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  1. ktom said: This is an old, long-settled issue. "Triggered effect," "effect just triggered," "next effect triggered," etc. All refers to "triggered effects" only. You cannot use a "cancel the next effect triggered" effect to cancel a passive effect. not to be a pain, but how does this jive with the City of Spiders text, which reads, "TRIGGER the 'when revealed' EFFECT of any city plot …"?
  2. Yup. I saw your Facebook comment and posted there as well to let them know that DC and NYC likely now aren't coming. Maybe if they see they're driving too many players away they'll change it
  3. I love that they'll be supporting older mechanics. Lets get song of the sea over with and get back to westros!
  4. He basically said its the expense of keeping the store open late to accommodate both formats, which is bull bc Netrunner starts at 5pm anyway - that'll go til midnight too
  5. Yes Adam - I told him we have a group from NYC who are planing to come up, but competitive melee being mandatory for placement will definitely drive some, and may drive all, away. He seemed disappointed to hear that , but disinclined to change it. Maybe if you call and say similar things it will have some effect. He noted that this is how FFG runs their national events, and I countered that FFG does it over 2 days, and then still has separate prize support for joust winners and melee winners independent of overall placement.
  6. This makes me want to just play Star Wars instead, if I go at all. I was really excited to start off my thrones regional season next weekend, but melee counting + going all night (and its 2+ hours back to NYC) may = bust
  7. I spoke to the organizer on the phone. Here is what I learned. 1) $25 is not a mistake -- the price is higher for thrones because there are two tourneys in one (melee and joust). There may, depending on turnout, be additional prize support in the form of store credit. 2) Indeed, they expect the thrones event to go late into the night, which is part of the reason the price is higher. 3) The winners will be determined based on both joust and melee combined, in a point-based system, with more emphasis on joust. However, if you want to place highly, you have to participate in both (ie if you skip melee you earn no points for it). They made this change because "five or six people" called and requested that melee be part of the event. 4) There will be 2 rounds of melee, a qualifiers round and then a final table. There will be 4-5 rounds of Swiss joust followed by a bracket. 5) They are expecting 16-32 players.
  8. Adam, you say this isn't your regional -- do you know whose it is (if its anyone with an online presence)?
  9. I guess ill call and ask these questions. If joust won't wrap up til midnight, this may not happen for us.
  10. $25?! I called the event center a few days ago and was told $15. I see now that the Facebook event page says $25. I have to say, that's ridiculous. This may well deter some of us from coming. I also see now that it will be melee followed by joust, all starting at 2pm. At that rate, we're bound to be playing til midnight or later, no? Lastly, does melee placement affect overall placement, or is overall placement related solely to joust?
  11. 3-5 of us from NYC are planning on making the trip. Just wondering who else we might see there…
  12. Wish I could! That seems to be a bad day all around for the NYCers -- I posted it on our page, but it looks like we all have conflicts unfortunately
  13. Thanks. I knew the Darkstar rule, but thanks for confirming my thoughts on the rest!
  14. I swear I've seen the answer to this, but I couldn't find it in a forum search or in the FAQ. If it's a RTFR, my apologies. Player A reveals Valar, Player B reveals Many Powers Long Asleep (when revealed, put a Holy character into play from your dead pile). Player B has Melisendre in play and Shadow Enchantress in his dead pile. Player B wins initiative and chooses Valar to go off first. Two questions: 1) After Melisendre is killed by Valar, is she in the dead pile in time for B to put her back into play with Many Powers? I think I remember reading that the answer is no because Mel is in play moribund:dead until all when revealed effects fully reseolve. 2) Assuming (1) is correct, if after Valar goes off B puts Shadow Enchantress into play from the dead pile, will Shadow Enchantress survive the Valar, or does Valar's effect some how last through the end of the When Revealed effecet resolutions? Thanks!
  15. Twn2dn said: mdc273 said: Back on topic… I wonder if my meta has gotten its kit… I wonder if we even got this kit… You, my friend, are in luck it's safely stowed away in my house. It may or may not be true that I hid the Dany cards, and take them out and call them "precious" when no one is around …
  16. ktom said: Yeah, well, I've found it best not to assume people can handle the law school tone for feedback I would naturally want to use, too. well, you hearby have my permission to RTFR me if I pull this kind of offense again
  17. My law school professors always used to respond, "RTFR!" (read the f*cking rule) when they got questions that could be dealt with just looking at the statutes. I am ashamed .
  18. If a character is declared as a naval attacker or defender, can the opponent respond with meereen tourney ground to reduce the str of the naval attacker/defender? Thanks
  19. mdc273 said: ktom said: As I said above: "Assuming its text really says 'no other City plots in your used pile,' then it would not count itself if you used something like City of Spiders to initiate its effect. You don't need a ruling for that. It's simply reading comprehension." If this is the only City plot in your used pile when you play City of Spiders, its effect would resolve. That's what the card says, so that is what you do. If that's not what FFG wants it to do, they can issue errata (like the whole Sorrowful Man thing), but until then, you follow the text. If City of Spiders is copying the effect, why does the other not refer to another City plot besides City of Spiders? If the other is self-referential text, doesn't it refer to City of Spiders now? Matt, CoS doesn't "copy" anything - it lets you trigger the WR of a plot in your used pile. So you play CoS, trigger Sept, and sept finds no "other" city plots -- just itself
  20. I agree with all that's been said, but ill just point out that the LCG valar did carry forward the antiquated "limit 1 per plot deck." Maybe for some quirky reason FFG really does mean "identical." Has anyone sent the question to Damon? Or Ktom for that matter - how would you rule this at a tourney?
  21. Matt, you'll be pleased then that one of the decks I'm bringing Thursday includes it
  22. Coolstuffinc tends to have the best prices - $10 chapter packs, $20 deluxe expansions
  23. If you view it as a board game to play at home, it's expensive if you want to branch out into the chapter packs. If you view it as a living card game and want to keep inventing and reinventing new decks for innovative play, it's cheap (compared to ccgs).
  24. BBSB12 said: @Vaapad: I'd say that foils, boosters AND new art(hehe!), not to mention playing a card game - all fall into category of being 12 year old by default. Some people can run around 'cause they got new art Cersei, while others will be in tears of joy 'cause they got foiled version of Cersei. Pretty much both of them behave as children.^_____^ So by default, I say everyone on this forum is a 12 year old. QED. Look above - the post you're referencing wasn't mine. Sadly, I can't stop other people from choosing the avatar that I've adopted.
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