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  1. fixed your post. Laughed out loud on my bus ride home. People gave me funny looks.
  2. Star Wars just got a new FAQ this morning. Hopefully ours is just around the corner...
  3. With that subject I was expecting a picture of your *****. Which I suppose begs the question, why did I click?
  4. Anyone order from coolstuffinc and receive a shipping notification?
  5. Curiouser and curiouser. The bottom of my page has a hyperlink back to the subforum (general discussion) -- I guess you want one level above that? Also, on my iPhone and using safari, I can see who made the most recent post only if I am not logged in. Once I log in, that info disappears
  6. Correct. So if you live on the east coast (or even if you don't), come prep with us over Columbus Day Weekend!
  7. We will be glad to have you back. In addition to Black Friday, we plan on doing a worlds warmup tourney over Columbus Day Weekend. Details and formal announcement to come, but mark your calendar now!
  8. Dan, what the hell man? Get your own avatar
  9. Here are the full stats: NYC Regional Stats (Saturday, June 29): 23 Players from NY, CT, NJ, and DC. House Breakdown: Greyjoy: 6 Targaryen: 4 Stark: 4 Lannister: 4 Martell: 3 Baratheon: 2 Agenda Breakdown: The Long Voyage: 11 No Agenda/Chargenda: 4 Knights of the Hollow Hill: 3 Siege of Winterfell: 2 Knights of the Realm: 1 Power Behind the Throne: 1 House of Dreams: 1 Restricted Card Breakdown: Fury of the Kraken: 4 Castellan of the Rock: 4 Long Lances: 3 No Quarter: 2 Island Refugee: 1 Highgarden Refugee: 1 Refugee of the Plains: 1 Fear of Winter: 1 Meera Reed: 1 Burning on the Sands: 1 The Viper's Bannermen: 1 Game of Cyvasse: 1 Search and Detain: 1 Knight of Flowers (KL): 1 Top 8: Martell/TLV/TVB Stark/Siege/FoW Baratheon/TLV/Refugee Greyjoy/TLV/Refugee Greyjoy/TLV/Fury Greyjoy/TLV/Fury Targ/TLV/Long Lances Lannister/No Agenda(Kevan)/Castellan Martell/TLV/TVB def. Lannister/No Agenda/Castellan Targ/TLV/Long Lances def. Stark/Siege/FoW GJ/TLV/Fury def. Baratheon/TLV/Refugee GJ/TLV/Refugee def. GJ/TLV/ Fury Top 4: Martell/TLV/TVB def. GJ/TLV/Refugee Targ/TLV/Long Lances def. GJ/TLV/Fury Finals: Targ/TLV/Long Lances def. Martell/TLV/TVB **Note that we had 11 TLV out of 23 decks. 6 of the top 8 decks were TLV, and all 4 of the top 4 were TLV.
  10. Final reminder - the NYC regional is TOMORROW! Registration will be from 9.30 to 10:30 with be first round of Swiss starting at 10:30 SHARP! If you suddenly decide to come last minute, walk-ins are fine. See you all tomorrow!
  11. By the way, Friday's casual melee will be held at Cranberry Cafe, 115 West 45th street, between 6th avenue and 7th avenue. Up on the second floor. People should be there by 5:30, if not before.
  12. 18 registered, would love to hit 20. Anyone out there who has not signed up considering coming? Also, A Journey's End has been released and thus will be legal.
  13. Coming up THIS WEEKEND! We currently have 17 players signed up for the Joust, so it should be a great field. It's not too late to sign up; if you haven't won a regional yet this season, give it one more shot!
  14. A reminder also: if you know you're coming, please call or email the store so they can add you to their list. Thanks!
  15. Yep, casual/drunk melee will begin at Cranberry around 5:30 or as soon as there are 4 people, whichever comes first!
  16. Danigral said: I have you, Dave and John down. Anyone else you're thinking of? Those are the three confirmed. Jim (OrangeDragon) is on the fence. I'm trying to twist his arm a little bit
  17. Bump to the top. If you're coming in from out of town and need a place to crash, we can host 12 or so guests between several of our members on extra beds/sofas/floors. Email me directly if you are interested and will need a place to stay: vaapad.vii@gmail.com. Additionally, we'll be doing a charity raffle to help out the Oklahoma relief effort after last month's torandos. It will be a cool chance to help out a great cause and win some unique thrones-related prizes. So if you're on the fence about coming, do it!
  18. I won this regional today. Here are the results and the breakdown: 8 players, cut to top 4.Rankings after Swiss:1. Dave S. - Targaryen; KotHH; The Hatchlings' Feast2. Dan S. - Martell; Treaty to the Isles; Fury of the Sun3. Mike K. - Greyjoy; Kings of Winter; Kings of Winter4. Sandy B. - Baratheon; Kings of Summer; Kings of Summer5. Matt H. - Baratheon; TLV; Highgarden Refugee6. Jeff B. - Lannister; No Agenda (Ser Kevan); Castellan of the Rock7. Matt B. - Stark; Siege of Winterfell; Retaliation!8. Conner P. - Greyjoy; TLV; Island RefugeeTop 4:1. Dave S. (Targ) def. 4. Sandy B. (Bara)2. Dan S. (Martell) def. 3. Mike K. (Greyjoy).Finals:1. Dave S. (Targ) def. Dan S. (Martell)All in all, although we only had 8 players, every house was represented and there was a nice spread of agendas and restricted cards. And everyone had fun. Thanks all.
  19. Me to Damon via the rules link: "How does Blood Magic Ritual interact with a character that has the "No Attachments" keyword? I can see it two ways: 1) the "No Attachments" character enters play, BMR cannot attach to it, BMR is discarded, and the character remains in play unconditionally; or 2) because a player cannot successfully resolve the entire response on BMR if he chooses a "No Attachments" character, that character is not a valid target for BMR in the first place. Please let me know which, if either, of those is correct. " Damon's reply: "1."
  20. Time to start getting excited about your upcoming trip to NYC!! All the details are above; as you can see, the tournament is less than a month away. Please pre-register with the store via either phone or email, and if you have any questions, ask here or email me: vaapad.vii(at)gmail.com
  21. Less than a month away! Time to pick up the phone or shoot off an email to pre-register with the store!
  22. reedhackman said: I don't know why I said New England. The regional that I'm trying to go to is in Manchester, CT. Is there going to be room in a car that I can get a ride in? I'm staying in Park Slope but I should be able to get anywhere so as to make whoever is generious enough to hypothetically drive me not have to go so far out of the way to pick me up :-) im going up to ct but its a little complicated -- let's talk tomorrow night and see what we can work out.
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