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  1. Any Canadian who brings a pet moose to Thronestoberfest gets free admission.
  2. Or you could, ya know, not go there for the 30 min lunch
  3. Btw, the trophies are different/special. If you get one, it's guaranteed to be the best trophy you ever got!
  4. Details added to OP. As always, hit me with questions, and RSVP if you haven't!
  5. Awesome! Yeah Philippe emailed me with some logistical questions. I hope it works out, would be great to have Canada represented!
  6. Less than a month away, and we're looking at 16+ players as of now! Keep the RSVP's coming!
  7. I'm guessing a little, but we're currently around 12-15 I think. Entry will be no more than $10. I'll post more about prizes once I finalize them, but there will be some customized unique gear, as always.
  8. I think they said that each year of competitive play covers three "season": spring/regionals, summer/gencon, and fall/worlds
  9. Nice to hear Alex on the show - any chance of that becoming a recurring thing? And thanks for propping Thronestoberfest - I hope one or both of you can make it down to NYC, if not for that, then for Black Friday or next year's regional!
  10. Congrats!! I remember that pre-engagement nervous energy, so I'm sure you can't focus a single bit right now . It'll all go great tho, so enjoy the concert and have fun with the proposal!
  11. I'd buy the Targ stone house card on its own, if you break things up. Email me if interested: vaapad.vii(at)gmail.com
  12. You bet. Danigral and I are, in fact, identical twins.
  13. Ah, sweet. We meet to play every Thursday night in manhattan. Check out our website, join the group, and come by some Thursday night! www.meetup.com/nycards
  14. As much as you can give, but we'd never turn anyone away. I'd say a month out, let me know what you're thinking, even if still unsure. Where are you guys from?
  15. I'd appreciate an email in advance to the address in the OP, just so I can plan/ keep track. Need to make sure to have enough tables, prizes, etc.
  16. We'll do our now-typical Friday night affair regardless of what ends up happening Sunday.
  17. Just joust on Saturday. We typically do casual melee the night before. Because this is, for some people at least, a 3-day weekend in the US (Monday 10/14 is Columbus Day), we can do an actual melee tournament on Sunday if there is interest. But, at the very least, there will be casual melee at some point during the weekend.
  18. Oh man, GenCon is over. Worlds isn’t until November. How am I going to fill this lull? Answer: Come to New York. On October 12th, the NYC Meta will be hosting the first annual “Thronestoberfest” tournament. Whether you want another crack at a regional-caliber tournament, need to prep for Worlds, or just plain want to have fun, this is the event for you. Our June 29th regional drew 24 participants from along the eastern seaboard, and we hope to match or exceed that in October. More details will follow in the coming weeks, but for out-of-town folks who may want to travel in, here is the basic info: Date: October 12th, 2013 Time: 10:00 a.m. registration, play to start at 10:30 SHARP Place: The Compleat Strategist, 11 East 33rd Street, New York NY Cost: $10 entry fee Prizes: The top two will receive champ and 2nd place trophies, and the champion will also get a unique 1-of-a-kind custom playmat. 3 and 4 will so get something special, and let's not forget our Sansa! On top of that, we'll be raffling off all kinds of goodies (including an alt art Dany #Danigral). You don't have to buy raffle tickets - everyone will get a ticket or two just for showing up, and we may give more out as the day progresses. Please RSVP or send questions to directly to me: dstromes(at)gmail.com
  19. Here here. A more official post is forthcoming, but mark off 10/12 in your calendars and get ready to book a trip to NYC!
  20. Yep, that's basically how it works
  21. To my knowledge there is no mention in any rule book / FAQ of anything of the kind
  22. There is no rule for max number of cards on the table. You won't find a rule about it because no such rule exists.
  23. The sad thing is, the only badly run regionals that I went to this year were the ones run by store employees. NYC will be just find next year because MDC doesn't play. And if Corey is content to sit out in DC again, great. But this makes me wary of traveling to events I know less about.
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