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  1. Hi, very casual x-wing player and my friends are looking at ramping up tournament attendance with the new 2.0 version. My question for events like the System Open Series: 1. Are you expected to bring your mat? 2. Are they mostly supporting a particular format (Extended, Second Edition, Variant)? Take care, Chris
  2. It can resolve a plus resource modifier as well correct? Thanks, Chris
  3. For the card Retreat (Awakenings #110), what happens if your opponent does not claim the field with that final action? Thanks in advance, Chris
  4. Thanks for providing this. Any news on how top 8 shook out? How many total players for each event?
  5. Nevermind, I see that GenCon is North American and Nationals is in Arlington, VA 8/30 & 9/1
  6. So which one is at GenCon? Do we know where/when the other one is? Take care, Chris
  7. My friend and I were playtesting Trilogy format last night. He feels that Sound the Alarm can reroll indirect damage because it says "Reroll any number of an opponent's dice showing damage (Ranged or melee)." and that indirect is damage should be included since it was prior to Legacies releasing. So I was wondering if it does or not. Thanks in advance, Chris
  8. Sorry, I am a casual player. Specifically, my Vader was stressed and with his pilot skill he moved last and I chose a green maneuver to remove the stress token and ran into a ship (since he moved last).
  9. If a ship with a stress token impacts using a green maneuver on their dial, do they still get to remove the stress token? Thanks in advance, Chris
  10. For every Battle Droid that gets activated due to the ability on their card, is that considered an additional action? Obviously wondering for No Cheating. Thanks in advance! -Chris
  11. If I have 2x The Hoth Gambit and an Attack Pattern Delta in play, if each objective is undamaged, they would contribute 6 to the force struggle? Also, this works for all objectives being culmative correct? So if I have two Hoth Operations and more Hoth objectives than my opponent, each Snowspeeder would be Edge (2)? Thanks, Chris
  12. If I am striking with Red 2 and the objective is destroyed due to the unopposed bonus can I use Red 2's ability to remove the focus token to then have Red 2 strike at another objective? Thanks, Chris
  13. Perfect, that is what I thought but my opponent questioned it and I figured I would post the question here. Take care, Chris
  14. Just wanted to check to see if I could use the ability multiple times in the same turn. Take care, Chris
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