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  1. You could tweak the acklay stats to reduce the soak to something your find acceptalbe. If you worried you can compensate by giving more wounds. Alternatively you could also put a "weak spot" on it that players have to find and when they called shot that area they bypass it's soak. Though I like to see a couple rounds of at-st versus a acklay.
  2. I say Kudos for rewarding the player and keeping things gong. Once suggestion I have is you could have them flip a destiny point to do it as a manuever.
  3. Have folks not seen Jury-rigged autofire combined with double or nothing? Roughly 105 XP to get that. For crafter it pretty simple to make a Dam 9 rifle with autofire (add pistol grip if you want to use range light over range heavy). Attached custom grip with accurate mod. Start with a Human (3/3/3/2/2/2) with 1 rank. So that ST sergeant is behind cover (1 def). Assist and double aim you looking at YGGBBBB RPP for the autofire/double or nothing shot. I'm looking at 70% chance to hit and do 10 damage and 79% chance to generate 1 advantage would let me hit him two more times (3 total). Just took out that Stormtrooper Sergeant in one round at roughly 5 game session since we started. Eventually the craft will be able to make that gun Accurate 3 and attach mods to make it Accurate 5 plus what you want to get form aiming an assistance it really become crazy. High soak helps, but if the PC is getting 11-12 damage a turn on a 10 soak monster. Pumping out 8-16 shots a turn the soak doesn't matter. So with the rules as they are now, there seems to be an issue of autofire weapons which needs addressing. I can see why you DM wants to keep autofire toned down. The variants we've seen to help are 2. You cannot autofire more time than you brain rating 3. Combination of above
  4. I'm am not so sure about this statement. If you look at the licenses GW is trying to farm out there is Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar. So a company could pick up the Fantasy license and develop in the familiar Old Word Setting. The one question I have is the dice mechanic. How close can you mimic the FFG mechanic before they say it belong to them.
  5. Still looking for folks? I also was wondering you playing Thursday night but the starting session is tonight?
  6. I just started an AT character and paid the 200 XP to get Wyrdling so I could start with two disciplines. My question is am I still able to pick up another discipline at rank 3 and 6 having four total? I read the max numbre if disciplines is three, but unsure is the Wyrdling mutation gives me a bonus one.
  7. NezziR said: I also broke the crease on the covers near the binding before using them. My books have seen heavy use and show no signs of wear at all. I'm careful with them though. This I find is key to the general softcover bindings we have in games these days. Aside from WFRP, GW Army books / codexes are the same binding. I have found that if you do as above, you books tend to last longer. If not then you book stends to start fallinig apart.
  8. In all three editions warriors (especially those that dedicate themselves to combat) have been pretty decent and can handle themselves in a fight. Covnersely in 1E/2E a lowly goblin could kill the Elector Counts Personal champion with a lucky hit. Even in 3E that goblin could inflict a critical hit. If you want more of a DnD feel, take a non-combat class such as a scholar and do the fight
  9. Emirikol said: ..also, any suggestions on which currently existing stat block would be most appropriate for them from the WFRP3 bestiary? jh If you have the material I think the best way would be convert from 1e to 2e, than 2e to 3e.
  10. I agree it is a deviation from college teaching, but not that it always ends in diaster. Horstramm mixed magics and ended up leaving the light college to explore his career as a Chaos sorcerer. I believe he is quite satisfied with his path. Don't forget Hedge Magic. In the example above, I would not consider the wizard part of the colleges, but a houseruled Hedge Apprentice.
  11. I believe the way it works is you take the stance meter of you new career and then add on any purchase stances. Example, you orignal stance meter was 3/1 C/R and you purchsed 1 C stance in the career so you have a 4/1. The next career yo uswtich two is a 2/2 meter. So you would be at 3/2.
  12. After Grimgor kick Archie's but. Archie retreated to Brass Keep in the Middle Mountains and that is the last we have heard of it. In truth it seems GW is forgetting the SoC ever happended. I think that is a good trend to follow.
  13. Because after you visted the Barrier Peaks there was no reason to use guns.
  14. Fresnel said: What sections of the core set would you have dropped to include elven magic? For example: Only two magic and two divine classes for humans. Would that have been a better choice? For simplicity I would follow v2 precedence and allow HE the same career options as humans. Hopefully the omission was on purpose because the designers are setting up some unique stuff for elven magic. The downside being we have to wait until it released. As to the wait times I would not judge the release of the Adventure toolkit as a baseline. The toolkit was released on time, the GM kit was released early, but the Gathering Storm has been delayed. So for v3 releases you have 1 on time, 1 early, and 1 late.
  15. Grrrr, I can never find the edit button So the game starts at 3pm till when? 8pm?
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