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  1. Solan

    Ridiculous Strength

    Shouldn't it go without saying that you CANNOT ride more than one Warhorse at the same time ?
  2. Given that I believe Woodland to be indisputably the best corner board, all things considered, your statement about it really boggles my mind ! Yes, there is great danger in the Woodland, but there is equally great potential reward! Aside from the powerful and worthwhile Destinys, the Woodland holds many of the best items and followers of ANY expansion set! Why on Earth would players not go there, once they've gained some power so they can survive?
  3. Much of what you write is indeed correct and true. In fact, I saw the Arknell problem when I first got the Highland expansion, and that's why I have NEVER, not even once, played with that board. I tried to fix the City expansion by removing certain cards, but the overpowered options there are simply too widespread and so I've permanently removed the City board from our games also. Getting rid of those two boards (as well as the Dragon and Bloodmoon expansions) pretty much fix the problems you've outlined, making for a much better, much more challenging game .
  4. <cries> There, there. Plenty of us Talisman players, especially the old second edition vets, appreciate Nether Realm for the excellent expansion it is (best of the optional endings, in my opinion ).
  5. You're most welcome! And given that I helped Beta test Harbinger and feel it got depressingly little love around here, I'm thrilled to hear it's one of your favorite expansions !
  6. The Sacred Pool actually has an awful lot of good Adventure cards, but none of the Spells there are impressive; you certainly won't be missing out on anything by passing on the SP Spell cards. Frostmarch, on the other hand, has Toadify and the game-changing Hydra Spell; you'll definitely feel the lack of those Spells if you don't have them. Frostmarch also has fifteen, and only fifteen in my opinion, worthwhile Adventure cards. See my review here for more details: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1491279/frostmarch-slog-through-slush I'd advise passing on the Bloodmoon; the Graverobber and Doomsayer characters are the only really worthwhile components there, aside from the Fire Giant, Wall of Fire and Doom Sword adventure cards. As for the Deep Realms, are you going to be playing Talisman with the City and Dungeon boards a fair amount? If so, Deep Realms is definitely worth the cost. You're right, there are only about forty cards, but they've packed a terrific amount of coolness into such a small deck. I couldn't help but notice that you didn't mention Firelands. If you're ever in the mood for a truly superlative expansion which offers a greatly increased challenge, Firelands is definitely the expansion for you.
  7. If this isn't a clever teaser, it's a cruel taunt, because there is NO WAY that sentence written by chance .
  8. I'm hoping I can get this question answered before I'm able to acquire Cataclysm. At the end of the rules, it says the Talisman cards should be in a facedown deck. Now I assume that means ALL Talisman cards, from all decks? In other words, you will never draw a Talisman card from the Adventure deck while using Cataclysm?
  9. The only fix is the one I have instituted: Take out the City expansion. We don't need a medieval DisneyWorld, especially if the Harbinger or Firelands expansions are being used. What, only the City Gate was burned by the Ifrit and the rest of the place is totally untouched?!?!
  10. First, let me state my admiration for the logic of this expansion's premise . By the time you reach the later Omens of the Harbinger expansion, most of civilization will indeed have been destroyed. I always imagined the Armageddon Crown would give you the power to make a new world after the end of the old one, but of course even if I'm right, there are plenty of other endings besides that one which could have been reached. I do hope we find out in the rules, though, what happened to whichever character reached the Crown of Command space and stopped the end of the world twenty years ago! Since this is supposed to be twenty years later, I'm certain there's no instant switch from the old board to the new one. I'm assuming all of the extra boards will be compatible with this expansion except for the City. Let's face it, in a post-apocalyptic world, there's no place for the medieval DisneyWorld which is the City expansion . Kudos to the artist! I really liked seeing that the Scavenging card apparently depicts one of the kids finding the Celestial Bauble . Finally, let me be the first to point out the famous phrase which will undoubtedly be spoken by Talisman players worldwide once they get the Black Knight and lose a life from him: "Tis but a flesh wound!"
  11. Ah, the 2nd Edition City! There was a Talisman expansion, a true and excellent example of a rough and ready fantasy city. The Watch was everywhere, with units ranging up to twelve Strength , Elementals of great power stalked the streets, and I lost more than one character to that bloody feral Dog Pack! Like you, I greatly enjoyed the 2nd Edition City, especially the advanced characters! Sadly, the 4th Edition City is nothing like its illustrious predecessor, being far more akin to Disney World, right down to the animatronic Dragon in the City deck. My group long ago removed the Flail, Battle Axe, Spellbook, Scribe, and Endless pouch from the game for being too powerful. That helps quite a lot, but recently I've begun to consider removing the City board altogether. Even without the worst offenders, there are just too many advantages and too little danger in the City. As the OP pointed out, the City's unbalanced nature simply throws everything else off. I'd get rid of it in an instant if not for the Deep Realm. As it is, I'm still tending towards removing the City from our games.
  12. I despise the Flail because it is an unbalancingly powerful weapon which can be bought with GOLD in the city! It's like King Arthur picking up Excalibur at a medieval pawn shop! Furthermore, because it is so horrendously powerful, every game becomes a contest over which players can get the two Flails first and then use them to level up enough to win. I long ago removed the Flails from my City set and I would advise you to do the same.
  13. So how did you like the new boards and expansions?
  14. We had a legendary game in our group with the 2nd Edition, many years ago. We had all of the board expansions and in the course of our game the Astropath actually died when a Supernova sent him back to the Rad Zone (for those unfamiliar with the second edition, the Astropath dying was a rare, rare event)! The whole game lasted seven hours and was completed over two days, so my memory is hazy on a lot, but I clearly remember what happened with the last three characters. The Dark Elf became the High Mage, Norm the Necromancer (a name I gave him because of his repeated tendency to get drunk at the Tavern) became the Sheriff (He was turned evil by Mephistophles, so I next started calling him 'the Sheriff of Nottingham' ) and the Chainsaw Warrior became the King's Champion! The Dark Elf High Mage made it to the center first, discovering the Demon Lord. Unable to defeat the super-spirit, he conjured a Warp Gate and escaped. So we knew what was at the center, but none of us were prepared to face it yet. The King's Champion was turned into a Toad by the Witch, and the High Mage gladly went after the valuable items dropped by the Toad. Unfortunately for him, he was on his last life, and the Witch killed him! The Sheriff took the best items of both the King's Champion and the deceased High Mage, putting him in the lead of the now-two player game. Subsequently the King's Champion took vengeful satisfaction in using a Destruction spell to slay the Witch . Fortunately, the Sheriff took another trip to Timescape, forcing him to leave many of the items he'd gained behind. The King's Champion regained many items and headed for the Middle Region. The Sheriff came back and followed him, and for the first and only time in all our times of playing Talisman, we had a race to Crown space with one side taking the Strength route while the other side took the Craft route! As one would expect of a movie or novel, the two foes met in the Valley of Fire, the King's Champion charging forward on his Warhorse, his Chainsword clashing with the Runesword! But the Sheriff was too powerful and he overcame the King's Champion. Brilliantly he intended to take the Horse and Cart which held all of his foe's Talismans, but was forced to take the Golden Statue instead ! The King's Champion moved to the Demon Lord, and the Spirit monarch set up his mystical barrier in the Valley of Fire, walling the Sheriff out. With his tremendously high Craft (boosted by a couple of beneficial mutations, courtesy of the Rad Zone), the King's Champion was easily beating the Demon Lord, but the Sheriff refused to give up! He fled back to the Plain of Peril, then used Water Walking to cross the Storm River and visit the Mystic. He was hoping against hope that the Mystic would give him the Random spell, but instead the wise old man turned the Sheriff good! Virtually bolting up from his seat, the player said "I RESIGN!", giving up being the Sheriff and returning to his original character, that of the Evil Necromancer. The King's Champion did triumph, but the Necromancer had charmed the Water Elemental and had the Alchemist as his follower, so our group said he used the Water Elemental to transport him and his followers to an island, where he founded his own dark kingdom financed by gold from his Alchemist. This actually spawned the creation of twelve nations between the Necromancer's island and the new King, with each gathering all of the remaining living characters of his alignment under his banner, then sending them out to take control of these new kingdoms (yes, it seems absurd that every kingdom should have its own Valley of Fire and Random Ending, but we were kids and it was fun !). Nor was the player playing the High Mage left out, as we gave him control of all the Neutral characters (though he complained a great deal about the Astropath having already died and the former Chainsaw Warrior leading the side of good.)
  15. Probably the craziest thing I can report is that by using Curse, all the Horror sets plus their expansions from Miskatonic, we've gotten to the point where, with four Investigators, more than one out of three of our last twenty games literally comes down to the last Mythos card drawn in order to decide the outcome . There was a game against Zhar where he only had two Doom spaces left and my brother encountered Mr. Skin in another world. I told him to take Bain for the Doom track breather, but we had someone ready to seal next turn and so he felt safe enough to take the original Curse Messenger Ally, who we'd just shuffled back in. Naturally, Zhar got a new gate, then rolled doubles, and got another new gate. Nyarlathotep, in his Mask as the Messenger, laughed at our refusal of the safety he had offered as Zhar devoured us. One of my very favorite endings also involved Nyarlathotep, this time as the opposing Ancient One. In a bloody and savage final conflict which went deep into the Red Battle cards, the Crawling Chaos succeeded in killing three of the four Investigators opposing him. The only hero left was down to his final clue token, but the Great Meddler was only one damage point away from banishment himself! With each of them on the very edge of annihilation, Nyarlathotep offered his battered foe a deal: survival and a position of power in exchange for shifting his allegiance to the Ancient One. The investigator nobly refused, and prepared to end his opponent. Nyarlathotep only sighed in disappointment before going back up to ten Doom tokens in the next round and crushing the investigator like a bug! I thought that was a fantastic ending, a wonderful in-game example of how in literature Nyarlathotep is depicted as deceptive and manipulative, with a wicked sense of humor . Oh, and here are two of my best games: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/151630/brilliance-abhoth http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/387837/cruel-cunning-crawling-chaos
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