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  1. For "dial scoring", can the total be above 12? (For tie breaking purposes?)
  2. It the 1 uncancellable damage is enough to kill a unit, would it immediately "die", or would that damage not be applied until after combat?
  3. Are locations that can be attached to House Cards still locations? Are they attachments? Or are they both a location and an attachment?
  4. I'm assuming the Bloodboil Fever card should be "Forced" instead of an "Action"? Attach to a target unit. Action: At the beginning of its controller's turn, put a resource token on this card. Then, deal X damage to the attached unit. X is the number of resource tokens on this card.
  5. I would just like to create a casual deck for the two houses not represented in the core set that compares to the 4 houses included in the core set. Is there an expansion or chapter pack that does this?
  6. Originally I assumed if you were in a low flooded room and wanted to go into a high flooded room you would first have to pump your current room. After re-reading the rules again, I think another option might be available: If in a low flooded room, you could enter a high flooded room (at additional movement cost) and nothing would happen, since the water would only equalize only if the room you entered from had no flood token ... but then open another hatch leading to a room with no flood token in order to equalize. Sound good?
  7. In the base set, can you think of any reason to choose a character that specializes in melee combat? The only thing I see is getting the benefit of an "Off-Hand Bonus", which just doesn't seem nearly as good as being able to make ranged or magic attacks.
  8. Thanks. (Note to self, don't get a strong melee character.)
  9. Just for clarification, can Ranged or Magic attacks be made against adjacent enemies?
  10. Curious about the timing when an attacker attached with "Horrific Mutation" goes against a defender with "Countersrike". Horrific Mutation - "While attached unit is attacking, defending units get -1 hit points." Countersrike - "this unit deals combat damage immediately after defending" Assuming the -1 hit point is enough to kill the 'countersrike' unit and the counterstrike is enough to kill the attacking unit, does he get the counterstrike off before he dies? And if so, since the attacking unit would be killed would the effect kill the defending unit? Or would both units die?
  11. Picked up my battle pack of the Skavenblight Threat today and have posted my spoiler at: http://www.comicthoughts.com/gaming/warhammerinvasion.htm
  12. Sure, just give "ComicThoughts" credit for the deck build. Thanks.
  13. The rules state that "Attacking an opponent requires engaging in combat"..., so if you don't declare a defender the capital becomes the sole defender, and takes the combat damage. And then the Scout keyword would trigger. So, whenever you see that keyword, ATTACK and KILL! Don't let them live to discard your hand. Hope this helps.
  14. Looks like I'm the first to post a deck. I wanted to play Orcs ever since the preview of Troll Vomit was spoiled. Just thought it was funny ... espectially with the flavor text. Then in a demo game, Troll Vomit won the game for me ... and somehow I couldn't manage to make room for it in my deck, so here goes: UNITS 3x Crooked Teef Goblins, cost 1 3x Followers of Mork, cost 2 2x Lobber Crew, cost 2 3x Squig Herders, cost 2 2x Big 'Uns, cost 3 3x Black Orc Squad, cost 3 2x Urguck, cost 3 (unique) 3x Boar Boyz, cost 4 3x Ironclaw's Horde, cost 5 2x Grimgor Ironhid, cost 6 SUPPORT 3x Warpstone Excavation, cost 0 3x Choppa, cost 1 3x Grimgor's Camp, cost 3 3x Totem of Gork, cost 3 TACTIC 3x We'z Bigga!, cost 0 3x Rip Dere 'Eads Off!, cost 1 3x Waagh!, cost 3 3x Smash-Go-Boom!, cost X The theme is to hit early and hit hard. 1st turn if possible get two supports out, 1 in quest zone and 1 in kingdom to help get cards. Then start recruiting characters with Choppa's and hopefully the Totem of Gork for extra damage. Play the big characters as developments and then bring them alive for a turn with Rip dere eads off. The Smash-Go-Booms are for against teams that build upa bunch of developments for extra hit points. So now I've shown the people what I've built and I'm prepared to start the meta-game. Of course I do have three other decks ready to play.
  15. I've seen October 31st as a release date for the core set ... is it really going to release on a Saturday?
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