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  1. Hi there, Hero #1 uses a breath attack and hits a monster and Hero #2. Hero #2 has the stealth ability and therefore the stealth dice is rolled as well. Now the OL playes a dodge card on the monster and forces the Player of Hero #1 to roll the dice again. Can the OL force him to roll the stealth dice for Hero#2 again, too? Thanks Stephan
  2. I played the undying thing like you said. What made me suspicious is the rules summary on the back of WoD and AoD, which says undying creatures com back with full health.
  3. Hi there, 1. I know this has been discussed a couple of time, but I cannot find it anymore. What happens to excess damage to undying creatures in non-campaign (RTL) quests? 2. Are OL cards discarded for threat discarded face up or face down? Thanks Stephan
  4. Slayer6022 said: I have a couple of questions regarding activation and use of glyphs as well as one about giving a weapon (or potion) to an adjacent hero: 1) When activating a Glyph does a Hero have to step onto the Glyph and then again off the Glyph (i.e. move through) before it is activated or can simply they step onto the Glyph for 1MP and then activate the Glpyh without using another MP to step off? 2) I just finished playing a game where the Heros would come from town using a Glyph and attack and then on the same turn use the Glyph again to run away so that the Overload could not get an attack in - I just reread the rules about the Glyph and this sounds like it is not allowed - do I understand the rules correctly? 3) When giving a weapon (or potion) to an adjacent Hero can the other Hero give a weapon (or potion) back in return, i.e. can they trade items, for example to avoid having to an item in order to recieve the new item? Thanks. 1) The hero just has to step onto the Glyph and it is activated (and useable) right away (except for RTL). Exception: the Runewitch, which activates Runes while 6 squares away. (Rulebook, page 17 left column) 2) This is illegal movement. A Hero can use a Glyph only once per turn. (Rulebook, page 17 left column) 3) No. Only the active Hero can give Items away (1MP / Item). The receiving Hero cannot trade items in return.
  5. I'd be happy to help you with the German version, if you like. Gtx Anselmus
  6. Apart from RtL (and Soaring is only in effect on outdoor encounters), does terrain (mud, lava...) affect flying monters in dungeons?
  7. This is from the FAQ: Q: Do Soaring creatures benefit from terrain? A: While a creature is Soaring, it ignores the terrain in its current space. A Soaring creature may choose to “land” and disable its Soar power until its next turn; if it does this it is affected by terrain just like any other figure. But yet I could not find anything about flying and terrain.
  8. The rules say that Soaring monster don't suffer any movement penalties from terrain (except the square they land in). How are the rules for Flying and terrain, since I could not find anything in the rules. --Anselmus
  9. Hi there, I just read through the GLoAQ where I found this: Threat and Surges Do the surges used to generate Threat for an Overlord get spent, or can they be used to activate effects? eg, the OL rolls 3 surges and has the option to use 1 Surge for 1 damage. Can the OL gather 1 Threat and +3 Damage, or only 1 Threat and +1 Damage? Clarified: Can surges used for Threat also be used for abilities? How can the OL use surges for damage appart from dark prayer and RtL outdoor encounters? Did I miss anything in the past 4 years? =( --Anselmus
  10. Corbon said: If the Chest contains no treasures (ie no blanks rolled on 4 black dice) then the heroes get 1 CT. For some people this happens depressingly often! I missed/forgot that one. Just too many new rules. Thanks for the point.
  11. Shoal07 said: , the players gained 23 XP each from killing leaders, activating glyphs, chests, and the 1pt for exploration Sorry to pull this one out again, but I just been reading through RtL threads since we startet RtL for the first time. Heroes don't get CTs from chests anymore, do they? The "normal" CT outcome for the heroes therefore should be 18?
  12. Hi there, If One-Fist is equiped with a sword, does he get the its off-hand bonus when attacking with his hook? --Anselmus
  13. Hi there, last session a question about armor and damade dealt by traps occured. We do play the German version of the game so take it easy with translation. A trap card, like a crushing block, says it deals 4 points of damage ignoring armor. Does this mean it ignores the total armor of the target? Or does it just ignore armor provided by equipment cards/treasures and the "base armor"of a hero ist still subtracted from the damage? --Anselmus
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