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  1. The lack of supply is really annoying and quite frankly a bit insulting to the customers! I live in Sweden and bought the two starter decks around Christmas. Me and a friend have played around 15 games with these decks but now it is starting to get boring seeing the same cards over and over again! And on top of that, I see all these articles on FFG site, videos on Youtube etc showing cool and exciting cards that I have no way to get my hands on. I would throw money on any place that could sell me some Awakenings boosters! I feel cheated by FFG that sold me the starter decks but not the complete experience.
  2. As always with the printed adventures I have trouble to understand which NPC stand is which character in the adventure Horror at Hugeldal? (Have the people creating the art even talked with the writers of the adventure??) Anyway, can you please help me with this? I have sorted out the ones that I think might be in the adventure. Let me know if I have missed one. From left to right: 1 2 3 4 Agnetha Von Jungfreud 5 Doktor Verfullen 6 7 8 9 10
  3. Sometimes it helps to have played Magic The Gathering for several years (sometimes though it complicates as I have my mind locked on how it should work in Magic). Oh I did not considered that an attachment has to be played during the marshalling phase! That is quite crucial of course :-) Great guide you linked to!
  4. Thanks for the explanation. We have only played two games so it will probably get more clear in the future. But I will definitely read the FAQ.
  5. Ok I thought the attack got redirected before kneeling characters but the way you describe makes more sense (it was Crown Regent but with 3 players mistake we I guess it does not make a difference). We did play as the lose of icon did not matter so at least we got that correct :-) I do not understand the last paragraph. What is a passive?
  6. Player 1 starts a Mlitary Challenge at Player 2. Player 2 redirects the challenge to Player 3. Player 1 kneels the attacking characters. Then Player 2 plays Locked Away to make one of the characters loose the Military Icon. Is this possible or when is the window for Locked Away? If it is possible will the attacking character that lost his icon withdraw from the challenge? Or must Locked Away be played before Player 1 chooses attacking characters?
  7. We are 3 players that will buy one copy of the products and divide the cards. How would you split the houses so we get two houses each? Taking in account mostly the fun aspect of the game but also synergies between the houses.
  8. Ok I understand. Is the game more assymetrical then Star Wars LCG, because that is fun eventhough the two sides have different winning condtions? Perhaps Netrunner is not possible to split as we have done with the other card games...
  9. I will only play with my pal. The fun thing would be if we hade some way to divide cards into side/fractions so that we could build decks seperately by in the future adding cards from expansions and then play eachother. We have done this with Star Wars LCG where I take all the Rebel cards and build only rebel decks and he builds only Imperial decks. And also with CoC where we have 4 fractions each. I think we will do the split by corporate and runner then, but you mention that the runners are a little bit better so that might not be that fun for the one of us that gets corporate....
  10. I am thinking about purchasing the core set with a friend and split up the decks between us. How shall we do this? shall one person take all the corporate and the other all the runner or can we split them so that we take 2 corporate each and then divide the runners as well (although not even as there are 3 fractions). The most fun would be if we both can have corporate and rebel decks. We will only play casual and we will buy the packs toghether as split the cards between us.
  11. Great ideas from everyone. I will propably to a lot better next game. I have not focused as much as needed on movement I understand.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. My squad are 2-3 ships large. I do try to use the barrel roll and boost but somehow they do not tend to do any difference (there are still line of sight). I think it is the movement where I make my mistakes, there are turns where I end up not being able to shoot because the enemy has flown out of line of sight).
  13. I am continous losing with my Imperial ships and need som tips on what to do. I try to keep the ships toghether in a tight squad to get the all the benefits that the ships gives eachother withing range 1-2 but it only takes 2-3 rounds before they are forced to split up becuase one of them collides with a rebels ship and are moved backwards or becasue of some other reason. And after that I have it VERY difficult to manouver them toghether again. Should I ignore the collisions I can avoid and prioritize that my ships will continue flying toghether? I finf that the biggest advantage the rebel has againt me are the shields they have. I often hit them slightly more then they hit me during a game but with the shields and hull they simply dont get down (especially the Falcon). I have tried a large variety of ships and pilots (and lists that are posted here) with more or less the same outcome so the problem is how I play, not chosing bad squads. Any general suggestions?
  14. Me and a pal have bought the core set to play casual. We want to divide the 7 fractions between us in a good way so we get it as balanced and fun as possible. First we thought about to divide them like this: Cthulhu Yog-Sothoth Hastur Shub-Niggurath Miskatonic University Syndicate The Agency (Silver Twilight in the future) But then icons seems to not be evenly dividied between us (the first gruop has very few book icons for example). Is the combination of a couple of "monster fraction" and a couple of "people fraction" best, and how? Would be very grateful for suggestions from you experienced players.
  15. Great explanations! And we were playing correct :-)
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