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  1. I've got a lot of homebrew to do it seems. BTW- I didn't see it at first glance, when does this drop?
  2. Also- keep in mind, that one game doesn't give you enough information to know if something is good or not since the game is quite random.... so keep playing some
  3. Well, if you lose against it: its not a big deal- part of it is luck. We normally just do what you did, and draw and get X numbers and add them together. If you are using the inner tier rules, the extra money and trophies become useful to skip a lot of spaces...
  4. Black Templar Emperor's Champion RGRGRGRGRGRG PMLRPMLRPMLR Power Limit 2 across Special Rules Go Here: You do not draw mission cards, instead pick a vow: Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds; defeat an enemy with a higher total attribute than you. Then reveal the top two mission cards and gain the reward on one of them, shuffle the other back into the deck. Suffer Not the Unclean to Live; the emperor (player to your left) selects an enemy type (daemon, eldar, heretic, orc, traitor, tyranid, etc.) you must defeat one of that enemy. Uphold the Honour of the Emperor; The emperor (player to your left) selects an attribute, if another player in your tier is about to engage in a battle of that type you may come to their aid. Immediately move to their space and add you full attribute to theirs. They must win to complete the vow. Win or lose, you lose your next turn. Upon completing a vow you gain a completed mission and must select a new vow (you may select the same vow). When you gain corruption, place it face down. Your corruption never activates. Your corruption limit is 8 (instead of 6). Asset Limit 5 Starts: Omnisian Shrine Str 4 Will 3 Cun 3 Life 5 This was created by another playtester in our group: I think its way too wordy of a special to put on a card like this: I think we should create 3 special VOW cards that he can have along side the character card.
  5. Name: Chaos Space Marine R R B R R B R R B R R B P L M Y L M P L M Y L M Power Limit: 1 Power Limit: 2 Power Limit: 3 Picture Goes Here Special Rules Go Here: You have the following Battle Bonus: 2 Each time you draw a Corruption card, you may draw 1 additional card. Choose 1 to keep and discard the other. (this is done before activation of the cards) You have a corruption threshold of 8 (instead of 6) Asset Limit: 7 Starting Space: ??? Str: 4 Will: 2 Cun: 1 Life: 5
  6. Well, the intent and how we have played it where it was the most fun: Once you go into the inner tier- you can still skip spaces- after that you keep encountering them until you get to the center space (with the spawn) and you fight him (unless of course you die earlier). You roll for his stat: then draw cards (draw cards until you have drawn 3 enemy cards from that deck, add their numbers together to calculate his stat) and fight. Win Loose or Draw, you get spit back out to Blackstone. This way, you must go in and win 3 time to win the game, which turns the game into less of a race to the middle: Going in first and getting to the center in most games will often result in victory- this game, less likely. Often people go in at full level 12- which is fun to really power up. Sometimes people make a run at him earlier, but then power back up before going in again. You definitely want to have your life value back to full so you don't die from challenges. We have been mostly playing 3 people games with it.
  7. I lied... here is more... I'll just post it all here from now on.
  8. We have played the Chaos Spawn scenario, and its a blast: its difficult at times, and I think I can re-word the stats on the spawn better- the intent is that each time you roll to determine which stat you use, and draw cards until you have X number of enemy cards, adding all of their strength together, and that is what strength the spawn uses. I've seen him have a 22 in a stat with 3 cards, and a 9 with 5.
  9. Well here is some more homebrew: I assume no one is into home brew stuff since only 1 person has commented on anything of note, but the pages have plenty of views. So I'll not post any more for now, and just work with the playtest groups we have locally. I think we will call this guy either Chaos Zealot, or Chaos Cultist. I also have the Culexus Assassin done, to round out the 4 main assassins: I like that one the best which is why I am waiting for last to finish it. I just need a better picture to use.
  10. My main idea behind the unsanctioned psyker, is that you are a non registered psychic that is out there in the imperium using your powers to stay one step ahead of the inquisitors. They aren't necessarily evil, but they don't like potential conduits for deamonic possessions to just wander free, they prefer them dead or in the service of the Emperor. He has to walk that fine line, as his corruption also powers him up: but brings him one step closer to damnation. A player playing this character has to decide how far to take him. Movement fixing abilities really do win games of Relic: and he is no exception as he has a clone of the Rogue Trader's movement ability- a nice counter to the sanctioned psykers penalty of never using movement from powers. One thing to consider, is when he gains a corruption, he draws the full 4 power cards (unless something is giving you a modifier to power limit) Right now in this incarnation: he ends up with a lot of stats in the end of the game, which so far is pretty balanced with the idea that his stats are 5/11/11 at the end of the game. not having a 12, hurts on certain scenarios, although there are plenty of ways to get to 12 outside of leveling.
  11. The idea behind the Vindicare, is that he can assassinate one enemy quite well if he needs to. Like the Ogryn, he can generate 6 character tokens, that boost his combat abilities: however he doesn't create an auto 6, instead he adds an additional die. This means he can still roll a 2, while the ogryn will roll at least a 7 when using his ability. The other special ability he has, allows him to stop enemies from ganging up on him: or turn a fight into a cunning test essentially. By using the assassinate you can turn a fight where you would face 2 enemies that combined would defeat you into a much more manageable fight, or use it to tackle enemies who have high stats that you do not (such as willpower). Both these abilities are great, and useful most of the time- but both can fail and do NOTHING at all. The trick to playing him well, is to really time your uses of the special abilities to when they are vital, but have high chances of success. combining this with good power card usage is the key. The last ability gives the Vidicare a 6+ invulnerable save if you will... it can save him a few life points here and there, but it can also give him an alternate way to generate tokens. We found that giving him this ability generally only creates 1-2 tokens per game, but it gives him an open ended feel: because he is highly dependant on his tokens to do amazing things. Right now, he does very well mid to late game: but if the game goes on too long and he runs out of tokens before making his final run, he does suffer.
  12. I will note: the idea behind this character- is that he is more of a psyker and less of a straight up beat stick like the Space Marine Cap. In the fluff, those who use psychic powers are more likely to be corrupted by the warp-but being a space marine he is less likely than others. Thus, we gave him the higher than average threshold, but this corruption will activate. His level progression is similar to the SM Cap- but more willpower and less strength, while his bottom set is normalized because some of us are OCD and want a pattern.
  13. So the first iteration of the Librarian was too good: iF you get the relic that lets you use power cards to always generate a 6, it ruins the game. Here is a more balanced version based on our thoughts: but I really wouldn't mind your ideas too.
  14. We are playing them both together and separately. Hopefully they are balanced enough to make the game fun, and not over shadow the regular characters. And we have 9 characters worked up- and 4 ending cards. They just require photoshop time.
  15. Yet Another homebrew creation... I'm not a huge fan of this character but the other two guys we work with love him.
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