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  1. It is said on page 136 of the Beta rules that "Weapon customisations may only be applied to a piece of equipment that is part of the Standard Regimental Kit or a favoured weapon of the soldier's Regiment. Guardsmen never have sufficient exposure or training to safely customise more specialised weapons." Can Specialist Gear be therefore customised, or not? Can a sergeant customise his Chain Sword, a Ratling his Sniper Rifle, or a Storm Trooper his Hotshot Lasgun?
  2. Coldshard said: How do you use this skill in your own game? I asked about a different topic in another thread and it became clear after a little bit that people use the skill a bit differently in different games. What are you able to do with it? Does its uses change based on where you currently are (as in, on a planet, in a building, in the void, in the warp, or others)? I thought that I had read some rules about using it in the void but I am unable to find them now. Are there specific rules, or even references, in places other than the skill block in the rogue trader book? I saw your thread about the Navigator Powers. since I play a Navigator myself too, I share your interest in their powers. I noticed that Gaze into the Abyss Navigator Power and the Psyniscience skill description were, seemingly, quite similar, so I wrote about them to Sam Stewart throught the Rules Questions link. Here below is what he had to say. Notice that his final answer touches upon the limits of the Psyniscience skill. My first question: > The Gaze into the Abyss Navigator Power from the core rulebook > pages 179-180. Novice level gives the Navigator a chance to > "determine if a creature or object holds the taint of the warp" with > a successful Perception Test. Is there some limit to the size and > nature of the "object"? Does this mean only man-portable items, > statues, boulders etc, or could this power be used to detect warp > taint in "objects" like: a. small craft like guncutters and > starfighters, b. starships c. moons and asteroids d. planets? Sam Stewart's answer: The GM should use his best judgement in this regard. In general, however, he should consider excluding objects whose size is measured in kilometres, not metres. My second question: > With the Gaze into the Abyss at Adept Level a Navigator "can > detect major disturbances in the wap, such as warp portals and ships > [...] In Starship Combat this power functions within a number of VUs > [...]. Does the Navigator need to actively decide to use this Power > at Adept level during the round/rounds the disturbance happens to > detect it? And does he need to actively decide to use the power as > an Extended Action in starship combat during the exact round the > disturbance happens to happen (i.e. get really lucky to pick the > right Turn to use it)? > Or does this Power function passively at Adept level? If so, is the > success automatic or does it require a succesful Perception Test > like the Novice level? Sam Stewart's second answer: The Navigator does need to use this power actively. Outside of combat, he could use it to detect recent disturbances, or he could activate it and it would last for roughly a half hour. In combat, he can activate it to detect recent disturbances, or he can detect any arrivals or other disturbances on the same turn he activated the power. My third question: > The Gaze into the Abyss Power at Master level means that the > Navigator "can also use the power to detect the use of psychic > powers within a radius of 10 meters per point of his Perception > Bonus." Is the detection automatic, or is a successful Perception > Test required? Does this Master level Power work passively, or does > the Navigator have to guess the round the NP Cs use their psychic > powers, to activate this Power during just that Round in order to > have a chance at detecting the use of said powers? Sam Stewart's third answer: The detection of psychic powers is a rider on the remainder of the power, and does not require additional tests. Once it has activated, he can detect any powers being used for the remainder of the combat (or for half an hour, outside of combat), or anything recently used. My final question: > My questions about the Gaze into the Abyss stem from the fact that > my Gm and I are not sure how Gaze into the Abyss at Adept/Master > level is different/better from the Psyniscience skill which all > Navigators have as a starting Skill already? Psyniscience means that > "the Explorer can use the Skill to detect [...] the use of psychic > powers." And since Psyniscience also "allows detection of Psychic > phenomena, disturbances, voids or other areas where the flow of the > immaterium has been unsettled or disrupted", this at first glance > seems to overlap a lot of the effects of the Gaze into the Abyss at > Adept level. > And unlike Gaze into the Abyss which has defined Ranges of its > effects, in the Skill description of Psyniscience no Ranges are > given for detecting things. Does Psyniscience have any practical > Range or is it just decided by the GM on a case by case basis? Sam Stewart's final answer: Since the warp is a strange and unpredictable place, the range of Psyniscience can fluctuate based on the situation at hand. The GM should decide this on a case by case basis, but a good guideline might be the limits of the character's other senses. After these clarifications I think Gaze into the Abyss becomes one of the must-have Powers for a Navigator, if the Psyniscience skill will be limited by the Navigator's other senses (this does make sense imho). This clarification also justifies the existence of Tracks in the Stars, for example. No tracking of other ships in the Warp with just the Psyniscience skill etc.
  3. Braddoc said: Second ship is: Class:Transport Hull:Orion Star-Clipper Space: 40 (Used 40) Power: 41 (Used 41) SP Spend/Total: 43/50 Optional Components 1x Main Cargo Hold (came with the ship), Since you have Ship Points to spare, raise the Craftsmanship of the pre-equipped Main Cargo Hold to Best. That way it consumes 1 Less Power and you get 1 additional Space for other things (For which you would still have 5 Ship Points left).
  4. I have a question about Best Craftsmanship ship components. Suppose I have a normal quality component that uses 4 power and 4 space. I then decide I want it as a Good Craftsmanship component. I can either lower Power by 1 and the component is 3 power 4 space, or I can lower Space by 1 and the component is 4 Power and 3 Space. What about Best Craftsmanship? Unlike Good Craftsmanship, in Best craftsmanship components it is not said that "Pick one or the other but not both", so are both Power and Space requirements lowered by 1, resulting in either 2 Power and 3 Space, or 3 Power and 2 Space? So from the original 4 Power 4 Space I get either -2 Power -1 Space, or -1 power -2 Space? Is this the way this is supposed to be? Cheers!
  5. InfinityDoctor said: Its out in the UK, I have my copy in my hands right now... Is there a Dusk Gazatteer in the book, just like there is a Quaddis Gazetteer in Tattered Fates and a Sinophia Magna Gazatteer in Damned CIties? What kind of place is Dusk???
  6. Deynomeas said: After asking how this talent would work regarding dodging fire bolts I got the following answer "The +10 is to resist AND avoid. So yes you would get the bonus when dodging!" Now to convince my EXTREMELY stubborn GM that it is supposed to work this way.... yay... If that is the answer FFG gave about Resistance (Psychic Powers), then according to that same logic the Strong Willed Talent will let you roll Dodge twice when dodging those Firebolts! Nice, this will improve the chances of everyone else against Psykers.
  7. Jan Solo said: A Compact weapon halves the range, the clip size and -1 to damage. Can one buy a Compact weapon with a Fire Selector, with the weapon still remaining Compact? And How about Silencer & Red-Dot Laser Sight to boot? What I meant to ask with the above is this: If you buy the Compact upgrade for a weapon, will it still remain Compact even if you pile every single available weapon upgrade on top of that, for example Silencer, Red-Dot Laser Sight, Fire Selector(increasing ammo capacity above the original levels), Targeter and let's say Twin-Linked too? All/Most of these upgrades increase the weight of the weapon, and even if you halve the weight increase, extending the effect of Compact to the other upgrades, it is still easy to surpass the original weight of the weapon before the Compact upgrade. For example: Hand Cannon 3.5kg - Compact (halves weight to 1.75kg) - Red-Dot Laser Sight (0.5kg, or +0.25kg if Compact halves the weight of other upgrades) - Silencer (+0.5kg or +0.25kg) - Fire Selector (+0.5kg or +0.25kg) - Targeter (+1.5kg or +0.75kg) Now the weight of the Compact Hand Cannon is either 4.75kg or 3.25kg if the GM is generous and halves the weight of the other upgrades too. Can that Hand Cannon still be called Compact? And when Twin-Linked is added, the weight goes up even more, certainly above the original non-Compact 3.5kg. And one could also make each of the three clips Fire Selector provides into Duplus clips, so the Compact Hand Cannon will have (2.5 x 3)x2 bullets in it, either 18 if you round 2.5 up or 12 if you round it down; way more that the original 5 in non-Compact Hand Cannon. I don't know, perhaps I am being too anal about all this, but I would love to hear from anyone else who has run into this and has thought it might be a problem and what solutions were adopted etc
  8. A Compact weapon halves the range, the clip size and -1 to damage. Can one buy a Compact weapon with a Fire Selector, with the weapon still remaining Compact? And How about Silencer & Red-Dot Laser Sight to boot?
  9. Ezekielx said: Is there any particular item or equipment that gives a player Unnatural Toughness? No, there is not. However, your techpriest can get Unnatural Toughness x2 in the final ranks of Ascension, buying it with XP points. And I suppose that involves some serious cybernetic implants and modifications (items and equipment that are not named), modifying his/her physical dimensions and weight. Ezekielx said: On anther not i was reading about the Helot minning device and it basically said that the strengthen your muscles and bones so that you can carry the Helot Minning device. So on that point would it be possible to go through the helot mining device surgery to increase my muscle and bones but never actually attack the Helot Mining device? I think so. I see no reason why not, AS LONG AS the character gains the Insanity Points that installing the Helot Mining Thingy entails, AND his/her muscular system is forever more unnaturally distorted to one side, left or right, ending in a stub where the mining drill would normally begin. And that distorted musculature can be seen through his/her robes by anyone with even one good eye. Ezekielx said: Anyone else got any idea's my GM is a total marine fanatic meaning nothing can ever become as strong as a Marine even a grunt marine. So i want to show him that Tech priests can. I do know about the Advanced Tech priest route in the Inquistor book any help would be awsome Get the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook. In the Cybernetics section, there is an upgrade that grants Unnatural Strength x2 (with certain minuses, please note). Since the developers have stated that Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader are meant to be totally interchangeable, that Cybernetic Upgrade is available for Dark Heresy characters too. Your GM just needs to come up with a price in Thrones for that item for you to buy it with your monthly salary, or wait until Ascension level to buy it with an Influence roll.
  10. Let's suppose a character buys a Twin-Linked weapon whose rate of fire without the Twin-Linked trait is S/2/5. In Ascension on page 137 it is said that a Twin-Linked weapon "uses twice as much ammunition. In addition, the weapon may score an additional hit if the attack roll succeeds by two or more degrees of success." So on single fire, maximum two hits are possible. But what about Semi-Auto and Full Auto? Firing the S/2/5 weapon on Semi-Auto, can the character hit with a maximum of 3 bullets (2 from the original rate of Semi-Auto +1 from the Twin-Linked) out of 4 fired ("uses twice as much ammunition") and one bullet is destined to fly away without hitting anything? Or is the maximum possible hits 4, since each one of those 4 bullets fired can hit their target if the dice roll is good enough? Same with Full Auto when 10 bullets are fired with the Twin-Linked weapon. Can all 10 hit if the dice roll is good enough, or is the character limited to a maximum 6 hits (5 from original rate of fire + 1 from Twin-Linked) and 4 bullets are destined to miss their target?
  11. When you fire an Inferno round at a target and hit, the target must succeed in an Agility test or be set aflame. What about firing an Inferno round at a Surprised target? Does the target get an Agility test or not? The reason this crossed my mind was me reading again the weapon descriptions in Inquisitor's Handbook. Not getting an Agility test would mean the Angelus bolt carbine would rule as a sniper rifle, no need anymore to drool over the Exitus and its too hard-to-get ammo. 2d10 X Pen 5 Tearing, a possible +2d10 damage from Accurate and the target is on fire after your shot!
  12. Jan Solo

    OP Adepts

    ROTFLMAO! Great sarcasm guys... you know I was wondering when someone would write a topic like this...
  13. If a character has Ambidextrous & Two-weapon wielder (Melee and Ballistic) and is attacking in melee combat with a melee weapon + shooting with a Forearm weapon mount mounted in the same hand as the melee weapon is in, does this make the attacks -10 or +-0? Is this considered to be equal to fighting with two weapons in two hands at the same time, meaning -10, or since the attacks all come from the same hand, +-0? The same with a Chimera pistol sword which has a one-shot Irontalon pistol mounted in the hilt: a character with the above-mentioned talents attacks with the sword and shoots with the pistol in the same round. -10 or +-0?
  14. Saldre said: all while a madman recovers (the halo-device infused) remains of a sorcerer who wishes to complete a ritual he began years ago, but was luckily stopped before he managed to succeed. There's even a chance that the Psyker completely turns to evil, and becomes one of the bad guys himself- perhaps if he happens to come across one of the halo devices that have been left behind. Then his munchkinery will work in my favor Since psykers normally can't use halo devices, you must have house-ruled that they can, right?
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