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    KristoffStark got a reaction from tadkil1 in Overlord Winning Before Heroes Can React?   
    Slinthas said:
     Look Im not trying to start a fight or anything but, you are just spouting stuff. I don't expect the OL to be so powerful that the players can't win. I expect my monsters to die easily to the players. I do NOT expect that 80% of my monsters can't have defense after 1 adventure or that NONE of my monsters can HIT a player after 1 adventure. And lets be clear here - It can happen IN the first adventure if you get lucky on a  search.
    D1 was a balance nightmare, every expansion swung it in a different way, and honestly I expected some of this same stuff in D2. I didn't expect WORSE balance however. There is ALOT to commend in this addition, and we will still play it, but you can't even try to deny that there is an incredible amount of B.S. in it too, and I do include in that that the only viable winning tactic for the OL is to….not fight and block hallways with big high defense monsters. That is both not fun, and not thematically consistent with what I would expect from a crazy evil Overlord.
    But you also have to recognize that some groups of Heroes (especially if playing with less than the full 4) may not get any useful equipment upgrades for several Quests.
    Since shop cards are dealt out randomly at a rate of X+1 where X is the number of Heroes, getting useful gear can be pretty hit or miss.
    I think the conclusion that I am drawing here, having heard people arguing passionately that the OL is at advantage, and that the Heroes are at advantage, is that the advantage is this game is very delicate.  In Act I, at least (because I have not yet played any Act 2), it seems that a single search, a single Shopping trip, a single miss rolled by either side, can drastically alter the outcome of the game, and even influence future Quests.  I am now very, very interested in play at least three Campaigns through to conclusion, and then consider my final reflections on balance in this game.
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