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  1. Here's the scenario: I attack with the no-kneeling Knight of Flowers with a Hunting Spear (reduces non-weaponed characters -2). A few questions: Can I also declare 2 STR characters, even if they will have no strength due to the HS? ( for their renown or character ability, etc) Also, if a character's STR is reduced to zero during the challenge, they are still participating, and could still claim renown as long as there were other participating characters that would win the challenge. Right? Short version: can I declare a 0 STR character in a challenge?
  2. People! Yes! I've seen the schedule for Rainy Day's LCG and that would take a miracle to get me there. Thursday night across town is not feasible. I convinced a friend to go in on a few chapter packs and we've played once. He's still getting the hang of it, but he bought three premium starters, so I think he's hooked… I was thinking more Guardian Games on a weekend at some point. Kauai, I checked out your trade list, but I don't have the specific reprints you want. (I do have the originals, though, of the Fury Plot and the Robert Bara).
  3. Again, Ktom, thanks for the clear explanation.
  4. Thanks for the response. I have a follow up Icy Catpult question. My opponent has a bodyguard attachment (Response: discard BG from play to save attached character from being killed or discarded from play) on his only character in play. I marshall House Umber Berserkers (When HUB comes into play, each player must choose a character he or she controls. Kill each chosen character). I choose my Icy Catapulted weenie to die from HUB's passive ability. My opponent obviously must choose his only character. My question is this: Is the Bodyguard in the discard pile by the time Icy Catapult can trigger and therefore make his Lord a viable target? Does it depend on initiative? Or do we choose characters simultaneously and they are killed simultaneously, and Icy Catapult could not kill? Thanks.
  5. Icy Catapult: "Limited Response: After attached character leaves play, choose and kill a character without attachments. (Limit 1 Limited Response per round.)" Wildfire Assault: "When revealed, each player chooses up to 3 of his or her characters. All characters not chosen are killed (cannot be saved)." Assuming my opponent's characters have no attachments, can I let my character with Icy Catapult die to leave my opponent with two characters by the time plots resolve? The timing would look something like: I choose Wildfire to resolve. We both choose our three characters to keep. I trigger the limited response on Icy Catapult and choose one of the three characters my opponent chose to keep. Everyone not selected (plus the one the Icy Catapult snagged) go to the dead pile. Do I have this right? Or is there some way my opponent can not make his "choices" known before I choose who Icy Catapult will take out?
  6. 1) Harrenhal: Response: After a character is killed, kneel Harrenhal to search the top 3 cards of your deck for 1 card and put it into your hand. Then shuffle the other cards back into your deck. If I have a stalwart character that dies (let's say Ned), is he on top of my deck by the time I trigger Harrenhal? Or his he still moribund? 2) If bring a character out of shadows at the beginning of the dominance phase, will that character's strength count for dominance? Sorry if these topics were hashed out in another thread; I was too lazy to search.
  7. I'm a returning player in need of a play group to trade, share chapter packs, and of course play. I have a couple core sets and a few of the early chapter packs. I need more recent Stark and Bara cards. Anyone?
  8. Thanks to rings for hosting. That man is most generous. A prize table like I've never seen for a nine-person tournament! A basement set up for co-ed cube drafting, which if you didn't know what it was, might sound dirty. Anyway, thanks, rings. I played a Bara deck dependent on getting one noble character really beefy with out-of-house Devious Intentions, Lightbringer, Bodyguard, Hunting Spear, then surrounding him with claim-fodder weenie characters. The usual cards that work off of power challenges like Seductive Promise, Support of the Kingdom, Martial Law, were key. Standy-Bob, Distinct Mastery, and the new Eddard also played integral roles. Renly and Stannis are no slouches though. The plots are set up to keep my noble around for a few rounds while I race to the win (Power of Blood x2, Stay the Execution). Prosperity and Plenty gets my needed attachments back (and cheaper!) from the discard pile. I can post the deck on Tzumainn if anyone wants the list. My first game was against Nick playing Targ. I had everything working except for the fact that he kept discarding my needed attachments. I kept getting them back, then they'd go away again. It seemed I was always one card away from a swing. Right after his Valar, I drew my Bodyguard. He had one Shadow Card in his deck that he of course had in Shadows for most of the game (sit down, Standy-Bob!). I lost, it felt closer than it actually was. Second round was a bye. I called my wife, did some homework, checked the football scores. Easy win. Then I played John, who was also playing Bara. We thought it might be a mirror match, but after the first round he had four big characters in play, none of which I had in my deck. I Valared second turn after he commanded set-up and first round. Then I set up a Devious Renly with the plot protection and it was over. Fourth round was against Egg, another Bara. His deck was slightly different than John's or mine, but we were both vying for power challenges. I intrigued his Seductive promise, which would have been game right there. I was able to Seduce him the next round. My Martial Law kept it close, but in true Bara fashion it was over on plot three with a total of 28 power on the board (15-13, for the math deficient). I got to 14 before his challenges and Dominance actions took him to 15. Then, miraculously, I was in the top four. There is no logical reason for this that I can explain. I beat one human opponent. I would've given up my seat to Jesse, but it seemed he was there mostly to play Halo, so I took my fourth seed. The game with Dan was a blur. I do remember he took the Motley that I gave him and put it back on my own Standy-Bob. That made it very expensive to keep that engine working. I even had Eddard out to keep all the Lanni trickery in check (~yeah, 'cause that is real Nedly). It came down to the 6th plot and I could either valar my own Bob and Ned or try for a 2 claim plot. I knew if I valared the game would drag and I'd be left to hope to draw one of my other nobles. So I went for claim and lost that round. Side note: I did have Bay of Ice for draw, which worked 80% of the time in my favor. Once during this game I took my extra draw and my 2 during draw phase and ended up drawing all three of my fiefdoms! Sweet! All in all, it was a phenomenal time. Even though Pyke spoiled multiplayer, cube draft ended up being excellent fun. Thanks again to everyone who traveled far, and to those locals who made us all feel welcome. 'Till next year! -Dave "Whiskers" Myers
  9. Matt, Binder and I are in. We're not sure if we're driving up Friday night or Saturday morning. Friday night is tough since we'd be battling traffic and wouldn't get in until late. If Binder plays Greyjoy I won't guarantee he's got a ride home so someone might have to give him a lift or at least bus fare. What kind of events are we looking at? LCG for sure. Classic? Multi?
  10. Even though it's been a year since Binder and I have played seriously, we've been keeping up with buying chapter packs and making decks. Maybe we will pool our money together to buy a plane ticket and one VERY large, suspiciously human-shaped carry-on luggage. I'll only consider going if I can share a bed with Rings again.
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