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  1. The New Phasma is 9 points only
  2. It is the other way around, actually. Cards value change drastically from a constructed deck to a drafted one. There are quite a few common and uncommons that are quite unplayable in constructed and are possibly first pick in draft. Knowing and playing against cards you know everybody plays helps veteran, clever builds in draft/limited formats are a huge boost to newbie chances to win. Just to give you an example: in the last 8-players draft the 4 veterans finished 4th 5th 6th and 7th. Two rookies got to pick dice first and got very good legendaries. But nobody got bad staff selecting dice one by one as described. The best thing was that nobody complained/whined about anything at the end while sealed booster prizes (that usually veterans got in the constructed format) have not the same appeal lately. We are indeed thinking about doing final dice picking even for constructed format because your pulls are less luck based. Finally, dice picking as prizes is a huge incentive to build a good deck instead of taking Legendaries home and crafting a bad/unplayable deck during the draft tournament.
  3. Making TA usable only with non unique groups or selecting traits may indeed prove useful (even if I stil think the single point investment the other 2 factions have access to is unfair to Rebel faction)
  4. Do you think 6 boosters is a good compromise? We did twice that and with the pick of dice according to standings in the end. You always get a number of dice equal to the number of boosters you buy but if you craft a good deck you "shape your fortune" (choose the content of those boosters)
  5. To craft a good deck (aka deck-building) you need to be good at drafting. And to draft the right cards you need to have a good idea on how you want to shape your deck. They are somewhat co-dipendent, but both necessary. Giving characters beforehand and playing with 95% of what you got, make both skills less valuable. In that istance why bother with a draft? Do a sealed event and go ahead in half of the time.
  6. IF you can't remove dice showing 3 or more combined value with Unkar ability, you cannot take that action. As well as you cannot take the action of Veers or Leia if you have no die to remove.
  7. The 23 points limit was inspired (apart from the maths I explained earlier) from the points of 2players starter (22/23 points per team). Our goals (all easily obtained through the set of rules I shared) were: Fastest setup (especially without the auction and giving each player any non unique character he/she desires or better a couple of them randomly dealt): you will need a hour for the draft and the deckbuilding at most. Cheapest deal: 6 boosters for 15/18$ is quite affordable (and you can barter with the shop owner a bit). With 6+ players you can acquire an entire booster box and be sure to have 6 legendaries in the pool and get a better deal too. Saving a few original rules (colours of cards in this case, and all the cards work as intended) Enjoyable by players of any level (in the last draft the top 4 were all players that have been playing the game since just a month ago!)
  8. Unkar player could use its "Action" IF he had dice showing 3 or more in his dice pool
  9. If you have Cad Bane, the (hypothesized) loop does not affect you by the way...
  10. Drafting dice cards with non dice cards do not work fine. And if people will keep what they draft, ther will always be at least one player drafting 2 legendaries and going away after the first round. 15 years of Magic has taught me that. Why build a good deck if I can take good dice during the draft, and build future constructed decks with what I acquired? Furthermore 25 cards out of 5 packs means playing all the cards you acquired so your drafting and deck-building skills are neglected or quite meaningless...
  11. You cannot do a reroll if you do not have dice in your dice pool to reroll (and no, 0 dice is not any amount of dice. Reroll requires at least one die to reroll)
  12. Last Saturday we had fun with this format: Check that out. It is reasonably cheap and simple.
  13. Saturday afternoon our local shop held the EaW Launch Party. We decided to try a draft format out. Here you are the (slightly modified, based on afterthoughts and feedbacks) the rules we enforced. (We were 8 players. These rules work good with any even number of players. I would strongly suggest to set 2/3 tables up if you have 12/16 players). Draft: Each player purchases 6 booster packs of the same expansion/s Each player opens one pack, set the die and the associated card aside (not peaking at the other 4 cards) and leaves the other 4 cards in the booster. Once all packs are opened, players at the same table (ideally 4) draft the 6 die cards they collected earlier, picking one and passing the others to the left (do not distribute dice now, do it at the end of the draft). Once dice draft has ended, players pick one of the previously opened booster and proceed to draf within those 4 cards: they pick one and pass the remaining cards to the right. Proceed with the other 5 opened packs alternating the orientation of the draft. Players wil have 6 dice and a total of 30 cards. Deck construction rules: Characters points upper limit: 23 points* (more on this later) No Villain/Hero separation (you can mix Villain and Hero cards) Colours restrictions apply (you can play cards only if they match your characters colours) Deck size: 20 cards Battlefield: players may play drafted battlefields OR borrow one from a reserve consisting of all common bf of the game (the shop may set a draft kit up for this purpose) IF a player does not have enough cards to reach the 20 cards minimum (they have to show that eventually), he will add off-colour cards but will be able only to discard them for reroll. IF a player does not have at least 2 characters, may borrow one non unique characters (the shop may set a draft kit up for this purpose) IF a player has drafted 2 or more playable characters, he will be enforced to play at least one of them. IF a player has drafted 0 characters, he can borrow 2 different non unique characters. IF the participants are quite a few, the "draft kit" may include just 2 copies of each non unique character and players may set an auction for them** (more on this later) 20/30 minutes for deck-building Games of 35/40 minutes. I would strongly suggest at least 4 Swiss rounds for 8+ players. If more than one draft table has been created, the first 2 rounds will be vs players of the same table, and the rest vs all the others. Prizes After the draft players may keep all non-dice cards drafted. All dice will be picked accordingly to the final standings: 1st player will pick a die, 2nd player will pick one....and so on for their first die. The second round will be done in reverse standings order. The third again in the regular order and so on till each player will have exactly 6 dice. *Character points limit Due to the strength of some characters we set a point limits to deck construction. We choose 23, adding the most expensive character points (Windu, 16) to the cheapest one (non unique, 7). If a player drafts a pair with a higher points value (this won't happen if all players are informed of the limit unless they are counter drafting), he will have to choose one of them and borrow a non unique to construct the deck. This same limit works fine with Awk and SoR and furthermore would allow a super lucky player to play one elite single character if he was lucky enough to draft 2 of the same dice. **Variant: non unique characters auction Arrange 2 copies of each non unique character on the table. Select players who will join the auction. Starting with the player will less characters / less character points, he may bid for a card he desires. 0 is a legit number. Players are bidding damage counters. When they win the bid, the judge/shop owner keeps track of the amount he bid. This amount is the amount of damage counter he must distribute among his characters at the start of each game, ignoring shields. Example: Jane won a Deathtrooper on the auction with bid of 2. At the start of each game she will have to choose and put 2 damage on her characters (one on each of her characters or 2 on the same one).
  14. Nevertheless, I really hope the EaW FAQ covers a few corner cases with this card. Reading it it looks like the possible actions are 6 (play a card, activate a character or a support, discard for reroll, resolve dice symbols, use an "action" from a card/character into play, pass). Of course there is "claim" also but it generally happens once. Am I reading that correctly?
  15. From a case (6 boxes) we got 648 commons (3 x 36 x 6). That means an average of 10/11 copies of each common (57 in the previous sets) That was true for Awakenings and Spirit. In the EaW case we got a minimum of 8 copies of each common. Of the #82 we got only 5 (and acquiring a case somewhat equalizes distribution of rares, commons and uncommons). A friend of mine got 1 out of 3 boxes. There are a few players that got 0 out of 2 box (this happened to me for Electroshock in Awk and Fast Hand in SoR for example). Many players in Italy are striving to get a playset for that card (a common!) The raw data show that the distribution of this single common looks really similar to that of an uncommon. Furthermore, the set shows one less uncommon and one more common than usual. Tbh I don't think they changed the distribution of the rarities just for this set.