we all pretty much agree that Ser Arthur Dayne pretty much earns his 5 as one of the most famous of the Kingsguard and arguably the best warrior in recent Westeros history. Regarding Rhaegar - at one point in the books someone mentions that Rhaegar was in fact an expert at basically everything. I think this was Selmy when telling Dany about him (as Selmy knew him when he was younger). Rhaegar loved books and music most of all but then one day he suddenly decided he needed to learn to fight and so he put aside his harp and learned the sword and lance and all the rest of a knight's skills. He supposedly took no pleasure in any of his skills and hated to fight, but became an expert at anything he bent his mind to learn. I believe he was also noted as being the one person that could match Arthyur Dayne in combat. So yes, he was also a great warrior. Robert still killed him, but a lot of people in the books always seem kinda surprised Robert did. As for Crastor - he doesn't get a huge amount of time devoted to him really, but of all those north of the Wall, he stands alone. He has just his "brides." No brothers, no clan, no tribe and nobody messes with him. He is both Wildling, and "friend" to the watch. When the Walkers come he seems to have known before almost anyone even in the north and he deals with them. Mance has an entire Wildling nation with him all basically fleeing from the Walkers, and Crastor is hanging at home safe and unconcerned. It may not be a pretty solution, but the fact that he found one at all and was still there is really the most impressive thing about him. So really, who is the most epic Wildling here, Mance, or Crastor? Of course since it's Game of Thrones, we all know that strength isn't everything. All the strength in the world won't help against stealth, let alone deadly. And sometimes it just takes a trick or two up your sleeve to deal with someone - works in the books, works in the game. Sometimes no matter how "good" someone is someone else just has a better day or better luck, or the right event card hiding up their sleeve.
  7. I would venture that really the issue isn't Search and Detain. Search and Detain as it is is very strong yes, and annoying, but not really broken. The real issue is the synergies of KotHH, Search and Detain and First Snow of Winter. I think one of the reasons KotHH is doing so well right now is because between those two plots a KotHH deck can shut down a rush deck or shut down a deck with a single big flop and a bunch of cheap ones or resources. Point is that between the two of them any non KotHH deck going up against a non KotHH deck will probably bounce at least 4 gold worth of cards back to their opponent's hand first round essentially mitigating the drawback of their agenda. Also what makes Search and Detain truly devastating in this case is that it's no longer a 5 initiative, that would be more easily dealt with. When Search and Detain has a base initiative of 7 it gets a whole lot harder to get around.
  8. Agreed. Sure it's a neat effect, and a rather nice character for a 2 gold guy, but not gonna make a big splash. As for Dayne - House Dayne will work when there are either a couple more of them or when another card comes out that let's you do more with gold than just plus 1 str and this guy. Or when they release an attachment that gives the attached character the House Dayne trait (I vote for this - that would be fun). It's playable sure, just not really competitive.
  9. It's not the noble rush that's ballsy. It's the Treaty Rush. Or the Treaty at all. For those of us who have been around since CCG days we were used to playing Treaty decks that needed 20 to win and your opponent still needed the standard 15. To a lot of us the idea of playing vs an opponent that only needs 10 power to win is outright terrifying.
  10. Said them the other day, wanna say em again here - Congratulations John. Deck crapping out on me or not you deserved the win. You're a great player and you had a great deck, and I remember thinking after Cali-con how strong the deck was, especially given that it's a Treaty (meaning super risky). I might have had you back at Cali-con last year with all my "clever jank" but this year you were totally ready for anything I might have been able to throw at you (assuming I'd had it to throw). I think based on that game and this one not only have the new cards (and un-restricted Laughing Storm) only made the deck stronger but your play has really ramped up too. Looking forward to our next rematch. Gonna plan for that to be epic.
  11. I'd remove Bay of Ice and the Kingsroad Fiefdoms. Even with the fiefdoms winning initiative in melee is a toss up so why give cards to others? You have three copies of Mereen, that should cover card draw one hopes better than Bay of Ice. If you want more draw add Meraxes instead. Then add another couple resources maybe. Street of Sisters at least. Also, remove the King's Pavillion. Stealth and lack of defenders will win you more challenges in melee than +3 str on non-kneelers, unless you are afraid of burn effects in your melee meta. Next remove Blood of the Dragon ASAP. It was fun when it first released in Flight of Dragons, but it is a terrible card in the current game. If it gave the Dragon trait all the time I'd say go ahead and try it, but it only gives the trait in challenges so it won't give you a non-kneeler, and at 3 cost and in melee... not worth the gold. Last, I hate Maegi's promise. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Mostly because I hate Dominance effects. Could just be because I remember playing Fire and Blood. If you really want to bring back dead guys, consider Retreat. Yes it only works when in your hand when someone dies and only on uniques, but Retreat is great in a Dragon deck, because if a Dragon dies you can just Retreat and then ambush them right back into play.
  12. They also said somewhere way back when as well that with the LCG they wanted most of the effects of that nature to be more conditional. Win a challenge and then... or Challenges: If it is Summer, then pay gold equal to the cost and then move. etc Remember that first cycle of Chapter packs was actually designed for the old CCG format before it became an LCG and those cards were designed to fit into a whole different environment. Nor is that card the only banned card from that cycle, and if the restricted list hadn't been created we'd still have a 3rd banned card from the cycle I am quite sure.
  13. I don't know John, I mean what if I was planning on playing Targ or Lannister at a Regional or two? Be kinda weird to mirror match and all. Of course... playing you might just be a bit easier than normal if I knew every card in the deck already. Or then again, maybe not... There's some good stuff out there for those two houses, I'm sure of it. Maybe I will send you an idea or two just because I'd like to see some more Targ represented, preferably something that other than burn. Wish we'd made it down for Kingdom Con, sounds like you guys had a great turn out. Unfortunately Jen and I were busy that weekend. We'll be seeing you soon though I hope.
  14. So far the three traits we know will have reducers have all been ones that are seen in every house: Lady, Army, Lord. So it seems likely to me that Asshai is unlikely to be on one of the others fun and thematic it might be. Knight seems an unlikely trait to be tied to one of the cities there as well though as a common trait to all houses they could shove it in somewhere I suppose. I'm thinking we might actually see some love for some normally negative traits. Ally and Mercenary perhaps? Stannis had Salador's fleet of mercenaries working for him, perhaps Bara/Merc? Ally could go with either Greyjoy or Lannister. Not a lot of other traits out there that are available in more than one house. Knight and maester, neither of which would seem to fit but who knows. Maybe Greyjoy/Creature. They are chasing Dragons after all and it could be used in any house to reduce raven cards as well as in Stark and Targ for Direwolves and Dragons respectively. Maybe a card that reduces location traits? Kingdom or Free Cities to help play others of the cycle?
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