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  1. I believe the article that came out right after worlds said January
  2. Also, please note the time. Play starts at 10:30Am sharp, with registration at 10:00AM. Please be on time.
  3. Just some of the prizes . . . Those wooden house cards (a full set, double sided) go to the winner. Our Sansa gets the AGoT beer . . . drink up, little bird!
  4. Just a few more days! We're looking at 20-24 players right now. If you want to come and I don't know yet, just let me know! Also, we'll have some casual melee and open play on Friday night for anyone in town. Details here: http://www.meetup.com/nycards/events/152949522/
  5. Got ya Venters! We're hovering around 22 or so - I'd love to hit 24!!
  6. The store got it in today - if you call and reserve one they'll hold it for you at the register. 212-685-3880
  7. Sandy, Dan used to have (and maybe still has the lists for) 40-card teaching decks for the exact purpose you are describing. I'll ask him. If not, I can re- build something similar and send you the list. Or, you can bring him on a Thursday night and we can start teaching that way!
  8. Yes, barring adverse weather conditions. The plan is to leave for NY Friday, play Sat, and leave Sunday. Cool - looking forward to meeting you. We're currently at 17 confirmed!
  9. Our Red Saturday tournament is TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! I have a lot of "maybes" on my list, so let's all get our sh*t together and make this the best NYC tourney of the year!
  10. Does this mean you're definitely coming? Trying to keep a tally . . .
  11. FFG has announced that CP4 will be available on 11/21. That pack, therefore, will be LEGAL for Black Friday.
  12. I think everyone should play to win. I think everyone should, if they want to, play a deck they think is strong. As a challenge to myself, I personally am going to try to win with an off-the-beaten-path deck. I think Dennis feels the same. If others do too, great. If others are excited by decks that are currently considered strong or T1 that's great too. Everyone should play something they are excited about.
  13. Fair enough. For my part, I am going to try to build a competitive deck. I am going to try to win. But I'm going to do it with a deck that 1) I did not play at worlds; 2) I did not see others play at worlds; and 3) is not being raved about as T1 on the boards.
  14. Sure, but dusty didn't netdeck anything. He didn't go to worlds, and thoughtfully bulg a deck over the past month that happened to be popular at worlds. He should be able to play it and still retain his glory, no?
  15. Let me go through these ideas with Dan and post something official about decks/format later this week.
  16. Alright, with worlds done, Red Saturday looms large! Venue updated in OP. I'll start taking RSVP's now - if you are coming (or are a likely maybe), please let me know. Even if you think I already know - because it's thanksgiving weekend, I haven't kept track of who has a family commitment, etc. So post here or message me privately, and feel free to ask questions if you have them.
  17. Excellent! How many of you will need a place to stay? If it's more than just you a Nikki, I want to start figuring out arrangements to make sure there's space with our players.
  18. Correct. It is not the same as claim replacement. Take this example. TRV is clearly immune to Die By the Sword - the player playing that card cannot "choose" TRV. The result would be no different if Die By the Sword read, "after you win ... the losing player must choose and kill one of his characters." If the event were worded that way and the Martell player had only TRV left alive after claim, it would do nothing. Claim replacement is entirely different because it causes card text to substitute for claim -- a game mechanic to which TRV is not immune.
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