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  1. I have to concede I'm sort of this mindset aswell. I'd rarely set up a situation where such an all or nothing pit o' doom exists as an obstacle (i've have done but rarely). In the situation regarding the chasm leap i'd let the assassin pass automatically regardless of level on the basis that they had Acrobatics. No test. Why? Because they were an 'acrobat' and a 2.5 m gap is childs play regardless of situation. Characters without acrobatics would make a test, but with some hefty +modifers, but only so they had a small (say 5-10%) chance of failure. Anything really to A) keep number crunching to a minimum and B) keeping a rush of narrative motion whilist retaining a keenly felt element of danger. In regards to Docs OP i'd concur, but with a caveat. Characters that are low level can do some awesome things. But that is part of the game system: mooks occassionally being ace, As is the flip side (which i believe Luddite et al are alluding to), that higher level characters can suffer bad luck, which makes them seem incompetent. Because of this 'feature' of the game system it is my sincere belief that the GM should keep the element of chance to a minimum and try to either give enough modifers that it relegates to the chance of failure to a minimum (these are your 'heroes', after all), or simply try to avoid dice rolls entirely if the players actions, choices and narrative allows and supports it.
  2. maybe just leave it as minimim '0' fate. if you roll 01-10 again treat it as a roll of 11-15, or a 'roll again'. on a bigger table, it probably wouldnt be too big an issue, as it'll be less likely to happen so many times.
  3. Like i said, it was just knocked up 5 minutes. as for age being automatic...thats a matter of opinion regarding the relationship between rank and age. But i'd probably assume a bit of automatic aging, for the group as a whole, but this table would add some 'extra aging'. Remember that the idea for the table was a 'punishment table', in order to balance the 6000xp or whatever that the players were being given without 'earning' it through actual roleplay. I ought to be bigger (a true D100 table), but it was only meant to be a start. If ayones got more time to write up a bigger one, i look forward to reading/stealing it. I did wonder if the dying within character creation was a bit harsh, but it is indeed hilarious and also, its a valid risk. Think about in turns of actually role playing, there is a real risk of dying on your way to the heady heights of 6k (or whatever), and i have no problem with influicting it upon 'theoretical' PCs that don't actually yet exist. Its a harsh galaxy out there....
  4. I agree, I'd be more inclined to making it a bit more cheap n cheesy. something like: 200Xp, gain Street fighter, Beast Hunter, and Forbidden Lore (Mutants) or Scholastic Lore (Beasts) at basic Get D10 insanity points
  5. Thanks for you thoughts guys. @ Gregororius. I think you can get 6 fate off a mindwiped PC. Roll a 10 for your starting fate (giving you 4), then take Mara landing Massacre (no homeworld pre req that i can see, unless that was errata'd) for an extra +1, then roll a +1 fate on the divination table for a total of 6. Did I miss something?
  6. My girlfriend recently tried to run a campaign where we all started at 6000 xp, just to give us a chance to play high powered PCs. However, although it was actually a rather fun game, we had a few oddities such as a 16 yr old PC with bags of XP and several characters with 3 or 4 starting fate. (in our normal games this would be highly irregular, most of our PCs barely make it past 200 xp with more than one fate). In order to try and address this i knocked up this table to roll on. Please note its meant to be a 'punishment table' , and not balanced, in order to mess up a high xp character who got there by GM fiat rather than hard slogging roleplay. Feel free to steal it/comment on it etc For each full 1000xp your character starts above the first, roll once on the table below (D100): 1-10: Brush with Death: Begin with -1 Fate permanently; if you have no fate remaining, the character is killed. 11-15:Injured in the Line of Duty: Roll a further d10 and gain the appropriate permanent injury, randomising left or right as needs be: 1) Deafened, 2-3) Loss of one eye, 4-5) Loss of a hand, 6-7) Loss of an Arm, 8-9)Loss of a Leg, 10) loss of a Foot . At the GMS discretion you may start with a bionic replacement of a quality befitting your stature in Imperial Society. 16-30: Unhinged: Gain D5 Insanity points 31-45: Witness to the Warp: Gain D5 corruption points 46-60: Old War Wound: Begin with -1 Wound permanently. 61-70: Passage of Time: Increase your age by one year 71-80: Ravages of Time: Increase your age by d10 years 81-95: It’s a Hard Life: Gain an extra ‘Quirk’ 96-00: Experience Maketh the Man: Gain one Lore or language at Basic. This should be appropriate to your experiences within the time frame, and is ultimately at the GMs discretion. Example: The GM wants to play a higher level campaign and starts the PCs off with 4000xp. This means that Bob the Scum rolls 3 times on the table above, getting a 27, a 78 and a 13. He therefore gains D5 insanity points, getting a 3; increases his age by D10 years, rolling a 7, and getting a permanently injury. This time he rolls an 8, meaning his lost a leg. The GM refuses to grant him anything but crude bionic, resulting in Bob sporting a peg leg.
  7. One of my group rolled up a Guard character this week which gave me no end of hassle. Fun, no doubt, but a git to kill. Hes got 6 fate points. Step 1: Imperial world, roll up 3 fate Step 2: Become Maccebus Qunntus +1 fate up to 4 Step 3: Divination: roll +1 fate up to 5 Step 4: Take Mara Landing Massacre for a +1 fate for a grand total of 6 We also worked out that you could also be a lucky mindwiped guard (roll fate 4) and still take the last two steps for a total fate 6 too. anyone else come across this 'problem' yet? Did you cap the Fate? or just asume the Emperor loves them and get on with?
  8. When doing it, I tried to keeps the odds the same as the original table (so neither was 'better'' than the other'.) Both tables give you a 10-11% chance of a 'bad' divination (corruption points etc) and a 6% chance of an extra fate point. All the other 10 stats (weapon skill through to wounds) are represented equally, with an equal chance of getting + 1-3 on any given stat. There are about 10 random skills/talents with a negative trait aswell, for flavour as much as anything else. As for the bonus's getting better the higher you roll i didn;t see much problem in that. It was the general format as the original, and it makes sense i suppose. By all means feel free to swap numbers and resuts around to suit your own players. Especially if they are in the habit of always rolling high for divination The only reason that paranoia is not at the 'top of the shop ' is quite simple. I really wanted to use that talent in conjunction with the phrase 'everything you have been told is a lie'. I know i could of easily had a reshuffle, but i tried to keep the skeleton of the table the same as the the original, By all means adapt it to your own thoughts. M group love this divination table, and best of all, it means that you rarely get the same two divinations in a single group.
  9. I tend to use the Imperial World tables for Schola Progenium PCs, Hive World table for Forge world PCs, random or GMs choice for Mind wiped chaps and the appropriate homeworld for the noble. So a noble feral worlder gets the feral world table etc.
  10. Kind of in agreement. Consider that you are looking at Imperial Society and its economics from a rational-capitalist point of view. What your original post is about is: why would i spend that money on a psi-jammer when i can get wards for more or less the same price which are better? You assume that acolytes (or citizens, or Inquisitors for that matter), have equal access, choice and understanding to all things in the handbook equally. Simply not so. For example, the term 'rare availability' is simply an abstract game concept. It doesn't represent the reality of getting the aforementioned bit of kit. From a game stats/ability and cost-effective points of view of course players are going to take the wards. If they can of course get them. 2 examples where players don't have a cjhoice between the two: 1) Acoylte team are tasked with taking out an evil psyker. the inquisitor gives the run of his private armoury, giving them access to rare kit, but they must leave collateral (ie cash). the team decide they must take some anti-psionic kit but the only thing available is a psi-jammer. no wards. do they 'buy' the jammer? or leave empty handed? 2)The Acolyte team are not the holiest of holies. Not very nice. In fact they are simply inquisitorial sanbctioned scum that no Ecclesiarch would touch in a squillion years. But they do have friends in the Mechanicus. Whiuch bit of kit are they more likely to get hold of? Not the best examples perhaps, but you see my point. DH is not a game of rationality sometimes, try to to reason with it too much.
  11. The kroot are indeed xenos and should be treated as such. on a standard mission they are going to struggle socialising etc on any imperial world. But that is something for a GM to decide, not rules. The rule were a reaction to a players desire to play a kroot character. Hes quite asware of the roleplaying 'penalties' that this entails. And as he's meant to be part of a weirdo smuggling duo out beyond the Emperors light in the first place, i'm sure its not a big deal. In fact I quite like the idea of the duo struggling to find a 'safe port' where they can go, and the kroot isnt going to get zapped out of hand by a random fantaic. Sort of like Bespin City meets Lucky Space. A Kroot may be a difficult character to play in the Imperium, but that doesn't automatically make them a bad character to play in the 40k universe Good point thought though about the languages. I'd quite forgotten their mimicry ability (thats what you get for writing rules at 230am). I'll probably discuss it with the player in question and see what he wants to do. The original (inquisitor game) character was created and played log before Sandy Mitchell put pen to paper for the good of the Imperium, and we;d decided it was more fun for the kroot to make inarticulate animal noises that could be understood only by his chums. Just like Chewie. Or Sooty. Quite frankly I dislike the idea of Kroot speaking Low gothic. Mimicry maybe, but use of language implies comprehension and understanding. I don't buy it. I think i prefer my Kroot to snarl
  12. It was book 3 of the Inquisitor Conspiracies series. Game supplements for inquisitor. The other two were Cirian Legacy and Death of An Angel. Quite a good source of plot hooks etc for a Dark heresy game. i expect you can still get them from specialist games or Ebay
  13. The classic approach is the virginal young girl, as shown by in the Ghosts novels. I suspect it owes a lot to Joan of Arc. Personally Id avoid it cos its cliched. Perhaps a dalai lama style young boy? Or a more mature seer type male character. Sort of Obiwan kenobi meets muhammad? That might work. Or alternativly, going down the child approach why not have a living saint as a group of spooky precocious kids. Sort of a goody two-shoes Midwich Cuckoos? that might work.
  14. The crusade versus genestealer cult held planets would be fun. Especially if the PCs just think they are up against generic cultists and then it can slowly dawn on them that they are against stealers..thatd hurt. and by that point they might have enough xp to survive AND CA might be out with rulers for purestrains. In such a scenario of course you could substitute the Djoul with a Patriarch (?) , it fufils more or lerss the same plot role and has a canon background. And then, of course, the stealer cult could be calling a hive fleet psychically. imagine that ending of the campaign: well done guys you managed to defeat the evil stealer cult. small problem though, the hive fleet is on its way... PS i know that Marines are the Imperiums RRF. just thought i'd get that one in there before someone else did
  15. Re: Djoul Each to their own, and I agree with your comments regarding 'Crusades'. I would just prefer to skip the Djoul (especially as you have inexperience 40k goers), and just go the meat of a 'nid invasion', I'd flip the thing around and rather have it as a proactive Imperial liberation crusade i's just have it as a 'rapid reaction force' under a team of inquisitors (if there is such a thing as a RRF in the Imperium). The aim of which would be to save the planets from the nids before they are completely drained of resources, giving a nice 'race against time' subplot/overarching plot. I don't buy the idea of a nid Empire as they are, essentially space locusts and dont hold territory once theyve had a delicious repast. But thats me, you're obviously itching to use the Djoul, so why not. As for the Marine, my concern wasnt so much about the subtlety aspect. In a warzone space marines can stomp around high command posts and Conclaves as much as the next 'man'. My concern was a) roleplay ability. Especially with newbie 40kers. ican hear him roaring 'heresy' even now. and b) fairness. This is much debated re: Marines in DH. i fail to see how you can justify having two new PCs one and adept, the other a marine. Cant be done keeping in character IMHO. But again each to their own. Perhaps read through the numerous and long threads on the subject on here and Dark Reign. Incidentally, if you want rules ThePatriots on Dark Reign are as good as any. Don't like them myself, but you did ask for directions The power level of the PCs is up to you. Starting xp of 400 etc is usually enough (though i tend towards about 600 xp), and i always let players buy kit from scratch, simply for varieties sake. Just bare in mind my comments above regarding marines when considering a starting power level. The most important factor of starting XP is what you expect these guys to do. Unless they have reasonable stats etc dont expect them to take on a hive fleet anytime soon. Against even a small group of nid beasties most starting PCs will just wet their pants with fear and burn fate left right and centre.
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