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  1. I also had this nearly do me in. A renegade lannister player went a-pirating. I think this adds a lot to the feel of the game and keeps it in line with the books: If you're going to kill a ouse, make **** sure you do it properly or the ghosts will come back to haunt you.
  2. Trust me, as the people of london found out on the queens jubilee with the less than spectacular wall of fire on the thames, water isn't very flammable! Although it sounds odd, in a game about a sinking submarine hunted by a kraken and crewed by gnomes, the best way of settling rule disputes is to use common-se. No, that is ridiculous.
  3. The way to win with the germans is to issue an immediate v2 strike at the point they are about to use. As there are no current rules to simulate this, I use the house rule of yelling for the dog. Utter devestation. Seriously though, the germans can win liberation if the german player gets EVERYTHING right. And I mean everything.
  4. I paint a lot of my boardgame minis, and I find that Games Workshop paints and brushes are the best for this sort of work. Always, ALWAYS WASH YOUR MINIS FIRST! Put them in a bowl of warm water and washing up liquid and rub them gently with fingers only. Swish them around a bit and then leave them to dry. This gets rid of any liquid left over from molding (many companies use an oily substance to help the minis slip out of the molds. It stops paint sticking to the surface of the mini and is hugely annoying) and helps the paint to stay on.
  5. Excellent, I can use this for some of my BattleLore figures!
  6. thanks, I was using the correct link from the old site !
  7. I think the use is to promote conversation on the forum, so the designers can nick the best idea and say that was the plan all along! You've got to admit, it's a good plan. Elberon, hope you get over the flu fast.
  8. Aegis said: The two extra Goblin figures will come in handy, just like I found out in my set. If / when you get one of the Gobbo expansions, they both come with Drummers you can imbed in a Goblin unit to make them Bold. They replace a figure other than the Standard Bearer. So by embedding two of the three Drummers, you will have two extra Goblin figures to add to the ones you already have to make a full unit. Then you only have to stick in an extra Green or Blue banner to one of them, and you have a spare unit! Muahahaha, I got a FULL unit! Then again, I bought in the UK. And paid more because there was only one.lousy.gamestore.on.the.whole.island. Looks like I paid 20$ for those two!
  9. OK, i second the last post but as a final note, maybe infantry move at the same pace on roads as on CLEAR terrain (not boggy marsh) to represent the fact that a man sprinting on a nice, flat field runs pretty fast, so there would be no real difference for them sprinting a mile an hour faster in game terms. Rjmq, I suggest you either lighten up or play ASL. It is a game after all.
  10. Why don't you just have open slather across the board without regard to terrain (you could even have wormholes to support teleportation - hey there's a theme!) Go play tannhauser then.
  11. Perhaps an expectation adjustment is needed if you're accusing a game of being gamey. Good point. When it comes down to it, this is supposed to be a game that is played for fun, not a 10 hour extravaganza with rules for at guns in deep snow hitting a hull down panzers' turret at a 45 degree angle with a wind speed adjustment of 2 cm per m travelled. Btw, if FF get around to publishing a russian front expansion that has rules for at guns in deep snow hitting a hull down panzers' turret at a 45 degree angle with a wind speed adjustment of 2 cm per m travelled, I will happily buy it. I'll house rule the hell out of it to simplify it, but I'll still buy it. *hint*
  12. "Look I accept the point about roads and woods, it's obvious but it's not germaine to what I'm saying. Where do you live? The desert? Have you ever been to northern europe? I used to live there, and there is no way a wheeled vehicle is going to travel anywhere like road speed across feilds (if at all actually) which is why the 1/3 movement bonus for trucks on roads makes a heap of sense to me. The ground is really soft and often very bumpy as well (particularly in northern France). And guess what? Tanks and people on foot are affected by that, so every other game in the world that gives a road movement bonus (all of them for tanks, many for troops as well) are doing exactly the right thing." Look, i think the main advantage of roads is pretty realistig: it's a lot easier to drive along a road through a wood then crash through the trees. It's leess harsh on the paintwork for one thing. Tanks tend to be fairly slow as a rule and as all terain vehicles travel pretty much the same speed on feilds and roads.
  13. I'm a new user, I've used the scenarios before but I can't get on them now. Any help?
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