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  1. You like Magic? Forget Blue Moon. Knizia made some good games: not this one. It's almost as uninteresting as Ivanhoe/Camelot.
  2. Trump said: No details yet, but I can see Faidutti's behind it. That's enough to make me extremely wary. Same for me. I don't really appreciate Faidutti's games. Too much chaos for me. But I'm still eager to see Ad Astra, I love Space Opera. I hope the best for this game. Let's hope it won't be anoter "valley of the mammoths".
  3. It's indeed an italian game. And it's better with roleplayers. Mike, about your comments: 1: if you are the Overlord, don't let your players do that. 2: give them a "deathly look" (I don't know the exact english term). They shouldn't speak while the Overlord is trying to listen to someone. Well, they shoulnd't speak at all, unless you give them the autorisation. 3: generally, you should try not to do this. That's my point of view. If you do, do it to the good players. 4 : the Overlord is the Big Bad Guy. He should give "deathly looks" for any good reason. You should put preasure on your minions.
  4. Indeed. ADO is based on an italian comic, Rigor Mortis. I'd really like to see this one translated.
  5. It's a complete game, but there's at least one extension (in French, I don't know about the original Italian version). It helps a lot, since the big problem of this game is that after a few games you always play the same cards, so you always here the same excuses. Even if the overall story is different, it's composed of the same plots.
  6. Citadels is actually really playable from 2 to 8 The thing is... the game is quite different with only 2 or 3 players (much more tactical) and unfortunately it becomes a bit too long with 6 or 7 players. 5 is, as the author said, probably the best number for citadels. 4 players is all right too. Anyway, I would recommend trying the game with only 2 or 3 players at least once. By playing twice in a turn with two different characters, you can play a few combos and try new strategies.
  7. Silitia

    Reiner Knizia

    Maybe I'm wrong and someone should verify this... But as far as I know, Reiner Knizia was riche before he started making games. So he's been able to find the time to create games... Anyway, apart from a few cases, I don't really think it's possible to make a lot of money by creating games. Maybe by being the boss of FFG, wotc or whatever, but this is another story.
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