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  1. We'd love to have you guys dusty. We can definitely work out a place to stay, so don't worry about that.
  2. Sure it matters -- you have it ready to go for Red Saturday!
  3. For many years, the NYC Meta has ended the tournament season with one last tournament over Thanksgiving weekend, on Black Friday. This year will be no exception! Based on positive feedback we received last year, the tournament will be held on "Red Saturday" (the day after Black Friday), which should help accommodate travel schedules, family commitments, etc. As always, we will give you the complete New York experience, including unique prizes, a high level of play, and great fun in the City! More to follow, but here are the preliminary details for those who want to start planning travel itineraries, etc: What: RED SATURDAY Joust Tournament When: Saturday, 11/30, 10:00AM - 8:00PM or so (and we'll invariably hit the bar afterwards) Where: The Compleat Strategist, 11 E. 33rd St, Manhattan Cost: $10 If there is demand for it, we will also (as is our custom) have casual melee the night before (11/29). Details on that to come as well. If you can't make it to worlds and you live in the Northeast, this is your chance to get in one more tourney before regionals resume next year! If you are coming to worlds, well . . . f*ck it, just come anyway We hope to see many of you at the end of the month!
  4. This came up at gencon with prince's plans and pyre. Deathbound events and pyre create conflicting passives. First player chooses how the conflict is resolved.
  5. Looking forward to making sweet love to these cards tonight
  6. The Compleat Strategist in NYC has a bunch of old packs on the shelf, all at retail. I don't know about those two in particular, but it's probably worth the phone call. 212-685-3880
  7. @Krang: Don't let Dan get you down. I freed myself from the Borg's DC chapter several years ago, and so far not too much anxiety from being disconnected with the "Hive." @Dan: It's been awhile since we played. When are you going to make your way up to NYC next? You missed a fun Thronestoberfest! @Krang - Don't let Dan get your hopes up. You know you already feel the cavernous echo in your soul. Resistance is futile. @Dan - I know, I just couldn't get away that weekend. Very sorry to have missed a chance to hang out! Glad to hear that you're still around and playing and didn't get sucked away to Netrunner. I hope the fam is doing well! Dan, you can atone for your absence at Thronestoberfest by coming to Black Friday!
  8. Bear Island is rarely played on this side of the Atlantic too. I think only midwestern metas play the card. Anyone know when we will see the Kingsguard pack that will be legal? Not that I'm able to make it this year. Based on the date FFG upgraded it to bring off the boat, my local store should have it next Wednesday (10/23)
  9. Plane tickets purchased? Yep. Silly me. :-) Woooo! See you in a few weeks Ser Bone!
  10. I plan to go 4-0 then drop to make my plane
  11. More stats from Thronestoberfest: House Breakdown: Lannister 4 Greyjoy 4 Targ 3 Martell 3 Baratheon 2 Stark 2 Agenda Breakdown: House of Dreams 5 No Agenda 4 Song of Ice 3 KotHH 2 Maester's Path 1 Power bt Iron Throne 1 City of Shadows 1 Black Sails 1 TOP 8 by House: Greyjoy 3 Targ 2 Baratheon 1 Martell 1 Stark 1 TOP 8 by Agenda: Song of Ice 3 No Agenda 2 KotHH 1 Black Sails 1 House of Dreams 1
  12. We had at least 3 lannister players that I saw (2 tunnels and a clansmen)
  13. We ended up with 18 players from at least 4 states. I don't have the full stats yet, but this is a start. Seeding after five rounds of swiss Swiss: 1. Dave S: Baratheon / KotHH / The Viper's Bannerman 2. Aaron G: Targaryen / HoD / The Dragonpit / The Hatchlings' Feast 3. Sandy B: Greyjoy / Black Sails / Fury of the Kraken 4. Dan S: Targaryen/ Song of Ice / Long Lances 5. Britt F: Stark / No Agenda / No Quarter 6. Jim M: Greyjoy / Song of Ice / Fury of the Kraken 7. Roger D: Martell / No Agenda (Quentyn) / Game of Cyvasse 8. Corey S: Greyjoy / Song of Ice / Asha Top 8: 8. GJ SoI def. 1. Bara KotHH 2. Targ HoD. def. 7. Martell Quentyn 6. GJ SoI def. 3 GJ Black Sails 5. Stark No Agenda def. Targ SoI Top 4: 5. Stark No Agenda def. 8. GJ SoI 2. Targ HoD def. 6. GJ SoI Sticking with the spirit of the event, we played the final round at the bar. I'm sure there will be photos as some point. Finals: 5. Stark No Agenda def. 2. Targ HoD Congrats to Britt, who played a great old-school stark murder warcrest deck, just crushing most everything in his path. I don't think I've ever seen someone use Time for Ravens to tutor for Riders of the Red Fork before. That was fun. I'm sure he'll do a tourney report later on, but that's it for now!
  14. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning!
  15. I'll be there, as will Jim, Matt H. and Kyle.
  16. Amid rampant speculation that we will see a new FAQ his week, I want to make clear that, if we do get a new FAQ between now and Saturday, we WILL abide by the new FAQ for Thronestoberfest. That means that all players will need to keep an eye on the news and be ready to make last-minute adjustments to their decks in the event of new restrictions. Thanks!
  17. Anyone who's around on Friday Night - we'll be playing casual pick-up melee at Cranberry Cafe, 115 West 45th Street, Manhattan. Come up to the second floor. I imagine we'll be playing from 6pm or a little before until whenever we get tired. Let me know if you're planning on coming.
  18. Say I have a Bara house card, Wildling Bard in hand, and Braavos on the table. When I play the Bard, does it count as an out-of-house stark card that gets reduced by 1 by Braavos?
  19. Even with access to 3 cores, if you build multiple decks out of the same house (and I currently have 4 Targ decks built), you need to proxy a considerable amount.
  20. The CS characters that see the most play are probably Khal Drogo and Robert Baratheon. But the CE includes 2 Roberts, and most Targ decks that use CS Drogo play just 1 I think.
  21. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend playing with just a core deck. Those decks were meant to be balanced with each other in melee. Do you guys live in New York City? If you're interested in the game, we'd love to have you at one of our weekly meetups - we play every Thursday night in Midtown Manhattan. We're new player friendly; we'll help teach you how to play and deckbuild. But it would be hard to jump right into a competitive tournament with just a core set. PM me for more info.
  22. But I already had your name engraved on the second-place trophy ...
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