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  1. I know that there are many changes to heroes and monsters that were included in the Conversion Kit, when they later on have been part of expansions. Under the useful links section, I found the excellent summary for monsters, that allow me to use the changed stats for them, but I weren't able to find something similar for the heroes. Any tips on where I could find that would be most appreciated! Also, has there been any word on why this data has not been released as official errata by FFG?
  2. We're about to start our first Road to Legend campaign, and while reading the rulebook a question arose. When killing an encounter or dungeon level leader the heroes gain 100 gold (and 2 conquest), for dungeon leaders it's 250 gold (and 4 conquest). Upon browsing the incident and dungeon decks, I notice that most (all?) leaders are master monsters. My question is obviously, do the heroes gain the 50 gold bounty for killing master monsters in addition to this leader bounty? I've read the rulebook, FAQ and browsed these and the BGG forums without finding anything regarding this issue.
  3. Thanks for the answer. I expect my players won't be too happy about this. Even though it was one of them who pointed out to me that it doesn't say "once only" on the card. I suppose it was my RPG-background that led me to let the mimic "go back to sleep".
  4. We have one question regarding Mimic, and that is whether it transforms into a "beastman" indefinitely (until it is killed) or just for the one activation you get by playing the card (this is the way we've interpreted it thus far). What's the general interpretation of its card text? (English is a second language, so we might misinterpret a nuance or two on card texts). Thanks in advance for any input! Mimic Play this card when a hero opens a chest. The chest is alive, and its contents cannot be distributed until it is killed. Move the chest marker to an adjacent space. Treat it as a Beastman and activate it immediately. After its activation, the hero's turn resumes. If the chest is killed, the contents of the chest are immediately distributed.
  5. Corbon said: Corbon said: 1. No. The attacker is still a hero, regardless of whether you consider he has been taken over by the 'monster faction' (there is no such thing as a monster faction, officially). The reason Aim can be played is precisely because it is not required to be played on a monster. The reason sweep works is because a Dark Charmed hero has his 'friendly' and 'enemy' orientations reversed (confirmed by the Dark Charm/Command ruling FAQ pg7). But he is still a hero, not a monster. 2. No, damage is not reduced by Cautious. The damage is not damage 'from a trap card', it is damage from an attack resulting from a trap card. This is backed up by the Trapmaster ruling (FAQ pg10) which says that Trapmaster does not addd daamge to Mimic or Dark Charm attacks. These answers are as official as you will get (which is to say, not actually official, but they are the result of applying the official rules correctly). They are direct results of reading the official rules/card texts, without any 'interpretations' being required, and fit within the framework of other offical answers. But I am personally nothing official in FFG and I don't believe these particular questions have been 'officially' answered by FFG - they don't need to as all you have to do is actually read and apply the text properly. Thanks for your answer "official" or not. :-) We actually played these situations exactly like you spell them out, by reading the cards literally. However, it's always nice to have your interpretations backed up by others who are more experienced and familiar with the system.
  6. We've played (vanilla) Descent a couple of times now and have been able to find answers to most of our rules questions in the FAQ, GLOAQ and on this forum. However, two issues are still up for discussion. Does a charmed hero "benefit" from the power die added by DOOM!? One can argue that the charmed hero should get an additional power die (naturally, up to the normal limit of 5 power dice per roll), based on the fact that he/she in essence change over to the "monster faction". This argument is somewhat supported by the fact that the overlord can play Aim on the charmed hero's attack and that a hero with a sweeping weapon only hits other adjacent heroes and not monsters. On the other hand, the word "monster" isn't used on Aim. Is the damage dealt by a charmed hero reduced by Cautious? I'm pretty sure I've seen this mentioned somewhere, but I'm unable to find it now. The argument for is of course that Dark Charm is a trap card, while the argument against is that damage is dealt by the charmed hero rather than the Dark Charm card itself. Is there official word on these questions? If not, what is your opinion/how do you play? Relevant card text: DOOM! (Power) Play this card at the start of your turn and place it face up in front of you. All of your monsters roll 1 extra power die when attacking. Dark Charm (Trap) Play at the start of your turn and chooose one hero. The chosen hero player must roll one power die. If the result is blank, nothing happens. If the result is not a blank, the hero must make one attack that you declare. This attack may target any hero, including the attacking hero, but is subject to normal attack rules, including range and line of sight. Aim (Event) Play immediately after declaring an attack but before rolling any dice. Your attack is an aimed attack. Cautious (Subterfuge skill) ...In addition, Trap cards always deal 1 less would to you (minimum 0).
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