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  1. Yeah, I suppose it’s a bit too niche. I figured it’d at least be a bit more useful than the playmat thing they put out. If the beginner box was sturdy enough it’d probably suit me fine. It’s just too flimsy. I’ll figure something out.
  2. I mean, I’m just thinking sturdy cardboard, and cheap plastic insert trays, like they already make for their board games. I’m not picturing a super luxury product here. I’m thinking more like the boxes for Cards Against Humanity or Smash Up that just give you a place to stash all your expansions. There are plenty of examples of similar products for $20 to $30. I’d hardly call that too expensive considering how much I’ve spent this year so far on RPG products. Anyway, I’ll just track down a suitable old game box, prime and paint my own art on it, and make my own.
  3. *shrug* I gather that there are a handful of similar modules on the way and it seemed like a good idea. Gonna have lots of tokens, maps, and small booklets to manage.
  4. Picked up the new books locally. They look great, and I like the way modules are built almost like a mini boxed set. Got me thinking that FFG should make and sell a boxed set style, sturdy box to store the beginner game and all the modules, with a tray for tokens and dice. Put some killer art on it and I’d buy it. Maybe throw in some extra tokens, maybe some cheat sheets, and a random table toolkit booklet. Just a thought.
  5. Just threw down my pre-order for the new books, and realized they don’t charge your card until fulfillment. So I came here for an educated guess on release timing. Glad to hear previews should generally mean it’s sooner than later.
  6. Good thing there are other topics. For me, this one still has merit. I’ve continued to refine how I think about strife and how I will handle it in game. This type of pondering is fun for me. I want more options, other than pay for your strife with some other currency and move on.
  7. You’re the one who jumped straight to curse, in the worst sense of the word. I’m picturing fun silly stuff like: *Campires you light burn low and sputtering. *Water you drink seems stale and does little for your thirst. *You find yourself breathing heavier, and pausing mid sentence to take a breath. *Roots seem to trip you up as you walk. *Wind blows dirt in your face causing you to squint and clear dust from your eyes. Little annoyances to illustrate that the kami are wary of your character after your outburst. Nothing that will dramatically hinder your character. Potentially worth a void point if the player volunteers some way this minor “curse” has a greater impact on a scene. A quick visit to a local priest and you’re all set, but hey, the priest has a favor to ask in exchange or a dark secret that the sudden appearance of strangers has him or her nervous about? Ask questions next time rather than get out your bad GM hunting torch or pitchfork.
  8. Yet, every example except one calls for a loss in glory, honor, and/or status. One even forces the player to challenge for a duel, which brings in heavier risks. I’m not even suggesting anything as costly as any of those examples. All I’m requiring is some sort of narrative consequence. Narrative consequence to me implies drama and story forward thinking. A funny quip, or one liner, is hardly narrative consequence on its own. So you can double down on your baseless assumptions all you want. You’ve already agreed with the only point I’ve been making, right up there in your reply, before again pointing out how I’m apparently breaking the rules. The only real hard rule besides narrative consequence is that the player never loses control of their character, which I’ve already clearly stated multiple times would never happen. I’m going to assume we are coming at this from similar angles, and you’re just failing to relate or you’re just determined not to dial back your “I know better than you” attitude.
  9. Yeah, this wasn’t meant to be as intense as AtoMaki is making it sound. Nor does it warrant half cocked accusations that I’m doing fun wrong. Never mind having already said this will be a discussion between the player and myself. “Ok, what happens when you unmask? Does anyone witness the outburst? How do they react? Is there somewhere else your character should be right now? How will this add some flair or drama to the story?” The rules clearly state that unmasking should be dramatic, and ultimately push the story forward. Players going out to the woods to avoid any “negative” story beats for their character defeats the purpose of unmasking in the first place. If there isn’t something interesting happening when the player attempts to unmask, then they haven’t unmasked yet. It’s just boiling at the surface, until the player can find a fun and interesting moment to let it all out. In any case, if a player unmasks, there will be some sort of lapse of judgement, a moment of weakness per Rokugani standards, and ultimately a display of humanity. It will be up to the player, but one thing I won’t abide is someone cheating the system and getting all their strife cleared without some sort of narrative contribution. In short, you want the ability to keep dice with strife back? You gotta vent in some way that pushes the story forward, and shows the character succumbing to the burdens of Samurai life.
  10. Whatever you say dude. We are clearly in different wavelengths.
  11. Thanks for picking up what I’m putting down! It’s meant to be a purely narrative thing, completely approved by the player, and ultimately just a way to push the story forward really.
  12. Ok then. I did not mean any offense. I’ll make one I can comfortably read.
  13. Nothing I suggested would be anything more than narrative consequences. In the case of the rage slashing a tree, perhaps the player has to find a smith who can repair it discreetly, and won’t ask too many questions. Maybe they have to sweet talk a clan member who they’ve previously taken issue with. I don’t know, what ever the player thinks is interesting really. I may never apply any of these suggestions. I was just bored at work and brainstorming.
  14. Easy there killer, it’s just a game. You fail to see the part where anything like this would be a discussion between myself and the player in question. You don’t know me or my GM style so I’ll let it slide. I do believe that un-masking should have narrative consequences and since I’m going to improvise a lot, those consequences are just another way to drive on to set up the next scenes. Just ignore my posts in the future if you feel the need to make baseless insults. Don’t you even deny it, you know it.
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