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  1. Bloodrunstrue said: I did And all I got was a lame auto respond message. TBH though I think this thread works just fine =/ lastly since evryone I've spoken too actually disapproves of legacy highlander can we revert this to block 3 this is going nowhere fast. Dan, you need to remove this thread as you were asked. I let Eggle and Nic sort out the banned list and they've both told me you've added other things without permission and this isn't fair on other players. I'll admit that Eggle shouldn't have asked you to put this up in the first place because that's my job and he was stupid to do so. But in the interests of peace please do as you were asked and I will post a proper banned list ASAP. Also out of curiosity why did everyone say they were happy with the format if, according to you, they aren't?
  2. Hey guys, Just to let you know that there will be no tournament next week (28th April) as I won't be there and everyone that could run it are also busy really sorry guys please pass the word on to others! Thank you!
  3. 433 said: June 6Exit Wendron Street, Helston Cornwall, UK sleepykitkat@gmail.com This should be June 13th
  4. Hi guys! *waves like a fool* Good luck in the regionals tomorrow! I'm in the process of sorting out the one in Helston, it should be on the 13th June I just have to confirm with the doodle man! Also to Steve: I am sending your cookies up with the boys (Nic) if he has eaten them on arrival kick him in the nuts =P Uh so yeah just have fun and be good and one of you better win because I said so! And bring me back a present obv. because I'm awesome =P Cathy! xxx
  5. Woo, got a better scout now =P I'm right this minute emailing Steve about the earth patch to see what I can do, but I can't promise anything guys. I'm still waiting to hear back about Regionals, we requested a date in June but nothing is confirmed yet I'll let you know as soon as I do =) Dan said I have to make a speech to everyone!!! Edit: to Lilly, Naffy himself told Dan that's what he said and that it was an earth symbol only event, so yeah...
  6. Ah ha! Thank you, I was getting annoyed because I couldn't find it! =)
  7. We need a new scout for our shop and I've offered to do it, where do I sign up? Thanks! Catherine =)
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