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  1. If you're adjusting the Psychic Phenomenon and Perils of the Warp tables, it could work out. However, as written, it's something that's essentially unplayable with the current rules chart. Auto rolling for Perils when pushing means no one will ever push, and auto rolling off of the Psychic Phenomenon table makes using powers in a meaningful manner will be rare enough that you might as well not bother, because it'll almost never be worth it. As far as making powers not feel like spells, I never really got that vibe from Psykers. They don't really use tomes, scrolls, or other wizardly trappings; I always imagined that Sorcerers and their powers were much more ritualized and "wizardy" than the average Psyker.
  2. Sorry, I wasn't very clear! I was meaning it seems you give IP/CP for getting hold of some artefact they could study to gain Forbidden Lore, then you let them take the advance. I was just going to combine these two things? Okay, here's a thought: What if they get something to study on Forbidden Lore, they take a Fear test equal to the level of Forbidden Lore they are buying? This lets appropriate talents give them a benefit on the test, and really reinforces the 'Call of Cthulhu in SPACE' feel I like. Delving too deep into any one subject will pretty much guarantee you lose some of you sanity. On top of that, studying any warp-tainted artefact will result in you gaining corruption points. Yes, the early levels of Forbidden Lore on, say, Demonology might be attainable by studying some redacted, sanctified excerpts in an Inquisitor's private collection, but there's only so much you can learn there. To become an expert in the subject, you're going to have to expose your soul to corruption! I don't think that a fear test is necessary. Assign a WP test with appropriate modifiers (I'd say -10 per +10 of the skill), adjust with talents you feel are applicable, and assign corruption or insanity as appropriate, such as a d5 + 1d5 per +10 of the new skill bonus.
  3. I don't really see the issue with Accurate weapoons. They give snipers a viable weapon to snipe with, other than the terribly unrealistic "I spam Storm Bolter rounds at your head!!!!" While a low-level Accurate weapon may have better average damage with the +10 bonus than a semi-auto weapon, higher levels ones are rather nasty and will outshine them. Snipers need talents to be awesome.
  4. Thinking about the math involved, I'd say that psy rating * 200 is too expensive; NR * 150 seems much more reasonable middle ground to me. Psy Rating 3 doesn't seem like it should cost as much as Favored by the Warp. Psychic powers can be very powerful, but xp spent on them isn't xp spent on becoming an amazing ranged warrior, melee warrior, etc. Psy Rating is, in a way, the tax Psykers pay for versatility and having their powers, but going too high makes it less of a balancing mechanic and more of a punishment.
  5. Indirectly, yes, for psykers only. Taking that out and giving to anyone who takes the background would make it more useful for non-psykers. Alox, that's a good pick IMHO. It gives both a combat and non-combat option.
  6. IIRC, you can only take a single attack action per round, but I'd have to double check. Whirlwind attack gives you a standard attack and an off-hand attack against every melee target in range as if you'd made a standard attack against each of them separately. It'll interact with other abilities as a standard attack action. Whirlwind attack can be very powerful, so I'd imagine that there'd be some issues with trying to do a whirlwind of doom against a horde of foes with a long weapon. At the very least, you'd take WS penalties against enemies who are huddled behind others due to cover.
  7. That seems rather punishing for any real use of psychic powers.
  8. IMHO, unsactioned psykers should have a higher power level that's quite a bit riskier than sanctioned psykers. Along that vien, adding a +10 penalty to their Psychic Penhomena roll per point of push would fit rather nicely.
  9. Giving out corruption points for Daemonology and Chaos related topics would make sense. For xenos, I'd say that it'd depend: learning about Orks, Tau, or Eldar isn't going to open your soul up to the Warp or expose you to something that has inherent Warp corruption in it. Since Sanctioned Psykers are trained "saftely", and do not gain corruption points for having a Psy Rating, I'd give them Warp Lore without penalty, but corruption for everyone else would make sense. Higher levels of the lore give more Corruption points, potentially downgraded by a Willpower test. Insanity can be handled in a similar manner, and would be a better fit for Xenos lore IMHO. Jaded and Willpower rolls would we appropriate modifiers and methods for determining how insane you become, with penalties for greater knowledge (such as a -10 when learning Forbidden lore at +10), etc.
  10. I feel that your suggestions go a long way towards making Leadership a competative aptitude. The only thing it needs that hasn't been covered are talents, which can be brought it from other supplements.
  11. It's not an invalid choice. It can be house ruled that the second aptitude option is simply a characteristic aptitude of your choice for some nice flexibility.
  12. I don't really see the issue with this either. With the listed rarities, getting cybernetics, especially good and best quality cybernetics, isn't easy, especially if you're not Adeptus Mechanicus. Other than that, it's an equipment bonus, and should be treated like most other equipment. It has the advantage of not being lost easily, but can really hose you if you get hit with a haywire grenade.
  13. Dual wield is a "special rule" that allows you to make an extra attack with your off hand if you did a standard attack, swift/semiburst or lightning/fullauto with you main hand (right?). So the question is if whirlwind is a standard attack (with some extra goodies) or if it is indeed another type of attack. Two-Weapon Wielder (which enables the off-hand attack) works with a "Single Attack", while Whirlwind of Death allows a "Standard Attack". However, there is not "Single Attack" in the list of combat actions, only "Standard Attack", which is a single attack. Since Standard Attack is specifically compatible with Two-Weapon Fighting, I'd say it works w/ Whirlwind of Death
  14. I agree with adjusting Alt Careers to Elite Advances, especially since porting over talents/traits from the old books is very, very easy. Just figure out what tier it is and the aptitudes that fit it, tweak it if it seems a bit too powerful (like Regeneration for Genetors) and you're good to go. Social or Leadership can work for Interrogation, and probably more than that. As I see it, the main difference is that Leadership is better for direct and overt social skills, while Social would be better for the more casual or crafty ones. Interrogations don't tend to be very subtle IMHO
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