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  1. A kickstarter is underway to redo the Horror on the Orient Express Campaign for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. One of the Stretch Goals (met) is upgraded 25mm Train Car handouts. Wondering if the figures, investigators and monsters, lend themselvs to this scale? Hopefully they are, as the pre-painted figures would provide even more atmosphere to the campaign.
  2. While having Canada represented in Fortress America would be very nice as it would additional flavour I can see the challenges in doing so. An option is to have a mini-expansion that adds Canadian forces or effects such as supply interdiction. Canada's participation could be automatic as part of initial set up with some force balancing required (could be on either side) or be triggered by actions on the board such as a special card in the Partisan or Invader deck that grants access to the Canadian forces. This approach could also serve as a way of balancing the game when played by expereinced and novice players.
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