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  1. smokingmonkee


    Are those containers standard or did you modify them to fit the big ships?
  2. CDO is correct because now the letters are in their proper alphabetical order.
  3. I was thinking of just using: Royal Guard Pilot w/ Veteran Instincts and Targeting Computer x 4
  4. That's my preferred build as well although I couple times I've also put squad leader on Jan for fun and profit.
  5. My local store is notoriously bad at getting stuff in, so I'll probably just pick them up from one of the Toronto stores or meeplemart.
  6. I'm working on a Firespray right now but I'm having issues with the colour scheme. I was planning on going black and yellow but something is not sitting right after I blocked out the yellow.
  7. That is just your eyes playing tricks on you. I'll probably clean up the paint a bit when I get the chance but it's passable.
  8. Here's my meager attempt at a Falcon conversion and repaint.
  9. If you are ever in toronto http://www.heavysupport.com/ is worth a shot too.
  10. I really like the asteroid base. What will the "flight" stand be made of?
  11. I would recommend www.meeplemart.com or www.thecultofthenew.com. Both offer flat shipping at around $10 and cult of the new does offer free shipping at $150.
  12. I'm curious how they are doing the international regions, specifically Canada.
  13. I have run a similar list with success, the only difference was Marksmanship on Wedge.
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