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  1. I've tried to get my players to create detailed back stories so that I could bring in old flames from the past to add some conflict. My players are all really paranoid and rather shooty though so I find it hard to have deep levels of intrigue. I think if I did succeed in bringing in that element to my games though, like khimaera, I'd just destroy them.
  2. I'd be very very interested in something like this.
  3. You are my hero! I've been working on a site for my game group lately but my god did you just save me a load of time.
  4. I'm about to convert our longstanding DH game over to the OW system and while looking for issues I found this. Most impressive work done here I must say! I'll be going through this this weekend to see if it fits our purposes! Out of curiosity, are you still working on this project? Are there any looming updates?
  5. This is an awesome resource and I appreciate you very much picking up and running with it when the original creator stopped. I am curious however, do you plan on incorporating Only War into this?
  6. Try my Dropbox share. I've never used Mega for shares before so maybe I did something wrong there… Generator Files on Dropbox
  7. I created some useful generators for my running my games and thought I'd share a link to them. You'll need to download Nbos's Inspiration Pad Pro 3 software (which is free) to use them but its a great program and is easy to use. Hopefully it will inspire others to create useful tables for the community. I'm not going to repost all the links individually, just the original post of mine on the Dark Reign Forums. Dark Heresy Generator Files Let me know what you all think!
  8. Anyone else having problems downloading the most recent version of this sheet?
  9. Yes please! I've been thinking about a project like this myself actually.
  10. Apothecary Gordian said: I think that Guardsmen and Space Marines both listen to Bolt Thrower. Ha! That made me chuckle. Now I've got to listen to some Bolt Thrower and get my fix… Just an aside, I've been listening to "The Hunt for Red October" soundtrack and think that the main hymn would be awesome for an IG regimental song. The translated Russian lyrics are actually kinda cool too.
  11. There is also Campaign Cartographer and an add-on Cosmographer. I have no experience with either of them but I would really like to check out Cosmographer someday. Campaign Cartographer
  12. Check out the software options from NBOS. Astrosynthesis generates star systems and planets and Fractal Mapper (which can integrate into Astrosynthesis) creates worlds, cities etc. NBOS Software
  13. My two cents: Bought it - I love using PDF's at the game table as they can be quickly searched. Less books on the table equals more room for beers! So far I really like it too. In fact I am liking the streamlined version without all the extra art and thing that perhaps FFG should consider offering versions like this for all their books in the future (at a discounted rate of course). The art is nice and it is often quite inspiring but speed is more important when you are at the table. What I really want to know is how to integrate this into my DH game. I have some players that are Guardsmen and I would like to recreate their characters in OW, add the benefits of comrades and see how all that works in DH. Anyways, thats my opinion. I'll be glad to use the $20 off when the complete book comes out.
  14. One more signature to go and the petition is done! If you've not signed it yet please do so! Hero Lab for 40K RPG's
  15. It's down to one signature. If you've not signed please do so! Hero Lab petition
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