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  1. Regarding new teams, I think Amazons are a must. I'd really like to see Halflings and Norse, but I think a jungle-themed expansion including Amazons, Lizardmen and High Elves is brilliant. And I don't think there is a need to go to team-only mini expansions just yet; I feel like there are still plenty of avenues for new rules that are yet to be explored (as long as they don't weight the game down too much). I'd say weather would be an obvious choice, but I would love to see some cheerleader rules. Build your own cheerleader squad? Taunt your opponents (lower their scores), or cheer your own team for bonuses, perhaps modified by your current number of fans? Steal fans from opponents?? And no one has mentioned hiring wizards for more magical effects... In-game spells, potions and poisons, scrying to see or change what cards are coming up -- the possibilities are endless. Also, I'd like to see more effects between matches to represent bribes, threats, back-room dealings, stealing or injuring players, the effects of good or bad press, and so on. Plenty of room for improvement if FFG are interested. If not, I'd still be happy to simply see more teams and more star players!
  2. Oh, so the actual gods aren't showing up like they do in, say, Mythos or Arkham horror? It's just a grouping of people, events and such that lend themselves to a certain theme that is depicted by the GOO who is the leader, forefront, or most recognizable of that theme?
  3. Mythos CCG, the predecessor Call of Cthulhu RPG, the progenitor Pendragon RPG, the antithesis World of Darkness RPGs, the extrapolations And board games of all kinds (Citadels, Agricola, Thebes, Carcassonne, and so on...)
  4. Newbie here. I have a quick question regarding the Gods Not Mentioned: How is FFG handling all those *other* dieties? Are they just being shoehorned into factions that they might not necessarily have any kind of tie to? I can see Cthulhu mingling with Dagon, or Yog-Sothoth having some kind of tie to Azathoth (just making a statement -- I don't know how CoC actually handles this). So how does the game tie in Nyarlathotep, Glaaki, Abhoth, Bokrug, Atlach-Nacha, etc? Are there "independent gods", or do they have to be included in factions? Just trying to make sense of it all...
  5. I guess it's a good time for someone (like me) to get into this game, since it's now not a big chase to track down all of the cards... Or a big money pit to throw my little spending cash into! But I have to wonder, would it be worthwhile for a newbie (like me) to buy up any of the CCG version? Or just pick up the LCG core and APs, and forget about past sets?
  6. For a short film, I think The Rats in the Walls could be done well. Depending on the acting and effects, of course. But for something feature length, you're going to have liberties taken to make the film, well, not boring. Because It would be terribly difficult to remain completely true to the source material and still have it be watchable. That said, I think The Shadow Over Innsmouth is a good contender for its build of tension, overall creepiness, and action-packed finale...
  7. I haven't read enough of the "Lovecraft Circle" to make a very informed opinion, but I think Ramsey Campbell had some nice ones. The Inhabitant of the Lake, and Cold Print, for instance. But I admit I need to read more Robert Bloch. August Dereleth doesn't really come close IMHO.
  8. It's hard to say, really. For me, my favorite keeps changing. When I first started reading his stuff 20 years or so ago, I loved The Outsider, and Imprisoned with the Pharoahs. Later, I appreciated The Rats in the Walls and From Beyond for being exceptionally interesting. Most recently, it's The Haunter of the Dark that I enjoyed most. I imagine the next time I read through my collection it will be something else that strikes me as being particularly clever...
  9. Riiiinnnnggg... "Excuse me, Mr. Cthulhu? This is your wake up call..."
  10. I'm in Tacoma, and have not yet picked up my Core set. But hoping to soon! And then, I Take Over the World! Also a bit curious how this game measures up to Mythos CCG; clearly the artwork is outstanding, but I won't know how the game plays until I actually own it and take it for a spin...
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