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  1. Antistone said: But if you're primarily using the small, powerful groups, and you're finding that 2 heroes have a much easier time than 4 heroes, I would at least try throwing some of the larger, weaker groups against the 2-hero party. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this. In the Interlude, yeah Syndriel and Leoric were killing their way through monsters left, right, and center… but when we got caught in the bend in the path before the waterfall, bogged down by Goblins, Barhest, an Ettin, and Zachareth, it was all over but the crying. Next two hero game I engage in will **** well have a Healer, probably a Disciple.
  2. uppTagg said: I think I know what's irking me about the Pit Trap card.. "If he has no movement points to lose (such as if he suffered fatigue to move) he is stunned". Why would they write the bold part?? It makes it all so much more confusing..! My understanding is that you can spend f.ex. three fatigue right away and gain three MP and not be stunned on square 1 or 2? All MP is pooled and added to the pool when you declare the extra move action/fatigue spending (which could be in the middle of an ongoing move action). Correct? As I previously stated in this thread, I was under the impression that fatigue movement was taken on at a time as you spend the fatigue, making that part of Pit Trap useful.
  3. Got page numbers. The rules for running a campaign, including when XP is handed out, and how quests are chosen, are on page 19-22 of the main rulebook.
  4. Rhime said: In the rule book(pg 19), it mentions The Shadow Rune Campaign as being "described in detail" in the quest guide. I'm having trouble finding the details(I see the map on the back), but where are the details for running the quests? -Do we run all the quests in the guide? -Are rewards and xp handed out at the end of every quest or at the end of every 2nd encounter? -Do the heroes choose the quests for the SR campaign? It does mention the SR campaign on pg 2 of the quest guide, but it's quite vague. We're going to play tonight so any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. In the rule book, towards the back (sorry, don't have page numbers at the moment) it mentions that you play the Introduction (First Blood), then three Act I quests, then the Interlude, then three Act II Quests, then the Finale. The side (Hero vs OL) who wins a Quest gets to pick the next one. The interlude is decide by who won more of the Act I quests, the Finale is decided by who won the most Act II quests. XP is handed out at the end of the 2nd Encounter because that IS the end of the quest.
  5. Manchu said: KristoffStark said: Perhaps this makes me different from most other people, but I would prefer paying more to get exactly what I want vs. less to get stuff I don't need. But what if by paying less you also get exactly what you want as well as things that you don't need? I really can't understand how this is problematic. If it bothers you, you could always give the extra cards to fellow players or failing that throw them away. KristoffStark said: I'm sorry to hear that this happens to you (or those around you) frequently enough that when you have duplicates you don't think "Oh well, this'll go in the drawer and never see the light of day," but rather "Oh good! Now I have a spare." I also find this to be bizarre. By definition, an accident is unpredictable. Who is confident enough to say "there is no chance that I will ever have to replace this card"? And even if you are that confident, how much are more are you paying to have a back up -- OR, as I have argued, what if you're actually paying less to have a back up? Paying less for more, as long as "more" includes what you want in addition to what you don't need, is objectively better. It is increasingly obvious to me that our mindsets are too different to come to any kind of agreement here, so let's just agree to disagree, eh? As I said, this irritation won't stop me from buying the product, nor from enjoying the game.
  6. Reek said: Those of you who remember gold dragon redemption, do you miss it? I always enjoyed it quite a bit. the items you could "buy" werr fantastic. I imagine that it was a pain for the person in charge but it was something that i always looked forward to. Idont know how it would work with chapter packs but maybe they could do somethinf along those lines. I think a lot of the new players would really enjoy it. YES. Absolutely yes. I still play with my original Stark stone house card, and I wish there was a reliable way to get more of that kind of thing, especially for "free."
  7. Rico said: I believe there are artifacts, which Lts use, that require exhaustion. Other than that, you never know what lies ahead for future OL class cards. Correct, though to be technical, they are called Relics. Until the Overlord gets a Relic or two in his grasp, he has nothing to refresh at start of turn.
  8. any2cards said: We have run multiple complete campaigns now, and the results have been interesting. First, note that we have been making use of the conversion kit figures (monsters and heros) in all campaigns. Further, in each campaign that we have run, we have always used different heroes (none have been duplicates), we have mixed up archtypes and classes as much as possible (covering all combinations), and have utilized different open group monsters for each individual encounter. In addition, we have switched up roles in terms of who played OL and who played heroes. All 2 hero campaigns (except for 1) have been landslide victories for the heroes. In all but 1 case, the heroes won every single ACT I and ACT II quest (though at times the OL won the first part of a 2 part encounter). The 1 exception involved the heroes winning every ACT I and ACT II quest, but losing the finale by a single roll of the die. All 4 hero compaigns have been landslide victories for the OL. In fact, except for First Blood, the heroes lost every ACT I and ACT II quest (although 1 group did win the Interlude). We just began a 3 hero campaign to see what differences this will bring. Given past performances, we suspect that the addition of a hero (and their skills) will out-weigh the OL's monster group limits mostly going from 1,0 to 0,1 (minion to master). We suspect the heroes are going to do well. If you have finished campaigns, I would be interested to hear your experiences as to the number of heroes won, and who prevailed. I have two campaigns nearing completion, and it's interesting to note that they are almost the exact opposite to your own. In the two hero campaign I am playing with my wife (Syndriel with Berzerker, and Leoric with Necromancer- I am beginning to think this is not as effective a team as I had imagined), I have had to fight tooth and nail for the two Act I victories I had after First Blood. Hmm, come to think of it, we only just finished the Interlude (which I lost), so I guess it's not that close to finished. In the four hero campaign I am playing in (Wildspeaker Ashrian, Necromancer Tarha, Disciple Avric, and Thief Jain), the heroes have been walking all over me. I won two Act I quests, and that's it (we've just finished the second Act II quest) Now, I realize that in both of the cases, we are only using the core box heroes/monsters, and I seem to be the one losing in both cases… which has made me wonder about my talent/skill with this game, but in many cases neither I nor my friends has been able to find things that I could have done better.
  9. svarun said: I came across this review.. and it basically explains in detail… why i even started this topic in the first place… http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/844153/kartigans-bullet-point-reviews-descent-journeys-in Okay, so I read that, and I understand his point of view. Not every game is for everyone. I still like D2, and my friends and I will continue to enjoy playing it. I could explain why I disagree with several of the points made by both that article and you… but it strikes me as pointless. I'm not going to change your opinion, and you're not going to change mine… so… I guess my point is that people who like this game, and people who dislike it, more often than not just need to agree to disagree (unless that dislike stems from a misunderstanding of the rules, in which case they might find they enjoy it more played properly. On the other hand, if you enjoy the game more played improperly, you'll welcome to that as well.)
  10. Antistone said: KristoffStark said: Easy. You can gain movement points from Fatigue without engaging in a move action. There are OL cards that are only activatable while a hero is moving during a move action as opposed to some others that can be triggered by the hero entering and empty space. In the former case, how you gaining the movement point is significant. You seem to be implying that if I interrupt my movement action to move a space with fatigue that the trap can't be played. But if I've started a move action, and haven't yet completed that move action, then wouldn't that be "during a move action"? Unless the card says "when moving using movement points gained from a move action" or something like that, this seems like it is at least arguable. That is exactly what I am implying, that when you interrupt a move action to do something, that something else (whatever it may be) is what is happening. The move action then resumes occurring. You're suggesting that if I begin a move action, and interrupt it to attack, then this attack takes place during both an Attack action, and a Move action? That makes no sense to me. It admit that I'm speaking as much from my perceived spirit of the rules as the letter of them, but I really don't think any two events should be considered to be occurring simultaneously.
  11. I have had very bad experiences trying to make the quote system on these boards work right, but here it goes: Aahzmandius_Karrde said: herozeromes said: Except that every other ship you buy would have to have everything in it anyway because you only get 2 ship markers per pack (exception the TIE Fighter at 3). You'd want to get extra stress and action tokes as well since they are quite "stingy" in the booster being only what you need for one ship. All said and done I think they made the best decision possible for what they put in an expansion pack. I don't see where they could have reduced the cost much (maybe $1 MSRP) if they were selling just the miniature. The tokens is actually a point that I had not considered, and I will conceed that that changes my perspective somewhat. To answer Manchu: Aahzmandius_Karrde said: Take the cards and chits away and you don't see a significant drop in cost for the model. But the price of chits and cards sold separately would be far higher than whatever small amount you'd save on the model just as a matter of getting them to the market by themselves. So you have just a model with very little reduction in cost on the one hand and expensive cards and chits that only have any value at all to people who are purchasing or have already purchased a separate product on the other hand. In other words, it is less costly and more valuable (to both FFG and ultimately the customer) to allow for some duplication rather than breaking things out. Perhaps this makes me different from most other people, but I would prefer paying more to get exactly what I want vs. less to get stuff I don't need. It's not a deal breaking preference on this scale, but I don't see where it hurts to voice it. Aahzmandius_Karrde said: I'm glad to hear that you have never soaked, bent, scratched, torn, or otherwise damaged you game components or -- more irritatingly -- had someone else accidentally do any of those things to your game components but very few gamers I know of are this … well, lucky. Rather than being irritated by the duplication, however, it'd probably be better for your blood pressure to view it as a form of extremely cheap insurance. And as we know, even lucky, careful people can benefit from insurance. I'm sorry to hear that this happens to you (or those around you) frequently enough that when you have duplicates you don't think "Oh well, this'll go in the drawer and never see the light of day," but rather "Oh good! Now I have a spare." To answer Stunami: Aahzmandius_Karrde said: If I may, can I ask what one would expect in terms of an MSRP for just the ship? If a TIE Advanced is $15, how much should be knocked off if we dropped Vader and the other Character's stuff out? (sorry, can't remember the other's name.) How much to drop ALL the extras, and just to get a chunk of plastic that looks like a ship? How would you prefer expansions work? Should we ask all characters cards/inserts be included in seaperate small packs, and just leave the generic ones in with the ships? I don't ask to be confrontational, but to find out your answers. FFG has to answer these questions, and felt that players would not likely mind a few spare inserts and cards lying about, as opposed to having to pay for packaging and the like for selling JUST character upgrades. Same thing with the starter: Sure, it's designed for 2 players, but even if you're nabbing a copy for yourself, you've got at most 2 extra ships + stuff that you can leave in the box (as we've all agreed that the Core box will not be sufficent for carrying around your collection for long. I'm not dismissing the complaint, but I think that the way FFG has done it OK, and it is a good compromise between too many products and too many extra bits. My ideal for how expansions work? Ships and generic cards, tokens, etc told together; Unique components (whatever they may be) packaged separately, likely in themes (Imperial Aces I, for example). As for the starter, I'd actually have preferred separate Rebel and Imperial starters. In essence, that's what I'm getting, since a friend and I will likely be splitting the starter (or perhaps two) amongst ourselves. In much the same way, I preferred A Game of Thrones when there were house specific starters. I miss that luxury. As for what these things should cost, I'm afraid I can't judge that until I hold the product in my hands, see its quality, and can decide what I think it's worth. It's entirely possible that this game is already overpriced, though I doubt it, as I trust FFG's product quality.
  12. Antistone said: And then they go on to say that you DO need to explicitly state which spaces are moved with fatigue, which is just unnecessarily complicated (move actions combine their total MPs, but fatigue movement does not? by the gods, why?), and creates a bunch of problematic corner-cases (what if I want to move into water using 1 movement point from my move action and 1 from fatigue?). Plus, they never actually tell us why we need to specify which spaces are moved with fatigue. I assume they think it's relevant for some overlord trap card, and I don't have the cards handy, but I seriously doubt the cards themselves are specific enough to make it clear how they interact with this ruling. Easy. You can gain movement points from Fatigue without engaging in a move action. There are OL cards that are only activatable while a hero is moving during a move action as opposed to some others that can be triggered by the hero entering and empty space. In the former case, how you gaining the movement point is significant. Likewise, the rules for moving with fatigue (if I'm not mistaken, and I don't have the rules handy) are written in a way that suggest to me that said movement points must be used as they are being gained. So you can't just say "I'm taking a double move, and burning fatigue, so I end up here," you have to specify when you are moving by which means. Assuming that I'm remembering correctly, this would also deal with your concern about losing all movement points. It wouldn't include points from Fatigue, since they are taken as you suffer the fatigue.
  13. Manchu said: It's only useless at first glance. It could be traded for a unique pilot card that you don't have. For example, let's say you have the starter set but decide to play Imperial. So you buy two TIE Fighter "boosters" and therefore get two copies of a unique pilot. You could trade one of them with a friend who has done the same thing with X-Wings so that you could use that unique X-Wing pilot with your starter X-Wing in a casual game. Also, if you're not the type to purchase FFG's card sleeves, having a nother copy of a card isn't a bad thing by far. Cards have a nasty way of finding their way into condensation rings left by beverages -- and sometimes beverages have a nasty way of finding their way to cards. I have zero interest in playing the rebel side of this game at all, so the prospect of trading duplicate Unique Imperial Pilots for copies of X-Wing anything is nil for me. Also, I don't sleeve cards for my card or board games, ever (with the exception of some of the Parting Shot 7th Sea cards which had to be printed of and glued to existing cards), and have managed to never have them wrecked, so that argument is also uncompelling to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I won't be two Tie Advanced booster. I will. The extra Vader and Stele cards will just irritate me, that's all.
  14. herozeromes said: Buckaroo said: I don't really follow this complaint, you are unhappy there is too much included in the expansion blister? Would you be happier if they included only 1 Unique Pilot per blister and then sold an entirely different blister for the other? What people are saying is that they'd like to be able to just buy the ships by themselves because they already have the cards for them from the first expansion. I plan to buy every booster and then decide whether to buy more of one or not based on how useful I find a ship. But, it'd be a lot less sweat off my brow if I could just buy the ship without the extra cards that I already have. That is exactly what I'm saying. I'm afraid Buckaroo missed my point completely.
  15. Manchu said: Bottom line, we're going to encounter some duplication regarding cards short of selling the cards separately from the models (which would decrease the value of both, IMO). How would it decrease their value?
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