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  1. Spoiler Alert So my two chavitos, so according to the way it reads in the book “Lure of the Expanse” 1. On Vaporis they have Keepers of ancient lore, where they are pretty descriptive of their own history, meaning the people of vaporis are very self-aware of them being from the stars and have a good understanding that they were technologically savy. 2. Man landed in the desert and tried to turn the world green, ok so obviously they had some “terraforming technology “ they did not fail because they had crap tech, on the contrary they had some bad a$$ engineers and the tech to back it up. They failed because they didn’t understand why the planet was a desert (which for me that means that it was something that was unquantifiable or unnatural because they being bad a$$ engineers with a few hundred years working at the problem could not figure it out) and then started to die off. 3. First Priest Kings appear during the “age of death”, “Born of the first men” (implies that these dudes where born of the first settlers, the really smart engineers, this also implies that there were either some long lived SOB's or they really kept themselves well educated, and maybe with some of that bada$$ tech) they looked different than their ?parents?, taller with distinctive features, some would describe feline with liquid blue eyes. (that sounds like genetic manipulation or at least some kind of stable mutation with a purpose) they also had a “gift” to find water and call it forth (that’s some awesome shyt and it tells you that it’s not normal thing that people can do, so I wonder do they still have awesome tech and the knowledge to use it, or is it psionic or magic?). From the very small description it makes me think of the classic water nymph (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naiad) GM’s read this it’s awesome, gives great ideas. 4. The springs that they call forth don’t maintain themselves each requires a priest king to maintain it. Also the priest kings maintain a carful lineages so they don’t lose the ability (so it definitely sounds like some type of genetic manipulation) 5. It says that how and why this is possible is not remembered or asked about (meaning that there could be some group that suppresses this kind of thinking, can we say death cult). 6. Almost all the priest kings get along and probably related so they will back each other up 7. There are these strange creatures that are seemingly, made of rock. (reminds me of the rock creatures from the plane of Elemental earth the opposite of the plane of Water) Last but not least there is an active mission to the planet by the Ecclesiarch, these are major hitters, that have a vested interested in seeing these peoples brought to the holy light of the Emphra!!! Totally not to be wiped out be some jumped up a-hole that thinks he the shyt because he has a single ship or several (sorry got carried away). Ok so read it carefully there’s a lot of great stuff here in those few sentences to give the GM much to create with. If your GM just threw it at you plain vanilla style then he missed a lot of good stuff this planet is a push over and it isn’t without the Priest Kings life on vaporize is just not possible. Also the book Lure of the expanse has the potential that each planet you come across can have multiple adventures and mini-campaigns in themselves. Its a great book for adventures if the GM goes the extra mile (more like 20 miles) you can enjoy a year or more of gaming with this one product. its well worth it only because finding the planet is not the adventure its everything in-between that is the real fun.
  2. Ok, so its 1990 and im in the Complete Strategist in NYC, I was taken there by my pure chance, I saw the book of Rogue Trader in the window. After looking around for an hour of searching i found the Rogue Trader book and was so taken away by the cover of the Imperial Fist, I thought the art was so incredible the space marines fighting to their last. I thought to myself I just had to have it at any cost so I stole it. My first time role playing experience was with that rogue trader book, the adventures in the back of the book were so cool; those were awesome days (I still have that book). We used star trek episode for adventure ideas. Never saw the game as “Grim Dark” in those days just saw it as a dystopian sci fi. Been hooked ever since (not on stealing), I think at one point I had every WH40k book that had come out since then and lost it and purchased them again and subsequently lost half again. Such is life. I eventually blew massive amounts of cash at getting a several hundred miniatures and (enough for a chapter and a half maybe) never painted any or took them out of the blisters/boxes (I just didn’t have the time). My wife harasses me about all the boxes of figs and wants me to get rid of them, I tell her that Imperium of the God Emperor was here before she arrived and will be here long after she is gone. (She laughs) Been hooked on RPG’ing TT it became a big part of my life since then which is amazing when you consider all the other possibilities are lives may take. I feel Rpging in general really changes the way you view the world (the real one).
  3. Wow that’s awesome Molecule4. Now if I can ask a couple of questions. Homiejiraiya and Molecule4, can I ask you what you wanted out of the game for your toons? How would you like the game to progress? What was the original motivation for rolling up your characters? (Other than getting together to have fun) What are the future short term and Long term goals of those character’s? Homiejiraiya when you stated that you’re not having fun anymore that implies that at one point you were, what were those games like? Of course you are probably discussing this already but answer just for the sake of others that have similar problems.
  4. I have only ever introduced Inquisitors as shadowy figures in the background and sectors away manipulating the events from as far away as possible (when im running the game). Well with that said I partly ran a game for a time with one of the players being a young and recently promoted inquisitor, it went incredibly well I worked with the player and we developed a good story as to why he was traveling the Rouge Trader and we created a small retinue of acolytes (we also played these acolytes when we wanted to do low LVL adventures). The idea was that the Inquisitor needed the typical taxi service and extra muscle a RT brings (as well as a good cover story). When I wasn’t Gming the game I would play the RT and the player that played the Inquisitor would GM). The warrant was the really ancient one that you could pic in “Into the storm” (the age of rebirth) where one of the primarchs or some other super important person (we always kept it up in the air) also it was won in recognition of a great deed (at the time we were reading the Horus Heresy books), so we saw that it was a little to Marysueish and decided to have the house in ruins. A few thousand years ago a cabal of Inquisitors decided that the RT House was to famous/Infamous and purged it killing all household members (a war far out of the empire, one of the stipulations of the warrant is to seek out new worlds and travel in uncharted territory’s, a 7 year mission) something they were very good at) the Cabal took this opportunity to wipe out the house and take all its holdings and take the warrant to confirm who exactly singed it (so on and so forth). Enter the RT character, we did it as (man out of time, we use Central Casting: Heroes for Tomorrow) the RT was found on a hidden on terra it was the last holding in the ownership of the Navis Nobilite House (which had fallen into disgrace and the last mutated member was visiting) in a stasis pod, the RT was revived and told of the situation. After a few years and gathering of equipment from other hidden holdings (we played most of this out I wanted to start the Toon as having nothing but the clothes on his back, the House ring (archeotech multi-key) and a kraken tooth knife) yes very epic beginnings). So after trying to enter the imperial palace prove that RT was a Rogue Trader (not even getting to within a 100 miles of the palace) then trying to break into imperial palace and getting caught, was taken to the Inquisition and was “questioned” about him being a RT from a house that did not exists while their escaped from cell twice and was able to thwart descendants of the original Cabal and expose there heresies. With the help of a very young interrogator (the Inquisitor player) was able to get his credentials confirmed (there was a copy of the original warrant in the vaults under the Imperial Palace, but not the original). Unfortunately the original was not there and was a series of other adventures which included the inquisitor. The Inquisitors were done well extremely eccentric and insane the GM did the factions really well (it was a big part of the game) and they had good back stories and (we the players) would not encountered them until the end of a series (sometimes very anticlimactic) they were usually the bad guys so to speak. I’ve found that trying to introduce “MarySue” NPCs (Inquisitors) as detrimental to a good campaign or any campaign. I find Inquisitor’s steal too much thunder from the players; it’s difficult to do correctly and still maintain respect for the warrant of trade (even if it’s a new one) and the players or the Inquisitor. Although they make great adversarial NPCs, why because they are not so easy to defeat. They must be defeated legally (within the bounds of the imperium) and morally (in front of their peers). And if they are setup over a number of game sessions then maybe the players will like it too (when Introduced). Also if you introduce the inquisitor as a ****** then you should introduce an inquisitor that is not, and will help the PC’s defeat the douchy one. In that way you don’t have to experience a thing that happens when an inquisitor shows and watching all your players make some amazing critical rolls with the dice and your NPC Inq dying in ways you never thought possible. The warhammer 40k novels help a lot and there almost always an inquisitor in them, we use them for adventure material. We play our games in a very 1987 Rogue Trader fashion, the style being that the imperium is not all powerful and there is plenty of unexplained and unexplored space (even within the borders), the Imperium can only consolidate very little of what they claim and many other xenos empires exist. The Imperium keeps that knowledge to only the very highest echelons, so for example many Inquisitors do not know of the horrors that lurk beyond the borders that is only the purview and remit of the Rogue Trader (Hence their reason for being). In the recent material it gives the impression that Inquisitors can do anything and whatever they feel like whenever it suits them and this hampers the other institutions and I get players that only want to play inquisitors. Also it’s like the Imperium is this all-encompassing super power in the galaxy. sorry im ranting. OK theirs my two thrones
  5. This maybe for another thread, but whats so complex about making a powered suit of armor? (i remember a PA being made on a low tech world, either in DH book or RT book?) also whats so heretical about having "Heretecks" making said suit? (is the act that a formal Ad-Mech is not making it) and who would know that its a heretek built suit unless you have an eight pointed star design on the chest. and there was a point that Power armor was mass produced and still maybe. (like Sisters of Battle) also how hard would it be to take a enemy terminator suit (or one that's found on a battlefield) sized for a space-marine and add in a frame structure inside so that a human could run around in (according many pictures and art that GW pushes out this is what it looks like). An if my particular Ad-Mech character makes a suit of armor or terminator armor does that make it a heretek device? just wanted to throw this out here.
  6. Ballistic Weapons and the Ammo This is a list I’ve made to try to figure out what mm the ammo is, (too many time my players who are veteran Cyberpunk 2013, 2020 RPGers and military veterans constantly ask me and argue with each other what ammo and what they could do with it) so here I am seeking the wisdom from everyone here. I based this on the damage that is stated and the ROF also the description. Autogun Basic, 90m, S/3/10, 1d10+3I, 0, 30, The way this reads it sounds like the classic 5.56mm m16 (RT era pic)/colt AR. The wh40k wikia has it as anywhere from Varies between “4 to 15 millimeters wide and 20 to 120 millimeters long” wow that’s so crazy that’s a huge difference in damage potential but ok. Autopistol Pistol, 30m, S/–/6, 1d10+2I, 0, 18, This I believe is the ubiquitous 9mm UZI/Mac-11/9(which is the 9mm version) or? Hand Cannon Pistol, 35m, S/–/–, 1d10+4I, 2, 5, This is the classic 45 Magnum I think? A player of mine said it should be the .454 Casul or The Smith & Wesson Model 500 because those are 5 shot hand cannons. Heavy Stubber Heavy, 120m, –/–/10, 1d10+5 I,3, 200, This I think is the M1919 Browning is a .30 caliber medium machine gun or at least that’s what it looks like. So 308 or 30-06 round. Naval Pistol (Mars) Pistol, 20m, S/3/–, 1d10+4 I, 0, 6, The M1911 pistol 45 ACP I feel it would have a longer barrel for the extra power (maybe). Naval Shotcannon Heavy, 40m, S/3/–, 2d10+4 I, 0, 24 I think its missing a Pen Value on this gun. Okay after seeing some YouTube vids and wiki-ing I say its 8 gauge or 4 gauge (this is a big shell). If it was a solid slug It would knock a space marine over (maybe). Pump-Action Shotgun Basic, 30m, S/–/–, 1d10+4 I, 0, 8 12 gauge, this is the only one that was easy. Shotgun Basic, 30m, S/–/–, 1d10+4 I, 0, 2 Yes this is still 12 gauge Shotgun Pistol Pistol, 10m, S/–/–, 1d10+4 I, 0, 1 Yea 12 gauge Stub Automatic Pistol, 30m, S/3/–, 1d10+3 I, 0, 9 9mm again Stub Revolver Pistol, 30m, S/–/–, 1d10+3 I, 0, 6 Ok this one is maybe a 9mm (I’m trying to be consistent) Assault Cannon Heavy, 120m, –/–/10, 3d10+5 I, 5 200 Ok these stats are from DH IH, and they very vague on the description so according to me ill make it the GAU-19/A (yeah unfortunately this is a three barreled Gatling gun) but it still guaranteed to turn a space marine into fine mist and hands sized chunks of armor. Autocannon Heavy, 300m, S/2/5, 4d10+5 I, 4, 20 For this one I went by weight of the gun, so I picked the 20mm even thought a lot of pictures it looks like a Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun then again we could say it looks like The Oerlikon 20 mm cannon. And finally the magic and heart ache happens Dreadnought Assault Cannon, Range, 150m, –/–/10, 3d10+6 I, 6, 400 So according to the damage this would be a 50cal out of a very long barrel, but I totally disagree with the DW ROB write up, so here my version of the according to all the pictures we seen and the PC game and the size of the shells that it spites out and some YouTube videos. Dreadnought Assault Cannon Range 250m, –/–/10, 5d10+6 I, 8, 400, Storm/Tearing/Blast 3 Based on The General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger is a 30 mm hydraulically driven seven-barrel Gatling-type cannon firing PGU-14/B API Armor Piercing Incendiary (DU) a very potent round. So it would turn a space marine in terminator armor into dust and paste in less than 1 second. Ok so I also did this so I can make other guns with those damage values as a base, then you can figure out what other weapons can make with different kinds of ammo and have it make sense(at least to stick in the mud military vets role players nah JK love those vets). Most of my players hate the Lasgun (although they like las pistols (go figure) they think it’s pretty weak, I told them that’s its the most common not the greatest and besides how can you hate the recharging in the sun thing. For example Sniper Rifle (based on M14) M14 Rifle, 150m, S/3/7, 1d10+5 I, 3, 20 You could wiki the rest oh and super reliable. Oh and if this was already done sorry and can you post the other thread? (i was using the search feature but got bored).
  7. I'm sorry but i think the idea of a nakedness penalty is a little silly (but i understand what you mean) considering that a spacemarine scout can spend the better part of 10 to 30 years as a scout (depending what chapter you come from) wearing that kind of armor. unless you meant that as a joke, then its pretty funny I would give it free since its a downgrade, but i could also make it cost the same as carapace armor for an imperial guard (and i have no idea what that would be since i dont have the book with me). i just saw the DW scout armor thats bad a$$ also the armor you came with to the deathwatch belongs to your character so i don't see the DW taking your armor as a trade for a scout armor. so it would cost you nothing and they would give it to you and want it back when you were done with there service unless they gift it to you, i also think there would have to be some customization to fit it for you but it would be a simple thing.
  8. I was just thinking of a copilot seat for a Navigator and the other navigators could sit in and watch and help lookout for stuff. Is there a ship mod for this? and if so in what book?
  9. Here’s a starter for you hope it inspires lots of ideas So ok if the players really want this, then I could see it this way. Players start the mini-adventure as stated in the book there in arriving in a rush and they find a ghost ship and not any ghost ship an imperial “navy” battleship!!! (Very dramatic). “GM put a surprised look on your face” Ok they make their scans of the ship (players start talking up a storm about how they going to be rolling around the emprahs galaxy in a battleship, “OH Yeah this is the Shyt!!!”) and surrounding areas. No one else has arrived yet (Optional: that they can detect, yes even if they roll a fuging 01 on the dice and even if they send out waves of fighters or other crap, and yes someone already is their insert whatever douchey bad guy, he or she is well hidden and knows what he’s or she’s up against). First off PC's must avoid massive debris field and the bigger the ship the harder it is to the point where they cant avoid getting hit and taking damage if they are in anything that’s a light cruiser or bigger (no roll for half dmg or any crap like that no spending a fate point to avoid dmg or other wild stupid shyt like that, and no cutesy “I take a captured ork brute ram ship and get to the battleship”). They can only get to it in a really maneuverable cutter or equivalent also make it a really hard a$$ roll to fly thru that way they less inclined to try it with more than one gun cutter (and if they do decide to roll with more than one gun cutter make the roll yourself, base stats whatever for the npc driver (-30) and then use your gm screen for this, you should always use a gm screen (this is not gambling for the GM he does not let the dice decide the flow of the story) if no gm screen then roll and cover you dice with your hands and just take a peek and then pick up the dice never letting them see the results (work on your poker face). You should do this every now and then so they don’t get used to you rolling for things and keeps em guessing. You want to portray that getting to the ship is very very difficult no easy feat. There other cutter that came with them should get destroyed or if you’re merciful or there’s awesome npcs on it then it should get damaged enough that another gunship has to do a rescue it and go back to the PCs ship. All this to get them on the light with only the dudes they got with them. Then once there on board I would totally run it like the movie (Pandorum 2009), great fun with mutated super-cannibals leaping 10 meters on a pounce and really strong and super nuts to go with it (Wargars Maybe?) oh yeah give them genestealer stats for lots of fun (but they're not real genestealers). Then most others are survivors that will use you to totally get out that mad house, or eat you, or feed your party to the super-cannibles. Ok that’s it I don’t want to over spoil it for you. P.S. or if they already found it and are on board then you still should play out those stellar phenomena, and that's just the dangerous realties of space like micro meteors and radiation and solar storms and all kinds of dangerous shyt. P.S.S. I totally overlooked this but the battleship may be lost and a wreck, but it does have an owner and not just any one its a great hero and a legend of this sector of space and hes still alive (completely nuts but almost) this ship still has a master and its a Navel ship, so by all rights he can request aid from any imperial authorities that show up, so if the players salvage it and try to take it for themselves they'll totally be seen as villains in the eyes of pretty much everyone (well this could be a good thing) and they would be hounded like the murderous pirates they are by committing such a crime. I would have a bridge camera or security something or other, like when you kill the captain it records everything done and then send it out in a little codex cylinder for someone to find. (well my thought anyway)
  10. The Lure of the expanse has some great allies and adversary’s and I’d like to emphasizes the adversaries part. Spoiler alert ??? MAybe (Lady Sun Lee) the way it reads this particular RT has serious Ego and believes herself the will of the emprah made manifest thru her warrant maybe he is? (of course this could be said about all the other RT that are after the prize), so even if the pc’s make friends with her she will not see them as friends, she will see them as tools and use them as such no matter how good they roll, there is the tidbit about her having honor and so bargains struck will be honored but this is a race to a prize and all the prizes along the way. I believe this RT will definitely contest the Pc’s if they found the light of terra and challenge them in a way where they will not be able to defeat her so easily like political pull and stuff of that nature even having pull with the Inq if the players have it to. Baron Djanko Scrouge, simply I would play this dude out as a beast, if he makes a deal (big if) with the players just like the book plays it out, if the baron thinks the pc’s weak and or smaller ship than his lower PF whatever he would wait till the pc’s have played out there usefulness and then jump them when they least expect it, take their ship and sell there a$$es to the slaver, if and when this happens it could before they get to the planet that their looking for. Krawkin Feckwar, (to make this character effective you should switch him with one of the other NPS like Hadrakk Fel) according to the way it’s written he’s the dirtiest and scummiest RT that will make deals break them, sell out all the other RT’s as long as he can get away with it and blame it on the other “rogue”. He would join with any alliance the PC’s may star in the begging of the adventure just so he can backstab everyone else when the correct opportunity arises so he can grab as much booty and slaves and the clothes off everyone’s backs the gilding off the side of your ship and whatever else has value no matter how trivial. When it would come to the light of terra he would sneak on board get the wargars to kill everyone or enslave them, this would be a war that would stretch out for months or years and he would funnel men and equipment to steal or take control of the ship, he would do this in secret and keep the PC’s guessing as to which RT is doing it also trying to implicate the allies of the PC’s just to keep things interesting. In the end if no one stops him and he can’t get the light of terra he would cut a deal with the orks, pirates or chaos reavers or anyone else. This guy is evil and devious id play him like James bond not as slick more like slimy. Lord-Admiral Bastille the seventh, to me this would be the main adversary to the PC’s he’s got the most money most ships and biggest and badest, I believe this RT would be the one to be the greatest challenge to the PC’s trying to obtain the light of terra, why I even think that the Admiral would even give up the lost planet because he would see this as a greater endeavor because he’s all about being a imperial Navy Admiral his ego is so huge that he models his house like the Imperial navy and goes about everything as such is the case, with him might makes right and he knows that out of all the party’s involved he’s the strongest and holds the moral high ground on everyone else. Id play this RT like a Professor Moriarty plans with in plans and such and in actuality Krawkin or Hadrakk is the one that does all the illegal stuff (a RT with a very weak warrant or Krawkin warrant is actually fake something that the Admiral cooked up and Karkin does even no it he thinks his warrant is real) while the admiral is the brains behind the whole thing, not that the players would ever figure that out that’s just for the GM. The admiral would see the light of terra as a great way to get lots of leverage from the imperial navy and that’s worth more than the lost planet. Also one thing were forgetting is that the Captain of the light of terra is a man who has lots of codes and secret navy military intelligence, he has more value than any lost planet. He has secreted away or at least the previous navigator, routes and ways thru Imperial space and the most well defended areas in this particular sector “Bastille knows this if anyone would” (one of my very astute and munchkiny players glaringly pointed this out to me). When the Inquisition finds out they will definitely make a priority to go to this ship and ascertain what and if it is irredeemably chaos tainted and if it’s recoverable, and once they find out that the captain is alive they will take it over (simply because the Captain’s will really is holding the ship together). I know it sounds like a cool idea but salvaging the light of terra is a major campaign, and like the book and Erathia and Magnus Grendal has said and would divert from the main adventure. I agree with Erathia even thou others might think it cheese to blow it up, it’s all how you play it out and the style of the game, I also think it unbalancing for players to run around with a battleship, but this can also still be RPGed it’s just the game style would change and considerably. I would also rule that if you don’t have a certain amount of PF then you simply could not afford to run a battleship it would bankrupt your house. Also if it ever gets damaged it may take years to fix. I would say that your PF has to be 100+ or match the Hull points. Even the very rich today don’t buy the Gulfstream G550 they rent it because it’s so expensive to maintain (although there are a few that do, like very selfish dictators). Also I can’t rule out the possibility that the players may genuinely want to save the mad Captain from suicide. I would give those brownie points for that.
  11. This was an idea I have been trying to do for a while and was looking for ideas from the community, anything you can add or correct would be greatly appreciated I would like to add a contingent of space marines to a rogue trader house/ship like in the old (1987 RT book) where you get to roll around with a hundred or so of them (remember box of 30 RTB-01). I run a very rogue trader “era” style wh40k game I try to express that the imperium as struggling, decadent and generally falling apart imperium that the books allude to. Space is vast and the imperium does not have the control that books some time make it seem, and not even in the zones of control that they do have. I don’t really go to crazy with the dystopia style either (yeah I love grim dark, but it gets old). So here are my question and musings. I’m also assuming that the marines are all in the RT ship or ships. and the players go on 10 to 30 year sojourns into the unexplored space (which is pretty much everywhere) which could mean 30 to 200 years away from imperial controlled space . A whole company gets the honor of going where no man/xenos/ad-mech has gone before with a rogue trader, thus fulfilling an ancient pact. According to one of the RT books a primarch could have signed or cosigned the warrant of trade.Does the company or so of space marines get written off and are consider heroes by their chapter and dead or at least MIA? Does the Chapter use this as a way of getting rid of troublesome SM? Or does the chapter still count them as part of their 1000? And what happens if they don’t return? Would the chapter do this to benefit itself by sending a hundred marines in preparation to a crusade, they would send these guys off and be written off as heroes and then when they returned a few hundred years later or after the chapter has suffered some losses, rejoin the chapter and boost their numbers back up to 1000 or close to it? Would the RT be responcible in bringing back the gene-seed and equipment of the fallen? Would the hundred or so space marines be able to recruit while with the RT? Or even replace their numbers? From what chapter would the Astartes be from?I was looking at Ultramarines but they seem to vital and important to just get a hundred or even a few I imagine they would tell you to go to any of their successors and get from them? I’m not sure if I remember correctly but weren’t their chapters that were specifically created to go with rogue traders? (if so, do you remember where that was written?) I was also thinking of a mix of different chapters including ones with extreme dislike of the xenos like Black Templars (if they can do death watch then they can put up with rogue trader) and add lots of drama to the RT’s boat. What would there equipment be like?I was thinking of keeping the RTB-01 style and say that the marines would get a recently made corvus Mark VI armor and they have permission to add their own glory to on the armor. If they survive. I imagine they would get all new equipment and maybe very few relics? Well this is what I got and its late. (for me)
  12. This is a great thread that deserves a bump (because of another thread about a pre-heresy space marine on ice). But one thing I have not seen hear is the fact that during the emperors time the geneseed was originally created by him/from him on terra no room for failure, or “inherently evil and traitors geneseed”. (I think that’s hysterical that geneseed is inherently traitorous and “evil”. I could see that attitude after the imperium becomes more religious). The geneseed didn’t rebel the primarchs did and then they used there charisma and power of leadership to manipulate there SM to also rebel. And of course the ones that didn’t rebel because they were so bad a$$ they didnt need no stinking primarchs, thats they had to be killed off (well they tried). Also I think that the ad-mech doesn’t really see it that way, I’m sure they look at the geneseed for its quality and purity in the reference to be free from mutation and deviation in a biological way. I also think the ad-mech wouldn’t think twice about making chapters with geneseeds from traitorous primarchs, and they’re the ones who control it and experiment with it. In the current fluff they already have supposedly loyal SM from traitor legions and I’m sure well see more of them in more of the stories. I think yes there are new chapters are made with geneseed from a bottle called “other” and its filled with awesomeness. I get this funny image of a Highlord of terra looking at this microscope in an ad-mech laboratory, and the magos is telling him about the awesome qualities of the geenseed and its perfection. Then the Highlord says “Hey these tiny little zit looking things look like tiny little faces, and by the emperor they look like Fulgrim. He then screws up his face like he’s looking really hard “ hey are they flipping me the bird!!, and I’m not talking about the sign of the Aquila, what the eye!!!” then the magos says” yeah, yeah.. dude you’ve been smoking way to much obscura, now get the hell outta here I have Astartes to make”… Also the ad-mechs don’t divulge their secrets, plus they do whatever they hell they want. By the way LightBringer I love the Beserk chapter idea, its totally cannon in my game.
  13. So I think that As above BrotherKane, Gurkhal, and Fgdsfg have already said it best. The Moment that anybody else finds out “eventually an inquisitor will know” they’ll probably send out assassins (there are quite a few puritans inquisitors in DW Watch Fortess Erioch ) because the individual represents a unknown factor best left unknown, I think that even knowing the truth would be a danger so any persons associated with the ancient Astartes would also be a liability in the eyes of a lot of the inquisitors (like everywhere) and their respective chapters. The DW Watch Fortess Erioch also may be prepared for this already because they have the “Black Shield” it also alludes to such in one of the DW books (can’t remember which) about a bunch of stasis tubes in the vault already, in which case. The marine or marines that come out may have instructions for the people and or the players and the watch fortress erioch and if he is a black shield already, in which case he does not have to say anything and be accepted by the powers that be (maybe). Also they may come out the vault or are taken out by some one that already knows about them (maybe the Legio Custodeus) that have instructions for them (input your favorite heresy hero or villain that was believed slain) umm makes for a really interesting games. There would be a lot of interested parties for the possible knowledge that this ancient individual may hold (regardless if he’s from a traitor legion or not) and a lot of chapters of space marines that have missing primarchs and such will want to hear this person out. I believe they would go out of their way to protect this SM. (I know I’m repeating what’s already been said but). According to the fluff there are a lot of loyalist that did survive the heresy (it seems) so there maybe a mechanism for such events I’m sure this had happened before with all those loyalist in the traitor legions refusing orders and such. And at the time of the heresy the SM was on the inside of the traitor legion so he would have a significant value to the emperor or more likely the sigilite, maybe his dubious reward for information was that he get stuck in a can and pops out after x amount of time maybe they didn’t trust him one-hundred percent or they may have wanted to wait till the war was over and then un-freeze him. I think the people who would have first dibs on this SM out of time (other than the players) would be the Deathwatch as an institution and he would have a trial (before or after interrogation), I also think that he would be judged by other space marines and not the inquisition (players and gm have a great opportunity to have a Court episode or episodes). This is cool, this is something I’ve been trying to figure out as well. I had my players playing a pre-heresy game where they were a special unit of mixed legions and every one had their own squad (the rogue trader game we were playing got tired really fast so we came up with this), the guys wanted to play something really epic. Anyway as pre-heresy SM they were fighting the last living actual biological Necrons, these necrons i based off the movie Prometheus along with the human origin concept, so the large grey skinned giants didn’t like the fact that there “Human experiment” which would have been able to hold the souls of the other machine necrons was manipulated by the slann, the slann found out and decided to manipulate the humans so that they could not be used by the machine necrons, so the Emperor knows all this stuff already and sends out the players (enter Prometheus movie except with space marines) to bust Engineer a$$, but like in the movie the engineers created the xenomorph plague which effects all biological life that was created and manipulated by the slann/old ones (this was a sort of weapon of last resort by the Engineers) and this is were I ran out of ideas for this campaign I was going to say that this is where Tyranids came from. Of course the players never figured that out but I alluded to it. I called them “the A team”, so after playing thru the movie and a crap load of adventures, they loved it so much they made me take there toons into the future in the Jericho reach) and that’s were I left it off until this thread, but know (thanks to The Glen for inspiring me) I will make their original rogue trader toons have a clause in their warrant that says when they receive a particular astropathic message they must go to watch fortress erioch to the vault and find a bunch of stasis tubes in the DW Watch Fortess Erioch “Vault” and then the players play the SM (or something like that, I’m sure I’ll think up a lot of Jericho adventures for their Rogue trader toons before they can get permission to go near the fortress much less the vault).
  14. I will endeavor to be more helpful, About survey vehicles, and some military vehicles While I do like IG Vehicles I think they would be pretty cramped for surveying. Most military vehicles have very poor rating when it comes to human comfort, in a recent game (after I read the post) I told my players that they had a tracked survey vehicle, so we all go on the net and look for some cool pics (they didn’t want to use the one posted here either) for a tracked vehicle, a few that we came up with was an M113, a Russian BMP, a Bradley and a slew of others the funny thing was when we decided on one the K200 KIFV (Korea Infantry Fighting Vehicle) which looks the roomiest in our opinion (which is a M113 knock off) it was still small looking interior but we said take out some chairs and "it’ll be fine". Until we went to fort dix in jersey (visiting a friend) and I was laughing it up when I saw the interior of the M113 which is roughly the same as the K200, I was like imagine these big buff guys in a little a$$ box going for hundreds of miles surveying or getting from one place to another “in a little box” wow funny stuff makes for a great roleplaying secession lots of laughs. So were looking at this thing and realize that this can’t go in the water for long time and is horrendously slow, also it’s not rated for server weather unless you do some serious preparation, (unless you take 40k tech into account) so it has limited use in its plain vanilla version. So we figure whatever survey you do would have to be from orbit or low flying Cutter or something equivalent and then when you find something interesting and have to land… 1.) Trace out routes where it looks like you would use a vehicle and it would be able to move around without getting bogged down. 1a.) Modify the vehicle to be able to withstand the weather gravity and what not, the explorator should be a busy bee (or his flunkies) whenever new planet is found. (Makes me wonder what survey vehicle I would use on a water world?) 2.) Estimate the amount of time you would have to be in the vehicle for the trip and if it has to be a long ride how comfortable would it be (in a lot of road trips I remember having to stop a lot cause we would get tired and cramped from sitting on our fannies the whole time) also would the weather permit it. I guess you would need a vehicle for every world type? Or the explorator would be doing a lot of custom vehicles for the PCs and whichever one you get. Best option get a Land Raider (cheapest way is troll old battlefields till you find one) I think the Land Raider can go underwater and over lava, and in space or something like that (someone correct me if I’m wrong) they are just slow as crap. Unmanned aerial vehicles for scouting. It’s the only way. (Till you have to put feet on the ground) Please let me know what you think I know there’s a lot to planetary surveying I pretty sure this is not even a dent.
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