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  1. Shouldn't twin-linked act the same as a weapon with Storm trait?
  2. And what rank would the standard null from DotD fall into?
  3. Any suggestions for power scale of varying ranks of nulls?
  4. How would you handle a more powerful null? Such as the Omega Minus embryo that was used in one of the novels to kill psykers by just being exposed to it.
  5. Blood Pact said: I honestly thought if anyone was going to stupidly complain about something, it would have been the Proven Innocent background package. I know I'm going to find it tough -not- spending 100 xp and 1 fate point on +3 to every stat. Granted, I also recognize that insane loyalty and belief in the infallability in the Inquisition isn't a good thing. This from same book?
  6. If they are making daemonic pacts and declaring war on the Imperium, might be time for them to be introduced to the Grey Knights.
  7. And pray to the Emperor that he survives the surgery.
  8. They always say Strength bonus is included when showing melee weapon damage, but they never mention anything about talents being part of listed damage.
  9. Don't forget the remembrancers.
  10. Gregorius21778 said: 2) It is not 500 throne per 400xp per month. It is 500thrones per RANK per month. Which is only making it slightly better for you. 500+(50*(Rank-1)) per month
  11. Stormtroopers are more likely to deal with a threat with less collateral damage perhaps.
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