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  1. Just got off the phone with Jimmy from Organized Play Department at FFG. In our situation the judge ruled correctly. We did nothing wrong, against “the spirit of the game”, or intent. Collusion is intimidation or bribery. They will review the situation and make any changes they deem necessary in the future. Feel free to verify if you wish. Some people may not like the answer and I get it. But it is what it is.
  2. It’s interesting to read a persons perception of events. Erroneous as they may be. No one called a judge on me for stalling the entire event. The only person that claimed slow play was after I called the judge for an illegal play he made. Then your buddy piled on and created a scene. I played you next and I tried to apologize to you for the disagreement from the previous game and you insulted me and said you had no respect for me before and after the game you beat me. Remember? I believe you used the word cheater and chickens**t. If you let it go, I will. You keep spreading misinformation and I will respond. Your move.
  3. That’s because that’s exactly what it is. Youre pissed you didn’t make top cut. I have tried to make peace with you repeatedly and you won’t let it go. I’ll be contacting FFG today to see their position and so I know for next time. All the allegations of slow play came after you don’t make the cut. Slow play is when you milk the clock to win on time. I lost by a large margin to the Atlanta player and I also lost to you also by more than 10 pts. Where was the slow play? Oh I remember it was round one when I played your teammate and there was 1 min left and he was rushing me so that I’d make a mistake and he could win the game with an end of round Han shot. There was no slow play. There were you’re teams allegations due to the concession. The guy from Atlanta did something illegal in our game I called the judge. He then accused me of slow play in response (he was winning) and then you and you’re teammates piled on with accusations of cheating. It all went downhill. It created a negative experience for me. Now you’re the innocent naive saint just trying to understand. Give me a break. You’re trying to publicly call me out (even though you didn’t initially name me) and make me look like a villain.. a blight. You’ve posted here and on Facebook. You and your buddies disparaged me when they were announcing standings at the end and after the event. Beware! Again, sorry you didn’t make the cut. I understand your position but I didn’t deliberately try to screw you. I had no idea who would be in contention after round 3.
  4. You can suspect whatever you wish. I did not manipulate things. It’s in the rules, I can concede. I chose to concede for the reasons listed. I don’t know what FFGs intent is but I will ask them on Monday. We should just move on. I think we are pretty clear on both sides and I’m tired of getting trashed all weekend. Thanks
  5. I tried to be civil. They were berating and harassing me and my friend all day making inappropriate comments. That falls under unsportsmanlike conduct. Then it went overboard when they didn’t make top cut.
  6. My ways will not change. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sorry you feel that way. Your lack of sportsmanship and repeated temper tantrums at various events could be perceived as a blight as well. Im going to step out here. I’ve said what I needed to say. This is going to go poorly from here.
  7. After the events yesterday, I agree. I certainly didn’t have a fun day and I understand why the OP and his teammate are upset. My point is we didn’t deliberately set out to do this. We didn’t do anything illegal or unethical as is being suggested.
  8. This is the OPs teammate that lost to me in round 1 and to my friend in the last.
  9. I don’t know how you define collusion but the dictionary has it as secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others. We did not do anything in secret, we went to the head judge and she agreed. It isn’t illegal - conceding is in the tournament rules and we weren’t trying to cheat or deceive anyone. Here I am telling you what happened as we did the day of the event. If I was at your event and asked you and you said no, we would have played. I don’t agree that it is collusion but I respect your view.
  10. I’ve tried multiple times to mediate this. You’re not interested. I give up. I won’t address this topic with you any further.
  11. Yeah beware. My name is Gabriel Alonso. I’ve only been playing competitive games for 20+ years. This guy is just mad because he didn’t make the top cut and he and his teammates berated me and insulted me the rest of the day. Heres the truth and your all entitled to your opinion if what we did was right or wrong. I won an invite through the lottery for IA. My play test partner and I decided to go to the Regional. He was trying to win an invite so he could go with me to Worlds. I went to practice and try to win some fancy dice. In round 3 out of 5, we are both undefeated. We went to the head judge showed her the rules and I conceded. There was no collusion or manipulation. I tried to win my next two games and lost (last game was to the original poster). My friend 1-1 beating the OPs teammate in the last round. They both didn’t make top cut and proceeded to insult us and cry bull in front of everyone. I tried repeatedly to make peace with them and they were not interested. I spoke with the head judge and the store owner after the event at length. I understand why the OP is upset but it was handled poorly. Im the guy who runs most of the events in South Florida for most FFG games for years and years. Someone calling me a cheater is very insulting. I am a former Marine and my integrity means more to me than anything. Anyone who knows me or has encountered me will verify.
  12. I'm playing Imperial Assault which will conflict with my current Destiny invite. I would like to swap for Day 1B . Thank you!
  13. Did you not like Shyla in your list? Is this a post Worlds adjustment?
  14. I opened a case and am missing Maz Goggles, Force Lightning, and Force speed to complete my double set. Plenty to trade.
  15. Haves Bowcaster x2 Obiwan Kenobi U-wing x2 Blackmail Rares Makashi Training x4 Force Push Astromech x3 Supply Line x2 Lone Operative x4 Smuggling Freighter x2 Outer Rim Smuggler x2 Maz Kanata Jyn Erso x2 R2-D2 x3 Journal of Ben Kenobi x5 Force Heal x3 Delta-7 Interceptor x4 Luminara Unduli Chirrut Imwe x5 Jedi Acolyte x2 A180 Blaster C3P0 Temmin Snap Wexley x2 Rebel Commando x3 Mon Mothma x2 Vibroknuckles X3 Personal Shield x2 Unkar Plutt x2 Guavian Enforcer Aurra Sing x4 Interrogation Droid Lure of Power x2 Lightsaber Pike x2 Royal Guard Darth Vader Dark Apprentice x2 Asajj Ventress x2 DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol x2 Need Maz's Goggles Force Lightning Force Speed
  16. I bought 6 boxes. I was missing 1 card to complete the set and 4 cards to have 2 of everything. It took me 2 days to trade and complete my full playset with plenty of extras to trade or build multiple decks.
  17. I bought 6 boxes. I was missing 1 card to complete the set and 4 cards to have 2 of everything. It took me 2 days to trade and complete my full playset with plenty of extras to trade or build multiple decks.
  18. Exactly this. Someone call a "waaah"mbulance.
  19. I am interested in trading for your Luke. I have all the rares you are looking for but only one Padawan. Let me know what you think is fair. Thanks!
  20. Like emergency medpacs, standard medpacs allow a character to use the Medicine skill without penalty as per the rules on page 232, and in addition grant boost to all Medicine skill checks. What is considered without penalty? My players thought it meant without difficulty. I interpreted it as the penalties for self healing or without proper gear.
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