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  1. dugger


    Ive been wondering if there going to be doing a reprint of the Core Starter Kit and when they are going to do this? Any thought? dugger
  2. Not sure if this has been asked before but i was wondering if Northern Trackers were to complete multiple locations does the group recieve all the listed rewards. For example "Mountains of Mirkwood" Thnx in advance.
  3. i agree and your more then likely right about them not reading there forums and don't give a ratsass about the people who purchase their games. You know i wonder do they know that its us that keeps them in gaming. FFG take a step back and see what you have coming out and ask yourself is this item really ready for release or are we just going to wing it and fix it later. dugger
  4. dugger


    Hi Gang well i got FOTB for my birthday and i have enjoyed TOI since it came out, but then the Hardcover Book of Scenario came out and the problems really started. Scenario after Scenario there were misprints and errors on the maps and well lets just stay that a book which was to be playtested as thoroughly as the credits say well i dont believe it. Don't get me wrong i love FFG for there games i wouldn't own 16 plus title if i didn't like them it just seems to me that the TOI line has alot of problem with rules and errors and one side scenarios. If there short on playtester im sure there are alot of people on the forum that would volunteer to playtest up coming games and scenarios. I've read some of the forums comments on TOI and there expansions and the common problem is the same Errors,misprints and just plain items that should of been caught in the playtesting part of development. I would like FFG to comment on this but i know what they would say . "Alot goes in to a game and we only have so much time to develop, design, make and playtest our games, so if a few thing get past we can always make a couple of errata whenever we get around to it ". Well i would say more but ijust don't think they will listen. dugger
  5. Does anybody other then me remember a game called Magic Realm? I would be in heaven if FFG remade this game. dugger
  6. I am from Kitchener Ontario Canada dugger
  7. Good day gang Im finding that i can't learn this game to well because ive been playing D&D for so long i cant keep the rule straight anybody got any ideas of how i can get through the rules and retain them? One answer was to get into a game with someone else GMing but there are no gamers around here who are playing this rpg $ 100.00 game collecting dust well its not the first FFG game collecting dust dugger
  8. A friend and i just finished playing a scenario that the germans recieved a card called "Hidden MInefield". My question is how is it hidden if you place the minefield token on the board. I was considering making a house rule that during the opponents turn, you get to pay the command and place the minefield as a interupt. What do you think about this and if it's no good do you have any good suggestions. Thnx.
  9. What about the British at Normandy did they have tanks on there beaches? dugger
  10. Hey gang i was wondering, after i bought the Normandy expansion and went threw it shouldn't there be more allied armor presant? dugger
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