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    Konrad von Richtmark got a reaction from Talon of Anathrax in Are there really 300+ year olds roaming the Imperium?   
    If memory serves me right, the official adventure "Rejoice for you are True" from Purge the Unclean for DH included a mention that a juvenat-user will, after some 150 years, look fairly amorphous and featureless in the face, after which it's not really possible to tell their age from their looks.
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    Konrad von Richtmark got a reaction from Decessor in Should all Rogue Trader Ships have a Navigator?   
    NPC navigator is definitely the way to go, but letting him roll against a "base" crew skill value of 30 is just a recipe for recurring disaster. I did it by generating a navigator character using the core character generation rules, spending starting xp sensibly, but froze character development after that (as NPCs aren't supposed to become better over time).
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