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  1. Hi guys! Do you think there will be changes to this section of the rules with the Legacies update? I don't need/want them, of course. The following are just speculations. Poe(2PG): +1pt (it would be fair, maybe even fairer to the Evil side, as they did that on Phasma) Fn2199: +1pt instead of +2pt (the change to replace rule and the points cost increase made him disappear completely out of the meta) Unkar: +1pt instead of +2pt (the points cost increase made him disappear completely out of the meta) Furthermore: Do you think there will be buffs (= points cost decrease) ever?
  2. eFinn(Leg) - eRose eBaze - eAayla ePoe(2PG) - eAayla eDr.APhra - e7thSister eThrawn - eNuteGunray eTarkin - 2xTrooper
  3. 5 Battle Droids vs 5 Gungan Warriors: the next meta
  4. You need dice from one core box and that's it. Every set in Destiny as LCG would cost WAY more. They are two completely different games (even if some ideas may come from that)
  5. Have you read the rules instead of the article? (the article has a few errors...) Now, Vibroknife works like Electrostaff and I'm really fine with it. You can still do plenty of unblocakable damage with it without making it universally overpowered (and hindering shield strategies completely).
  6. I could name 4 other overpriced characters (3 of them on the Hero side too...) but from my experience physical CCG staff always act on reducing OP cards and quite never buffing UP cards...so we could hope Balance of the Force section will one day have buffs too but I don't think so honestly.
  7. As I stated earlier, I DO agree on the lack of playtesting. At the same time, nevertheless, I appreciated that something has been done instead of just leaving the things as they were or simply banning cards. My hopes are the new design and playtest staff is prepared to this challenge. The cost/life/dice value point ratio was off scale on all the 3 changed characters (I could adda couple more, actually) and even if there are 5 characters that instead are quite unplayable for the opposite reason (waaaaay overcosted), I have never seen a CCG staff doing buffs. A more diverse meta was needed: 5 Nationals won by the same deck and 4 decks being 85% of the field make the game NO fun at all. I get your point on 2 player set and agree on the rushed publishing. THAT product was indeed rushed to the market and present very good cards but overpowered characters (I look at you Kylo, too!)
  8. Clearly you haven't played any other CCG beside Destiny in the last 10 years or so. Just to give you a recent example. Last year MtG (the "best" and "most playtested" CCG of the history) crew had to BAN one card and heavily ERRATA another BEFORE they even hit the physical tables. (Yes, they banned a card when it was still in the boosters for distribution...). You were already buying dead cards with that expansion. I do agree that FFG needs to better the way they design and playtest cards, though.
  9. Italian version of every errata'd card till now has been released as a pdf. It would be wise for FFG to do the same with the English version.
  10. Darth Maul confirmed as a character in Legacies! Look carefully at the description of the product on the product sheet!!!!
  11. If they follow the same plan of the first 3 sets, the second set (due on March/April) will be of Dicember movie. Spirit was on Rogue One this year.
  12. I really hope he is 10/14 or 15/22 or 16/22. The quiz was about guessing the sum for: life points + sum of die faces + Elite points cost. My guesses were 10 + 10 + 22...so my answer was 42
  13. They already stated that all Plots cost between 1 and 3 points. I guess all of them will alter just the game start (at least the first plots we will get in Legacies).
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