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    Vaapad reacted to Shikaku in 2nd edition! I will get back in the game!   
    @Daenerys - The changes to the game talked about in Nate's letter don't lead me to believe the game has been simplified to the caveman level of strategy MtG is known for. The new version just cleans up a few things and streamlines the rules, and who can't say that wasn't needed? Other than that, it's the same game. Same characters, same icons, same challenges, same way to determine challenge winners, same win condition... I think you are over reacting.
    @Minusthematt - boohoo, you spent money on a game and enjoyed yourself for a time. Spend some more money (which you were going to do anyway) and get the new stuff -- and once a week/month/year organizer a First Edition tournament if you miss your cardboard that much. It's paper people, let's not plunge the knife into our hearts over the loss of the ability to play with it competitively a YEAR from now. By the way, I just busted out the thousands of Decipher SWCCG cards I had boxed up in my closet this weekend, put together a few decks and had a blast -- and guess what! They were still in the same shape I left them in when that game stopped being printed. Amazing, huh.
    @Tobogan - Not sure what game you used to play, because what was described as 2nd Edition is **** close to what the game looks like now.
    I for one am excited about this. Sure, I dropped hundreds of dollars buying up chapter packs to play competitively when I came back to the game in 2012. But I am not losing any sleep over the decision to go to a 2nd Edition. The opportunity for them to make a better game, give us things they could never give us because of the state of 1st Edition is in, is worth the reboot.
    If you are thinking about getting back into the game, know someone who left at some point and laments the decision but was unwilling to buy in late in the 1st edition life of the LCG, reach out to them. Get them to commit to the 2nd edition and the player base will grow, and it will grow in your backyards. That will mean a more vibrant competitive scene for you and everyone else nationwide.
    2nd Edition is an opportunity to make a big impact in the card gaming world that hasn't always taken AGoT seriously. Always a good game, but other long-time games (MtG, L5R) continue to draw larger player bases.
    Having played/known Nate from the beginning; I support this decision. He's one of the smartest guys I now, and he wouldn't steer this game wrong. I look forward to what they have in store for us next (it better be better prize support ;p).
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    Vaapad got a reaction from Ratatoskr in 11/29 - Red Saturday 2014 - NYC Tournament   
    Way back on Thanksgiving weekend of 2005, the NYC Meta held our first ever "Black Friday" tournament, played on the day after Thanksgiving. We have continued that tradition ever since, and this year will reach our 10th consecutive Thanksgiving weekend tournament. To my knowledge, this is the longest running continuous tournament in the history of the game (at least in the US). To celebrate, we'll have some excellent and truly unique prizes, some of which will feature the custom art partially spoiled below.
    For now, let's get some details out there:

    What: Black Friday (Red Saturday) Joust Tournament
    When: Saturday, November 29, 2014. Registration will be at 10:00, play at 10:30.
    Where: The Compleat Strategist, 11 East 33rd Street (between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue), New York City
    Cost: $15

    If you're on Facebook, you can RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/999800720046640/

    If you can't make it to Worlds and want go send off the 2014 season with a bang, come to NYC. If you are going to Worlds and want one more hurrah, come to NYC. Our Meta will also do our best to host traveling players who need a place to stay - just ask.

    And finally, here's a sneak peek at that art! As we get closer to the tournament, I'll uncover more and more of this beauty!

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    Vaapad reacted to ktom in Martial Law   
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    Vaapad got a reaction from sWhiteboy in A fresh idea never posted or considered before....   
    Omg. Mind ... Blown.
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    Vaapad got a reaction from Ratatoskr in NYC Store Championship: 3/29   
    Only for me. Everyone else has to play The White Book.
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    Vaapad got a reaction from -Istaril in can Choosing the Spear stand the Red Viper   
    Correct. It is not the same as claim replacement.
    Take this example. TRV is clearly immune to Die By the Sword - the player playing that card cannot "choose" TRV. The result would be no different if Die By the Sword read, "after you win ... the losing player must choose and kill one of his characters." If the event were worded that way and the Martell player had only TRV left alive after claim, it would do nothing.
    Claim replacement is entirely different because it causes card text to substitute for claim -- a game mechanic to which TRV is not immune.
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    Vaapad reacted to Bomb in I'm going to Worlds - who else?   
    Yep.  Silly me.  :-)
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    Vaapad got a reaction from danach82 in Multiple Core Sets   
    Even with access to 3 cores, if you build multiple decks out of the same house (and I currently have 4 Targ decks built), you need to proxy a considerable amount.
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    Vaapad got a reaction from sWhiteboy in NYC Thronestoberfest: 10/12   
    Any Canadian who brings a pet moose to Thronestoberfest gets free admission.
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    Vaapad reacted to dcdennis in The official board FAQ thread   
    fixed your post.
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    Vaapad got a reaction from mdc273 in So here's the thing...   
    With that subject I was expecting a picture of your *****.
    Which I suppose begs the question, why did I click?
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