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  1. That would be amazing man! my email is puppies.are.evil@gmail.com (i promise its legit!) lol!
  2. Thirroxin. You better believe I am game for this!
  3. Here is what I am proposing. Firstly, check out what I just posted down below. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/202297-welcome-to-the-khtcg-revival-everyone/ After that, I say we have a SEROUS discussion in setting up a tournament online with people who are interested!!! I mean this seriously, we can take names, make a date, set up our decks, and have some fun!!!! Anyone for an online tournament? > If so, leave your name in a comment below!
  4. Let's all get back into this game!!! https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/202297-welcome-to-the-khtcg-revival-everyone/ Check this out!
  5. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/202297-welcome-to-the-khtcg-revival-everyone/
  6. I hope so! Until then, check this out! https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/202297-welcome-to-the-khtcg-revival-everyone/
  7. I am surely not the only one who misses this card game. I was certainly hurt by the games cancellation announcement. However, good news is here for any who still want to play this amazing game! So after some time I cam across this program called LackeyCCG. This has apparently had updates to follow the Kingdom Hearts TCG. Together with a good friend of mine, we have replaced all the photos that the program used to represent each card into copies of crisp and clean photos. Most of which came from our own collection and a couple sites online. I would like to share with all who see this the ability to use this software to not only make some people happy, but to share the joy this game brought to us by openly extending our efforts to everyone. This game can be played solo with one person controlling two decks (for play testing or some fun), or even online against other people and friends. The software contains all, I repeat ALL of the cards that were launched here in the Americas as well as the unreleased (here at least) japanese. All of which have been translated provided to make the best gaming experience possible. Please note that some cards with long text will be slightly pixelated due to the JPEG size restrictions to not affect gameplay. These cards are Parasite Cage, Ansem, Dark Riku, and Aeroga. A huge thank you to the creators of LackeyCCG for this and FantasyFlightGames for making this game (even if only temporarily) known to many of us! This game will always be my favorite TCG of all time! Alas, cheers and welcome back to KHTCG!!!! - Thirroxin and Nodulariny ================================================================ Getting Started ================================================================ https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbmc9fb2g9gwpkv/KHTCGPACK.rar?dl=0 This is the link to the files needed. 1) Extract the folder to your desktop. 2) Take inside the LackeyCCG folder their is "LackeryCCG Updater" file (looks like a red arrow pointing down). Click that and run it. This will patch your software for Kingdom Hearts. 3) You can now run the "LackeyCCG" file (looks look a hand holding cards. 4) Now you need to set your software to play kingdom hearts. See below picture. http://s91.photobucket.com/user/Thirroxin/media/plugininstall1.jpg.html 5) Now that you are set for the game, you need to build a deck! See below picture! http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k317/Thirroxin/General%20deck1.jpg If you wish to use Japanese cards (and don't now what they do) then click the picture below! http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k317/Thirroxin/transalte.png And then.... http://s91.photobucket.com/user/Thirroxin/media/JPread.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 That's it! The software keeps track of turns, offers ways to keep track of life, allows dice rolling, deck shuffling, keeps track of numerous decks as long as you save them, and more! You can also select the "server" tab at the top of the software and host or join a game online to play with friends or even watch as others play! ======================================================================== FINAL THOUGHTS ======================================================================== There are 2 cards we need to make each and every picture crisp and clear. If anyone can provide me with any of these cards as a photo in clear resolution, I can complete this software fully! If you can help me (therefore all of us) PLEASE let me know!!!! Lv4 Cloud (english) Ultima Weapon
  8. +4 to Amphillips I have been busy and haven't been able to add his positive REP's for a while now, but as of now there hae been 4 great trades from him. Thanks
  9. Hey there, Apologies for the belated REP's but I have been very busy as of late. Workin 60-80 hour weeks takes a tole on you after a while. Regardless, I am on way way to give you your REP's now, keeping you informed is all. Thanks again for the trades. -Thirroxin
  10. My deck has made it to the top4 in the event, but how does it work? All i do is wait? Do they build the decks and play them? Anyone hav a link to the rules on this thing?
  11. Dark agro decks hav great bonuses when sitting on top of a Deep Jungle lvl 3. Sit n that with ansem, and its fairly impossible to be overpowered without them pumping with a lot of friends. The main focus is to drop wizard, sea neon, and sit on deep jungle lvl 3. Lock them so no matter what, 90% of the time they will lose if they should choose to attack you.
  12. Names Thirroxin. I used to be a fairly good trader on these forums. I cant say ill be collecting again, but I noticed Im on the top 4 contenders on the Clash of the titans.!!!! Any idea what thats for? How does the elimination go?
  13. Your dark cards are considered your friends. They are cut down to 3 at a time as well. You can however play a 4th and discard another to reduce to three again.
  14. +1 BDC +1 Nodulariny +1 WalshyBarn +1 Porcupine Thanks again all
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