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  1. Condottiere is a great game. Easy to learn, difficult to master, as all good games should be. I only wish it had a magnetic board and markers to play on the road more easily. Sign me up!
  2. Playtime per se doesn't matter to me as much as emotional investment and the consequences of losing. The longer the game, the more cooperative I prefer it to be. Both Arkham Horror and Descent are as close to perfection as they could be in that aspect. Arkham Horror is fully cooperative, the players cycle through the investigators in case they personally lose. The drawback of full cooperation is that there are no "organic" difficulty levels: the game is harder for a group of newbies and easier for experienced players. Character backstories present just the right amount of personalization. Descent is partially cooperative: the presence of an overlord means the game will be only marginally harder for an all-newbie group. As for Road to Legend, I have no idea how to run it. (I bought it as inspiration for the single-player / cooperative game I write and hope to finish next year.) Again, it's not a matter of session length. It's just that I have a hard time trying to sell the idea of playing a prolonged campaign with clearly defined goals and a considerable chance of losing. In an actual roleplaying campaign, the characters define their own goals and are always able to say, "Well, screw this mission, let's do something else entirely." Something that eats up a significant portion of life should be at least as fair as life is, which includes the option of redefining goals. So, personally, I hope for various degrees of "win", the ability to form meaningful alliances, major world events and the ability to affect them, etc. But I'll buy the game regardless.
  3. JamTheDane said: In danish, there was a NASTY long break betweem 6 and 7 (#6 came out in 88, #7 got out in french in 92, came in danish in 95) Seven years! You guys are saints. That's one of the advantages of being cultural slowpokes right there. And FFG is doing us English-speakers a favor by eliminating the waiting between #9 and #10 which, judging by the spoiler, is simply unbearable. JamTheDane said: And yes, Ganael will return w00t! All the more reason to learn French. Thanks!
  4. There's a review of Volume 1 on Comicbulletin, and I hope the guy who wrote it didn't get paid because he obviously hadn't read the whole book: Sword of Ganael is a standalone story, not a part of the Ingaar arc. Also, he misspelled the surname of an author (it's Luguy, not Leguy - burn, heretic) and forgot Xavier Fauche. There's the official French website (the translate function does not work for me for some reason). Also, I'd be happy to share my impressions and answer questions (I have both volumes in English and intend to buy all the French ones).
  5. Yes. I got both volumes in the mail the day before yesterday, and they are awesome. The lightweight PDF previews here on FFG don't really do it justice: the art is very good, precise lines, vibrant colors, very detailed frames - so when you finish the story, it is literally mandatory to re-read it inspecting each and every frame. Certain frames are real masterpieces and would look great in poster form. The artist uses his chosen style to the fullest, you'll never get a "this would look better 'shopped" feeling. Awesome. The setting is an ahistorical version of the medieval world: there are realms named France, Arabia and China which are mythical versions of their historical namesakes' pop culture images (that is, nothing like the real thing). The story is a classic fantasy adventure, with occasional twists and without the FINAL DESTINATION of an ending: given that it's a series, it's only expected that Percevan wins (spoiler: sometimes he doesn't), but he's too charming not to root for him, and the bad guys don't have the cloud of DOOOM hanging over them. It's also kid-friendly: no blood, the most you see is a black eye. Some designs (esp. of the titular Realm of Aslor in Vol. 2) are seriously creepy, though.
  6. I did, and they're awesome. I want more. The French website, by the way, mentions upcoming volumes 3 and 4 (I don't know French). No news here, unfortunately. Does anyone knows, well, anything? By the way, Shadows of Malicorne is the French title of what is basically the upcoming Volume 3, i.e. issues 6, 7, 8. Volume 2 chapter 3 is the French Issue 9 and starts with some major spoilers about the ending of Volume 3, although it does not say how that ending came to happen, so the effectively twinned timeline just means waiting x2 ( for #6 and #10). Despite the waiting x2, the decision not to split storylines (as opposed to timelines) is a reasonable one. Also, does anyone know if Ganael ever makes a reappearance in later volumes or the authors just forgot about him?
  7. I've just rewatched Midnight Chronicles for the fourth time. This movie is so good it makes me feel bad for paying money for other, unrelated DVDs I didn't even finish watching. I sure hope FFG will revitalize the Midnight setting somehow (a custom Shadowrun-like system would be perfect, but I'd welcome even a 4e incarnation as long as it would mean more Midnight). The bad: no news of a sequel.
  8. I lost my job in February and made a point of not visiting FFG, because rent won't pay itself. And now I finally return (for Descent, Arkham and Percevan) and see the banner. This is beyond awesome. I'm a fan of old TSR settings, and modern stuff just doesn't compare - except Midnight of course. sepayne7l said: I'm hoping to see the movie sometime, but I'm already behind on my FFG purchases in games. I'm waaaay behind on my FFG purchases in just about anything, but I'm totally buying the movie the moment it's released (don't want preordering now since the unstable exchange rate can make me lose some $130 in taxes). Now the question is, will there be any other Midnight releases?
  9. I'm in Russia, and I had no problems printing the map. Though our local shop would probably photocopy secret military files without a second thought. We find it convenient to have two rulebooks when playing board games (WoW, Descent) in a large group, so I printed those too. And I met two weirdos who had pirated D&D player's handbooks, despite the original books being less expensive to buy. (Must have rolled 6 for Intelligence). Here's an actively bad idea: inserting a fake disclaimer. Doing this to copyrighted stuff is highly illegal (regardless of whether or not the document in question is released for private printing) and morally BAD. Not "photographing in a museum" bad, but "kicking a puppy" bad. (Might be sort of morally ok for "paper abandonware", that's why I mention it.)
  10. For our group, it's both. The hero selection process usually goes like this: Friend #1: "So, any suggestions on what we should play today?" Friend #2: "Sure, how about Des..." Friend #3: "I'll be battlemage I hope no one minds I always play him I luv battlemage I'll be pwning demons like there's no tomorrow on the first turn now where's the mini oh blast I left it at home can I borrow yours ok thanks." My sister: "Oh really? You'd better make sure it's not minus four win tokens by the second turn... ha ha *helps herself to a dragon mini* choose yourself a character, everyone else!" Me: "Oh. Thanks. No, really, thanks. I cannot decide whether I'll be having tea or coffee and here you force me to choose a character out of 19. *shuffle shuffle draw* Gee, I'm a wiz too." Friend #1: *sits at my sister's left* Let's see. I think that's enough mages for now. I'm going to play Silhouette, someone's gotta help you casters out of trouble." Friend #2: Hey, I was scheduled to play her tonight! See, I want to play each character at least once." Me: "Why don't you choose a fighter you haven't played yet? We seem to be lacking in the brawn department." Friend #2: "But I've already played them all... oh, expansions!!!! There, that's me tonight." Friend #3: "I have carefully considered each available option to maximize our chance of survival and I'll be playing this char *points* on the grounds that she's hot."
  11. It's not. It's still excellent, though. Since Runebound is not a team game, investing a considerable amount of time into the game and losing can, depending on the group mood, suck a lot. In Descent, when I lose as an overlord, it's really no different from an RPG session. When the party loses, there's a sense of camaraderie which prevents the experience from being disappointing overall. The same "We'll show them hordies/allies next Saturday" atmosphere follows each WoW game. Talisman is fast-paced enough to allow for several games per evening. On downtime. In Descent there's none. in WoW, when one team is taking their turn, the other can discuss strategy and plan ahead. Runebound with six characters is slooooooow, and there's not much to discuss in-game for inactive players, which is potentially game-breaking even for a board game (and kills RPG campaigns). Thus, I don't usually play Runebound with more than two other people. (When more are present, there's always Descent.) Still, it's a great game, and I'm buying my own collection.
  12. Alternatively, buy a brand new sealed set on ebay. As long as it's actually new, you're not hurting FFG in any way. I got my Descent and WoW starters at amazon.de because the USPS (the cheaper) shipping option was not available at the time.
  13. ktom said: I mean, it's not like the naming mistake stops me from playing Myrcella Lannister, but I roll my eyes every time I do. Same with me playing an Alliance Shaman in World of Warcraft: the Board Game. It's Naaru, not "Naruu". *sigh* Considering that my board game hobby began with 'Magic Sword", a ripoff of Talisman with an enormous number of typos (at least two per card), it's not much, but still, proofreading is not all about spellchecking (and spellchecking is not all about Microsoft Word).
  14. Many thanks, just placed my order! Now the waiting begins...
  15. ((Yes, I've read previous posts, but there's still stuff not clear to me)). I want to start collecting A Game of Thrones LCG and place a fat nice order at the FFG store, but I don't exactly know where to start. I am primarily interested in collecting pictures from one of my favorite book series, and what better way to do it than to buy cards? The whole trading card stuff was a big no-no for me - unless it was an "ultimate" card set bought off ebay, trying to collect all cards in each and every set could very well lead me to sleeping in my car. (Except I don't have one.) The LCG format, on the other hand, seems to be ideal for me. Which brings me to the questions: 1. What products listed in the Store are TCG and what are LCG? (Am I correct in the assumption that all the new LCG items have the word "chapter" in their titles?) 2. What do I have to buy to have my collection somewhat playable, on a living-room, let's-play-something-while-the-party-gathers-for-the-session level? (I am currently planning to buy each and every available "chapter"). 3. What other "must-have" items do I have to buy to significantly expand/improve the character collection (maybe some starters or decks that are 100% sure to have important out-of-print characters in them). Thank you.
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