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  1. Smaggler

    One too Many

    DH - CSI Investigation RT - Kingdom Building DW - Superheros BC - Playing the bad guys Only War - ??? While I'm sure it'll bring with it some new interesting mechanics, I'm not sure its more than a supplement. I can't think of how this adds to the list above. I guess RPG Mercenaries on a less than Hero level, but isn't there something they could've offered that didn't overlap?
  2. Assuming this isn't a troll post about Psyker's being overpowered (they aren't) then I'll go ahead and bite. You have a biomancer in your group or at least a Psyker who's bothered to get Seal wounds. That's fantastic. You can dish out more damage to your PCs than most DH GM's would be able to do. I'm not sure why only one person, is getting damaged per round. Seems silly. I've never found this to be an issue, because all of the following are valid options: AOE Damage Damage to more than one party member. Sniper bolt round to the head of the Psyker (maybe a god in melee, woefully underpowered range) Weakened veil Perils of the warp Nulls Disruption fields Daemons that like to eat psykers Leeches from the warp Enemies that can sense when the Warp is used and thus home in on your group Have a more powerful enemy psyker temporarily sever his connection to the warp Wards and immunity to Psyker weapons Just a few ideas. There's soooo many ways to cull the use of Warp Powers its not even funny. Be creative, its the grim dark future, and if there's one thing you'll learn there's always something bigger and more powerful out there!
  3. The introduction of the Fury Interceptor is a cool addition to the game, however there were virtually no rules given for how to handle a Starship to Fighter style combat. I'm presently using a ruleset made by one of the playtesters to handle Bombers/Fighters, but I'd like to get more detailed as I have a squadron commander (Void Master) on one of my ships and his squadron of Starhawks, thus far I've been able to fudge a ruleset together but I'd like to get some more official rulings on how to handle this...
  4. Smaggler

    New Questions

    Thanks for the quick responses.
  5. Smaggler

    New Questions

    I've searched the forums and been unable to find answers to the following questions, I'm curious both official responses, and gameplay responses from people that own/play the game. Question 1: If you have allied neutral units and you only have 1 of your units, then winter rolls along can you lose neutral units to meet the winter required food supply limits or must you lose your empire's units? Question 2: With the card "Fires from Heaven" a city is destroyed. Can you now build fortresses on the tile with the razed city? Question 3: When it mentions "Higher initiative order" does it mean higher on the card or higher in actual real number? (For example: Razor wings can rout a unit with initiative 2 or higher, thus can it route 2 or 1 init units or 2-5 init units)? Question 4: I've seen this mentioned in the forums that the food check for winter only happens once and does not apply after, (thus you can recruit during winter and violate your food supply) is this the official response on this season? Thanks for your responses.
  6. The current app used in my game is only getting better. The developer is very responsive and also excited about the iPad. That being said if you haven't already have a look at: http://projects.gandreas.com/dicenomicon/ Not only is it an awesome dice roller for anything but he's adding character sheets. Both for the iPod Touch/iPhone versions and now a panel for iPad users. -S
  7. TS Luikart said: aethel said: (Though they won't get the cool class-specific trait that the RT classes come with.) In point of fact, I will have an answer for this in approximately two more weeks, give or take a few days. Any progress or movement on this TS? I'd really like to know as I'll be mixing a group of current DHers with RTers. Thanks, -Smaggs
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